10 ways to keep warm in the cold autumn


  • We eat and keep warm
  • Drink and not freeze
  • Quit smoking, if you smoke
  • Wear gloves and socks
  • We put on the hat
  • We put on a scarf
  • We put on thermal underwear
  • Actively moving
  • We take a bath
  • We consume vitamins and take sunbathing

Did the cold come? No problem. Warm up! And not just, but with health benefits.
As a warming immediately eliminate alcohol. The fact is that, having got into the blood, and with the blood flow to the brain, alcohol depresses the vascular center, which causes the enlargement of small peripheral blood vessels. The heat transfer from the body to the environment is increased. Due to this around the body formed a kind of "heat cloud which gives a feeling of warmth. In this "cloud" the cold receptors in the skin do not react, and the brain because of a false sensation of heat does not signal the vessels to narrow, and the muscles - to tremble. Meanwhile, a shiver increases the heat buildup by 200%. The feeling of warmth from alcohol in the cold is subjective and deceptive, it is not accompanied by an increase in the body's overall temperature - on the contrary, it decreases.

Having excluded harmful "warming up we will try to find useful.

We eat and keep warm

Warm food will help keep warm. It is useful to eat porridges, legumes, nuts - complex carbohydrates and proteins, which are broken down for a long time in the body, supplying it with energy for heat. Part of the autumn-winter diet should be fats - they help keep the heat in the body. A useful and delicious source of fats can be nuts, cold pressed vegetable oils, flaxseed and hemp seeds, which can be added to the porridge.

Drink and not freeze

The easiest way to make herbal tea useful and warming is to add lemon, honey or ginger to it. Lemon is rich in vitamins, and ginger and honey will help keep warm. You can try adding turmeric flavor to the drinks - a flavoring seasoning, a natural "antibiotic" that will help strengthen the body without harming the intestinal microflora. Do not forget about berry broths and fruit drinks.

The basis for warming herbal tea can be the plants of the middle band: currant leaves, strawberries and raspberries, willow-tea, mother-and-stepmother, dried apples. The fruit of the dog rose, St. John's wort, heather will do. We add to the herbal tea sage, lavender, oregano, thyme (thyme), silver cherry, mint, lemon balm, linden flowers, roses and marigold. Good and any dried berries, as well as seasonings, such as cinnamon.

Quit smoking, if you smoke

Smoking, like alcohol, causes narrowing of blood vessels, thereby exacerbating the sensation of cold. It's time to part with a bad habit!

Wear gloves and socks

First of all, hands and feet begin to freeze. The extremities are the most distant parts of the body from the heart. In the cold, blood circulation is centralized, i.e. there is a high blood flow in vital organs (brain, heart, liver, kidneys, lungs) due to the fact that the arteries narrow in the extremities, the veins "fall and the blood flow is maintained on minimum. Do not forget about warm socks and gloves! They will save you from possible problems with joints. Overcooling is fraught with inflammatory diseases, as well as exacerbation of already existing such ailments.

We put on the hat

Heat from the body largely leaves through the head, so its supercooling can not be categorically allowed! It causes a general decrease in immunity, and the organism begins to actively multiply pathogenic microbes. There is a risk of aggravation of all chronic diseases and development of acute inflammatory processes.

Resistance of the body decreases, the risk of getting a life-threatening inflammation of the meninges is increased - meningitis. Contrary to the prevailing opinion, meningitis spreads predominantly in an infectious way, however supercooling, striking immunity, makes us vulnerable to this and many others infections.

The first to freeze and hurt your ears. Thick long hair does not protect the ears. Even the magnificent head of hair can not be restrained by the icy wind, from which a sharp pain is felt in the ears. Sometimes a person enters a warm room with a frozen head, and it becomes very painful for him: the contrast of temperatures is affected. After a bath or pool, without drying your head and ears well and not wearing a hat, going out is a big risk. Evaporation of moisture in the cold takes extra heat from the skin - this can lead to the development of otitis or furuncle in the external auditory canal. Because of hypothermia, a spasm of cerebral vessels is possible. It is also very dangerous to leave a heated room outside without a hat.

We put on a scarf

The neck and chest - the area of ​​the throat, bronchi, - should be warm. The auditory passages, the nasal mucosa, the tonsils are very close to each other. Infected with a single organ - the infection immediately goes to all the rest. In addition, adherents of alternative medicine argue that on the wings of the nose and the auricles are the projections of the internal organs of man. If you believe their opinion, cooling the head leads to a reflex spasm of the vessels of internal organs and can cause an attack of angina or asthma.

We put on thermal underwear

Thermal underwear - a special underwear that keeps heat and removes moisture from the body. The effect of heat preservation from thermal underwear is comparable to the effect of two or more layers of traditional clothing. It does not allow to sweat and freeze. Thermal underwear can be cotton, woolen and from a fabric of the mixed structure - the choice is defined by time of stay on open air and employment. Woolen is suitable for a short walk with a dog. But for sports or long pedestrian crossings, it is better to choose special underwear, having received a consultation in the store and having previously studied the assortment and customer reviews.

Actively moving

Movement improves blood circulation, increases blood flow in the limbs. The simplest rule: do not want to freeze - move! If you have to spend a long time on the street, every 20-30 minutes, arrange a warm-up: do a few simple exercises and "disperse blood" to feel the life-giving warmth in the frozen fingers. Do the same at home, if the municipal services do not please you with warmth in the apartment.

We take a bath

Here are a few recipes that can literally warm up in twenty minutes, if you are still frozen.

English salt (it's also Epsom, magnesium sulfate) + coconut oil. This salt contains more minerals than in ordinary sea salt, it better relaxes muscles. Although the salt can be both marine and cosmetic oil - any other. One or two tablespoons of oil should be mixed with a cup of salt and added to water.

Mustard powder, sea salt, baking soda and essential oils. For a cup of soda, take a tablespoon of sea salt and mustard powder. Suitable essential oils of eucalyptus and thyme. Mustard powder will warm the skin and relieve muscle tension. Such baths are good at starting cold and after intensive sports trainings.

Grated ginger as a supplement to the bath warms and tones the skin.

Sea salt - 1 cup, soda - 1 cup, essential oil of eucalyptus - 15 drops. The bath will require half the volume of this mixture. Such salt can be added to the bath or at least make a warm foot bath with it. Eucalyptus perfectly fights infections and has a relaxing effect.

We consume vitamins and take sunbathing

Autumn generously treats us with fruits and vegetables, so lean on useful foods, storing vitamins. The best way to save the crop for the winter is not to cook the jam, but to freeze the fresh berries in the freezer.

One of the most important vitamins - D, or kolkaltsiferol - is formed under the influence of sunlight. Therefore, go out for a walk, seeing the rays of the autumn sun on the street.

Warm things, especially hand-knitted, fragrant teas on herbs, relaxing baths and cozy gatherings with friends and relatives will not let you freeze. Warm up and enjoy the fall!

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