The program of effective squats for improving health


  • Pre-training complex
  • Important points
  • The right technique
  • The program "30 days for beautiful legs"
  • Complex "200 sit-ups"

Regular physical activity is a guarantee of health and beauty for girls and men. You can play sports yourself at home or in the open air, for example, in the park or on the lawn near the house. For the effectiveness of sports activities you must comply with the whole complex of exercises for all muscle groups.This is an easy way for girls and men to increase their endurance, pump muscles and get beautiful legs and buttocks for only 14-15th day of training.

Pre-training complex

Before any physical activity it is desirable to do warm-up - thanks to it the muscles become more elastic, the joints warm up and the efficiency of training increases. To begin with, you need to conduct a set of exercises for stretching. Repeat each exercise you need up to 20 times depending on the physical form (for beginners it will be enough and 5 times):

  • tilting forward - it is important to put the
    foot as close as possible and make the deepest inclines, without bending the legs in the knees,
  • sit on the floor, stretching your legs forward and making inclines forward, right and left in the direction of each foot,
  • leaning back against the wall and standing on one leg, the second leg to bend in the knee, to take one's hand by the foot and pull the knee to the chin,
  • lie on your back and throw your feet on the wall, resting on her buttocks and legs, trying to make a twine (the legs should fit snugly against the surface),
  • standing on one leg alternately tighten the heels (you can hold on to any support).

After stretching, it is necessary to do a warm-up - torso of the body forward, backward and to the sides, inclinations - torsion of the trunk to the right and left, rotation of the hips, rotation of the knees and feet. This warm-up system will prepare the body for training.

Important points

Squats are simple and useful exercises that pump up the muscles of the legs, abdomen, back, develop joints and are available at home. But in order to exercise sports for girls and men were the most effective, to perform exercises during training should be correct:

  • abdominal muscles should be in a stressed state,
  • The back should be in a vertical position and maximally straight (not arched and not bent),
  • The knees in the lower position should be clearly above the feet,
  • The heels should be pressed against the floor,
  • breathing should always be level - you can not detain it.

Especially important is the right position for beginners - experienced athletes automatically keep their backs straight, but beginners at home should control themselves.

The right technique

There are several options for doing sit-ups - each of the maximum loads a certain group of muscles. Therefore, it is necessary to perform a set of squats, which consists of different exercises.

Classical squatting - this exercise evenly strains all muscle groups and is basic. For its correct execution, it is necessary to place the legs on the width of the shoulders, place the feet parallel to each other, keep the back straight. On inhalation - take the pelvis back and bend the knees (approximately at an angle of 90 degrees). On exhalation - return to the original position.

Plie - a type of squats, which strains the muscles of the buttocks, their inner surfaces and quadriceps femoris. This exercise is carried out this way: feet to put on the width of the shoulders, unfolding the socks outward, hands to attach the lock to the back of the head. On inhalation it is necessary to sit down, keeping your back straight, and on exhalation - to rise.

Squat with a narrow setting of the feet - this type of squats strengthens the quadriceps muscles of the buttocks and the outer surface of the thigh. To do this, it is necessary to stand up steadily, put the feet in parallel and as close as possible and squat on the inspiration. On exhalation it is necessary to return to the initial position.

"Reverence" maximizes the muscles of the buttocks. To do this, stand up and cross your legs at the level of the shin. Next, it is necessary to bend the knees on the inhalation (approximately at the level of the angle of 90 °), taking the pelvis back. Weight must be transferred to the forward leg, the back leg should stand on the toe and not touch the heel and the knee of the floor.

Squatting on one leg gives a uniform increased load on all muscle groups (legs need to alternate). Performed exactly as well as classical, only one leg is moved forward and held by weight. In order to maintain balance, you can hold on to the handrail or back of the chair.

"Swallow" is another variation of squats on one leg. This exercise puts a strain on the hindlegs back, buttocks and back muscles. To perform it, it is necessary to bend the supporting leg in the knee, and the second - to pull back, bending forward with the body.

"Carousel" - develops the inner surface of the hips and muscles of the buttocks. It is necessary to put feet on the width of the shoulders, the back is straight. Squat is necessary in the direction of the right foot, climb - through the left. And vice versa.

Squatting aside is a good load on the buttocks and the back of the thigh. When moving down the leg is taken to the side.

Based on these techniques, and training for beginners are built, they evenly load all muscle groups, in order to strengthen a particular muscle or group - it is necessary to emphasize the allotted exercise on all days training.

Squatting with lifting the leg back helps to develop the muscles of the press, the buttocks and the back surface of the hips. The starting position is as in the classical. It is necessary to bend the legs in the knee, move the pelvis slightly back, and when lifting - sharply take your foot back as high as possible.

Squatting with a spring is a classic exercise, only lifting is not fully performed, and squatting is repeated several times (usually 3-4). The number of approaches depends on the physical preparation of the athlete.

The program "30 days for beautiful legs"

In just a month of active training of the buttocks, each girl will be able to significantly podkachat muscles of the legs and buttocks. This squat program is suitable for all girls - both for beginners and experienced athletes, it is available at home.

On the first day you need to do 50 sit-ups. It is better to perform not only classic squats, but to diversify them - 10 times the classical exercise, 10 times plier, 10 - carousel, 10 - with a narrow setting of the feet. It is necessary to do 4 approaches with a break of 1 minute. The schedule of loads is three days of training and one day of rest. Each day, you need to add 5 more sit-ups, thus increasing the number of exercises performed. The entire training complex is designed for 3-5 days, and the result will be visible already on the 14-15 day.

Complex "200 sit-ups"

Strengthen all muscle groups and increase muscle mass in just 6 weeks can any man with simple squats at home. For this purpose, a specialized program of sit-ups "200" has been developed.

First you need to determine your level - for this you need to make the maximum number of classic sit-ups:

  • beginner - 10 times,
  • average - 20 times,
  • complex - the number of sit-ups is more than 30.

The load level depends on this. Training should be conducted 3 times a week, and between them there should be a day of rest.

One workout contains 5 approaches with a one-minute break, and each time it is better to perform another type of exercise, so that the load is uniform throughout the body. The table of squats depends on the initial level of preparation, its essence - in the daily increase in loads.

The first training for the beginner: 3 repetitions of the exercise, 3, 4, 3, 3, 5 (total 18 times) with a break of 1 minute. On the second day, each approach becomes one repeat of the exercise more.

For the average level - the first day - 8, 8, 5, 5, 7, (in general - 33 exercises), adding each day two squats in each approach, and for complex level - 13, 16, 9, 9, 13 (total 60 exercises), to increase the daily workload is necessary for 3-4 squats for all approaches per day.

Increase the load for experienced athletes with dumbbells. Based on these simple exercises you can maintain a good shape, build a beautiful figure, strengthen the body and get excellent health.

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