Useful properties and contraindications of the plant honeysuckle


  • Composition of fruits
  • Healing properties
  • Contraindications
  • The Benefits of Honeysuckle for Women
    • Honeysuckle during pregnancy
  • Benefits for men

Honeysuckle is a widespread thick-bush shrub that blooms throughout May with small yellow buds. There are many varieties of plants, but only edible type is useful for humans.

The berries of honeysuckle are oblong in shape, painted in purple with a light gray bloom. The fruits are pleasant to the taste, juicy, sometimes with bitterness. People who follow their own health, it is necessary to include honeysuckle in the diet, and useful properties and contraindications should be learned in advance.

Composition of fruits

All the advantages of berries are in their chemical composition. They contain amino acids, as well as fructose and glucose. Among other useful elements and vitamins it is worth noting the following.

  • Carotene. For the normal functioning of the organs of vision this substance is of great importance.
  • Vitamins of group B. Activate mental activit
    y, improve memory quality, and normalize metabolism.
  • Vitamin C. In berries, the concentration of this component is quite high. It is able to prolong the youthfulness of the skin and the whole body.
  • Sodium. Makes bone tissue more durable, restores the natural composition of blood.
  • Potassium. An indispensable element for the full functioning of the cardiovascular system.
  • Magnesium. It is necessary for muscular activity, good vision, full metabolism.
  • Iodine. Element that provides the work of the thyroid gland.
  • Silicon and zinc. Maintain healthy nails, epidermis, hair, bones.

A large number of essential substances are found in fresh berries, and also preserved after processing. Compotes, fruit drinks, juices, tinctures from leaves and flowers - all these products have a pleasant taste and have a beneficial effect on health. The use of honeysuckle is preserved by freezing and drying.

Healing properties

The presence of a huge number of microelements and vitamins, which are necessary for the normal functioning of the human body, make honeysuckle one of the most useful products. The most significant properties include the following.

  • Suppression of inflammatory processes. The berries have an antiseptic and disinfecting effect, so they become an effective remedy for eliminating allergic skin rashes and sunburn.
  • Fruits, juice and decoctions will be excellent preventive measures against flu, colds, peptic ulcer. They relieve fever and ease the painful coughing attacks.
  • Regular inclusion of honeysuckle in the menu helps to significantly improve mental abilities and improve the quality of memory.
  • Maintain the optimal amount of sugar in the blood. Increased sugar content is very dangerous for human health, as it causes the development of numerous diseases.
  • Improved breathing system. With the help of delicious berries, men and women will be able to treat asthma, as well as infectious diseases of the respiratory tract.
  • Applications for massage. The powerful soothing effect of fruits allows using them as a useful massage oil. It relieves pain in the joints, gives a charge of energy, gives the body flexibility and natural mobility.
  • Getting rid of the swelling of the brain. Honeysuckle is an effective natural remedy that eliminates the symptoms of cerebral edema. The danger of this ailment lies in the negative impact on the central nervous system.
  • Improve gastrointestinal function. Life-giving qualities of fruits set the digestive process, help get rid of numerous diseases, including pain and swelling in the intestines.
  • Cleansing the body. The presence of toxins and toxins in the body often leads to serious negative consequences. Honeysuckle promotes the removal of all these substances. Essential oil is used for such purposes.
  • Treatment of sore throat. Respiratory ailments are always accompanied by difficulty swallowing, perspiration and sore throat. Solve similar problems will help the honeysuckle of honeysuckle, which is used for rinsing.
  • Application in aromatherapy. Proper use of the plant helps to remove the psychological and physical stress, which contributes to a full relaxation and rest.
  • Elimination of nausea. When feeling the approaching vomiting, it is enough to eat a few berries to get rid of this unpleasant symptom.

All these qualities give an idea of ​​the benefits that honeysuckle has, and the beneficial properties of fruits have found their application in the cosmetic field.

  • Anti-inflammatory effect allows you to treat acne and other skin inflammation, while the epidermis will not be dried.
  • Masks, prepared from fruits, perfectly tone up the skin, enrich the cells with vitamins.
  • The flower extract of a plant often becomes one of the components of anti-wrinkle creams.
  • To prolong the youthfulness of the skin, decoctions of flowers are used, which are then used to rub the face.

Depending on the region in which the plant grows, the composition of the fruit changes. The amount of useful microelements can vary.


The listed advantages make the plant a truly valuable product, but it also has contraindications. It is advisable to consult a doctor before adding honeysuckle to the diet, and the benefits and harms of the fruits largely depend on the amount of their consumption. The specialist sets the optimal dosages based on the individual characteristics of the organism.

In the absence of hypersensitivity to the components of fruits, their use does not have any negative consequences.

However, an immense reception does not bring anything good. A day is not recommended to eat more than 100 g of berries.

Children under 5 years are allowed even less product, because it can provoke an upset digestive system. Do not forget that honeysuckle has a pronounced diuretic and choleretic effect. If after eating fruits you feel muscle spasms, notice a skin rash and suffer from an upset stomach, you should immediately abandon them and visit a health facility.

Contraindicated honeysuckle in the following cases.

  • People who are susceptible to allergic reactions should take fruit with great caution, or completely abandon them.
  • Babies can not eat more than 2 berries a day.
  • Patients with symptoms of peptic ulcer disease should not eat honeysuckle, since the fresh product is a strong irritant for the gastric mucosa.

The Benefits of Honeysuckle for Women

Representatives of the fair sex will be able to maintain beauty and health by using these berries. Fresh fruits contain a large number of antioxidants, which slow the aging process, improve the skin condition.

Honeysuckle will not cause deterioration of the figure, since its pulp contains a minimum amount of calories. In addition, the fruits activate metabolic processes. Often, berries play the role of a useful, pleasant taste of dessert for women who adhere to a certain diet.

Honeysuckle during pregnancy

Experts recommend that women who carry a child, eat no more than 1 - 2 spoonfuls of the product, always on an empty stomach. This will help prevent the onset of edema, improve the condition of the vessels. During pregnancy it is necessary to eat compote, jelly, fruit juice from berries. They retain all the useful substances of the plant.

To protect your health, it is worth consulting with a doctor about the possibility and dosage of consumption of honeysuckle.

Benefits for men

Representatives of the stronger sex should also supplement their menu with these medicinal fruits. Honeysuckle contains a certain amount of selenium, which is necessary for the production of male sex hormones. This element helps normalize the functioning of the genitourinary system.

Now you know how useful honeysuckle is, and how you can use it. To maximize the body's intake of useful substances, do not eat a large amount of food at a time.

It is better to consume 100 g of fruit throughout the time of ripening. This will help to strengthen immunity, make it resistant to many infections and viruses. If you have the opportunity to collect these medicinal berries, do not miss it, because honeysuckle has a truly unique composition.

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