How to make a business plan yourself: step-by-step instruction for "dummies"


A business plan is a valuable document that will help you formulate clear goals, analyze all possible difficulties and problems, and ways to address them.

As the English philosopher and scholar Ernst von Feichtersleben subtly noted, "plans are dreams of knowledgeable people." Thanks to a well-written business plan, you will be able to understand whether it is worth investing in a conceived business and whether it will bring the expected income. Another important nuance: if you are going to take a loan from a bank or look for private investors, they will necessarily want to get acquainted with this document in order to be sure that the money will not be lost in vain. The business plan is written for the future and describes the development of the company for 3-5 years ahead.

Of course, you can order the development of this document in special consulting firms. But firstly, this pleasure is not from cheap: for the drawing up of a good business plan, different companies take from 2000 to 40 000 $. And secondl

y, it is better if the future leaders of the company, those people who then will be responsible for the implementation of the intended goals, are engaged in planning.

Let's figure out how to write a business plan yourself. One must understand that in one document you need to collect all your thoughts, assumptions and ideas, but in order to work it was more convenient, the document should have a clear structure.

How to make a business plan yourself: the main sections

The first, introductory section of the document is a summary. Write a concise description of the future enterprise or project, the purpose of creation and plans for development for the next few years, the target audience. It will not be superfluous to indicate what start-up capital is needed to start work and where this money will go.

After that, you can start writing the main sections of the business plan.

Strategy, goals and objectives

Here it is necessary to describe what exactly and in what order you are going to do, with clear limitations on finances and time. That is, what goods and services will be produced, in what volume and when, through which channels will be implemented, and so on. Well, if you immediately enter the possible threats and ways to solve such situations.

Description of product or service

Thinking about how to make a business plan yourself, do not forget that it will most likely not be read by specialists. Therefore, it is very important to express yourself in a simple, understandable and accessible language. In this section, you should talk about your product and its application, how it is unique and different from others analogues, what technologies and qualifications are needed to conduct business, and also to cover issues related to licenses and patents.

Market analysis

This is one of the most difficult and important sections of the document. It will take serious preliminary work: collecting "rough" information, analyzing competitors and the target audience, surveys, etc. You should describe everything that you know about your potential customers, the products or services of competitors, their strengths and weaknesses, and explore the volume, growth and prospects of the market. By the way, you need to analyze not only the alternative products, but also the competitors themselves, their marketing strategy and service.

Management and Personnel

In this section, you describe the composition of your work team, their professional and personal qualities, work experience, etc. Try to describe in as much detail the functions and tasks of each employee, as well as the form of reporting on the work performed. In addition, you need to solve issues related to wages and rewards.

Marketing plan

In order for your business to generate revenue, you need to know about it people - your potential buyers. Having decided to write a business plan, be sure to indicate the advantages of your company and products in comparison with competitors, schemes of distribution of goods, methods of advertising and sales promotion.

Detailed production plan

Here you can describe where and what rooms you plan to shoot, equipment that you need to purchase, sources of supply of materials, etc.

Detailed financial analysis

To write this section it is necessary to be treated as the most important stage of the whole work. It is on it that you will be assessed by potential investors, and it is on how competently it is compiled that your profit will depend. We need a detailed sales plan, with volumes and deadlines for several scenarios. Carry out all the necessary calculations for a favorable, standard and unfavorable development of events - it is desirable that even in the last version you can go "to zero."

Make a business plan yourself - it's easy! 3 golden rules

  1. Review several other successful business plans. It is not even necessary that they are connected with the business sphere in which you plan to work. The main thing is to see on which sections of the entrepreneurs did the greatest accent, how they looked at different problems and situations, what they did to analyze the market, and so on.
  2. Watch for a clear structure. In your document there should not be "jumps" from one topic to another - everything is clear, understandable and accessible. It is believed that one page should take an abstract (a written appeal to the top management - your readers), 1-3 pages - a summary of the project, and the business plan - from 45 to 60 pages. Any additional materials can be made in applications.
  3. Be honest. First of all - to yourself. If you objectively evaluate all the risks and critical situations that may occur, try to think through everything to the maximum, this will only add to your advantages in the eyes of experienced investors.

Even if you know how to write a business plan yourself, do not be afraid to turn to specialists to read and check it - maybe they will see something that you did not notice before with a "fresh look".

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How to make a business plan yourself: step-by-step instruction for "dummies"

How to make a business plan yourself: step-by-step instruction for "dummies"

. A business plan is a valuable document that will help you formulate clear goals, analyze all po...

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