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There are rumors that there is no female friendship. However, any representative of the beautiful half will say that it is important to have a native soul, from which one can share the most cherished and frank. Not always the role of a friend can be tried on a husband or mother. I want to have a friend with whom fire, water and brass pipes passed. But often there are questions. What is the friendship between women? Is she sincere? Who such the present girlfriend? How is it different from the others? A friend is forever?

Every woman has her own idea of ​​a relationship. For some, friendship means even more than family ties. For someone, a friend is just a friend, who can be weeped at the waistcoat. Someone will say that a friend is a person who can be relied on in grief and in joy. And he adds that the reliability of such relations is checked by time and means a lot.

Women's friends are different. It can not be said that they are good or bad. The fact is that each one has his own idea of ​​friendship. Neve

rtheless, there are typical situations where relations between women can be considered positive, bearing positive. In contrast to such friends, there is a type of girlfriends, interaction with which does not bear in itself the creation. Now about everything in more detail.

Examples of good friends

  • Childhood friend. The strongest and indestructible are the relationships that are carried through life. Such a friend knows all the nuances of your character, everything about your life from school, and maybe from a kindergarten. Such friendship was born in that carefree time, when there were no complaints, envy and struggle for male attention. Relations between friends have passed the test of time and have the opportunity to turn into something more than just communication.
  • Friend by interests. Friendship often arises from the background of common interests. If the girlfriends have the same views on some things, there are similar priorities, then there can be reliable relations. Friendship, which is built on a community of hobbies, exists and is considered one of the longest and most successful.
  • A friend for communication. For the female it is extremely important to constantly share your experiences, discuss the events of the day or just chat "about anything." Even spending time with the company is already great! Communication in the women's circle is a kind of meditation. And it has a beneficial effect on the girl's mental state.
  • Friend-listener and adviser. In addition to ordinary friends, a woman needs to have a listener who wants to trust, with whom one can share the most intimate. To be such a friend is to bear serious responsibility for others' secrets. It is necessary not just to listen, but also to give efficient advice, support, help in a difficult situation. Such friendship will be fruitful and strong if trust and honesty and desire to listen and support appear on both sides.
  • A friend for spending time together. Often a woman lacks a person with whom you can discuss the latest fashion novelties, arrange shopping, go to a cafe, go to rest together. Such a friend is like a good companion, who is always there and brightens up the gray routine.
  • Girlfriend by coincidence. Often people are reduced by work or visiting one place. It can even be a kindergarten, where both lead their babies. So one more kind of friendship is born - by circumstances. There may not be hidden secrets. Such friendship is based on simple female communication, discussion of common topics, inviting each other to visit.

Examples of negative communication

As already mentioned above, there is a type of girlfriends, from which you should stay away.

  • The friend-deceiver. Not always the girl-friend is a positive character. Probably, every woman faced with this phenomenon, when in public people smile at each other, and then they say unpleasant words and spread rumors. The reason for this may be envy, rivalry, reduced self-esteem and many other aspects. Does this girlfriend stay long? If people are forced to communicate in any situation, then yes. With such "friends" it is worthwhile to be on the alert or minimize communication.
  • The friend-fan. Sometimes women are friends on the principle of "I would like to be like her." In this case, one friend surpasses the second in appearance or success. Such relationships often lead to obvious envy and do not become long-term.

Female friendship can be characterized from different sides - positive and negative. The main thing is for friends to be comfortable with each other. The real happiness is to have a faithful friend who will always find time for you, listen and support, will say pleasant words and will not give rise to rumors.

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