Notes of a successful farmer: what kind of animals are beneficial to breed?


  • A half-kingdom for... a breed?
  • We earn in the production of dog and cat food
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  • Equestrian club - a business that is pleasant to engage in

Against the backdrop of new restrictions on imports of imported products, business ideas related to livestock production are becoming particularly relevant, as the demand for local products is growing. Even in a relatively small area, you can create conditions for breeding different animals and birds.

It is better to focus on those types of business that give something different from meat. Thus, hens will carry eggs, cows and goats - give milk, sheep - wool. One animal can be profitable for many years.

However, for breeding animals need a lot of money - both money and time. The equipment of premises, purchase or preparation of forages, services of veterinarians - unfortunately, all this is not free. And if you want to expand and, for example, create your own network of shops, you have to make out a lot of documents and get licenses. Therefore, experienced

professionals advise to pay attention to simpler and more profitable options.

A half-kingdom for... a breed?

Purebred animals are expensive, so the business of selling animals will always be relevant. This trend has existed for more than a century and, perhaps, will always be relevant.

What animals are beneficial for breeding for business? The most simple and unpretentious in this respect are the four-legged friends: cats and dogs.

A pedigree kitten or a puppy with a good pedigree can cost up to 3-4 thousand dollars!

Of course, everywhere there are "pitfalls it happens that the entire litter is born defective, then you will not get the expected profit.

As an alternative, we can consider breeding and growing for sale other thoroughbred animals - horses, rabbits, sheep, etc.

We earn in the production of dog and cat food

It is believed that the profitability of such a business on average is 15-20% - and this, you will agree, is a very good indicator. Animal feeds are a business that will always be relevant, because already now Russians spend more than $ 1 billion every year on delicacies for our smaller brothers.

75-80% of owners who prefer ready-made food buy dry food of economy class.

Equipment for making animal feed is expensive - from $ 2, 00 and up. But the process of production itself is quite simple. As a raw material, bone meal, cereals, corn, milk powder, meat preparations and other products can be used. The more high-quality components you will use, the more expensive will be the packaging of the feed.

On average, a business on animal feed can bring about $ 600-800 per ton of "yummies".

  • Sewing custom houses - a nice and cozy home business

If you want your business to be related to animals, but there is no seed capital, you can pay attention to simpler ideas that do not require solid investments. Soft, cozy, multi-colored houses for cats and dogs are assembled very quickly, and selling them is most convenient with the help of their own site or group in social networks.

  • Mini-hotels and "old people's homes" for animals

Unfortunately, it happens that the owner is forced to leave his pet - for example, leaving on vacation or a long business trip. Not always there will be friends who will agree to take the animal to themselves or several times a day to come to feed and walk it. And the best option at such moments is to apply to a special zoo hotel, where for a certain fee the pet will be able to stay for a while. With cats and dogs there communicate, regularly feed, look after, walk, and if necessary there is always an experienced veterinarian nearby.

Hotel for animals is a business that is in great demand practically in any city.

Like hotels for people, they can be of different "star with different numbers - from ordinary to luxury.

By the same scheme it is possible to organize an "old people's home" for animals - for those owners who, for various reasons, can no longer take care of their pet. For an adequate fee, such people will be able to give the pet an opportunity to meet old age in a quiet place, with the guarantee of care and treatment, the opportunity to visit their pet. You can regularly post on the site fresh photos of "old men" and relevant information about them.

Shop for animals

One of the most profitable business options associated with animals is, of course, your own pet store. Almost every owner chooses "his" store, which returns regularly - for feed, shampoos, collars, filler for the tray, toys, etc.

In pet shops of full cycle it is possible to buy both animals, and accessories for care of them, and in serving - only accessories.

In order to bring such a business income, you need to carefully analyze the market and make a competent business plan. Be sure to come up with "zavlekalovki" for customers - promotions, gifts, discounts.

Wide assortment, friendly service, convenient location, professional advice - all this will allow you will win the trust of people who, in turn, will launch the effect of "word of mouth" and bring you new customers.

Equestrian club - a business that is pleasant to engage in

Thinking about what kind of animals it is beneficial to breed for business, many for some reason forget about noble horses. If you are not a soul fan in these amazing creatures, you can easily turn your passion into a source of income and open your own riding school.

Renting one stallion costs around 1000-1500 rubles per hour, and if a person wants an instructor to work with him, then he will have to pay another 2000-2500 rubles for training.

It is important to create the necessary conditions: a spacious stable, a parade ground for horses, farm buildings for storing tools and feed, a variety of care products. Plus - an "office" room for employees, where they can sit and relax, fill in paper, etc.

An interesting option is the possibility of renting a horse for a long time. That is, for a fee, a person becomes a temporary "master" of the animal: he can freely visit him, take pictures, take care of, feed. Such "tenants as a rule, receive an additional discount for riding lessons. This approach allows not only to get permanent customers, but also significantly reduce the cost of maintaining horses.

Notes of a successful farmer: what kind of animals are beneficial to breed?

Notes of a successful farmer: what kind of animals are beneficial to breed?

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