Why fall yellow and fall leaves


  • Why are the leaves green?
  • What determines the color of leaves
  • When the leaves can change color
  • What happens in the fall with coniferous trees
  • Catch and save the bright moments of autumn

Sometimes autumn appears before us in gray. The gloomy leaden sky, the gray wall of rain, is easy to fall into despair. But there is a bright spot for raising your spirits! The autumn color of the trees always excites and pleases the eye.

Why are the leaves green?

Green leaves are due to the pigment chlorophyll. It is this substance that provides plants in the light with the synthesis of oxygen and other important substances from carbon dioxide and water. Chlorophyll is actively produced in the warm season, when trees get enough nutrients and moisture from the soil.

The oxygen produced in the synthesis of oxygen is released into the atmosphere, and the remaining substances are absorbed by themselves. With the onset of autumn, the activity of trees decreases, they get less and less nutrition from the soil. Foliage to continue the process of photosynthesis continues to draw nutrients from the trunk. In turn, the tree, in order to preserve the stocks of substances during the wintering period, begins to take magnesium from the leaves, which leads to the destruction of chlorophyll. As soon as the green pigment starts to break down, other shades appear. Why is one leaf red, the other yellow, and the third - variegated, like the artist's palette? It turns out that the matter is in the chemical composition.

What determines the color of leaves

  • We can see the yellow color thanks to the xanthophyll pigment.
  • Carotene is responsible for the orange color.
  • Crimson and red leaves become under the influence of anthocyanin. It is dissolved in the cell leaf juice, and the amount of pigment increases with bright light and a decrease in temperature.

Pigments of all these colors are present in the plant cells always, but in the period of active production of chlorophyll, the green color blocks all the others. But the brown or brown leaf becomes already when it completely loses pigmentation pigments. At this time, we see empty cell walls that have a brown color.

When the leaves can change color

As a rule, the color of foliage changes in the autumn, after all at this time of year the level of vital activity of plants decreases. It gets colder outside and trees receive less and less nutrients from the soil. Chlorophyll begins to break down.
At the same time, its destruction is most active in the light. If the weather on the street is cloudy and rainy, then oaks, maples, birches will stay green longer. If on the street there are clear sunny days, then the trees will change their color much faster.

In hot and arid summer, when plants lack moisture, and sunlight is abundant, leaves can also lose chlorophyll and green color.

What happens in the fall with coniferous trees

Conserving green with the onset of the cold season, representatives of coniferous: spruce, pine, fir, juniper. This is because the area of ​​their "foliage" is small, and they need a little nutrients to support life.

But even conifers lose needles, but this happens gradually. Needles are replaced not simultaneously, but in parts.

Catch and save the bright moments of autumn

Painted foliage is preserved in forests and parks for a very short time, the activity of plants decreases and gradually fades away, they "fall asleep". Between the leaf and the trunk a special cork layer appears, and the leaf separates from the branch. A very short time will pass, and the trees will already stand completely naked.

Bright colors and beauty of autumn are fleeting. Have time to enjoy these moments and capture them in your memory. A pleasant autumn pastime is a walk through colorful forest or park, when soft leaves of juicy shades rustle under your feet. Only at this time of year in the forest you can find a special silence, when the rustle of leaves is clearly heard.

An unforgettable experience will give a jump with a running start into a soft pile of colorful freshly fallen leaves, the main thing is to heat up a little more! Such entertainment will please both adults and children.

Painted in different colors, the leaves look very picturesque. Collect a beautiful bouquet of dried leaves: it will stand for a long time and will please you, bringing a sunny mood to the house.

From recently fallen, still juicy leaves you can collect a colorful album with herbarium. Put the variegated leaves between the pages of the album or book. They will soon dry out, and later, having flipped through the album, you can breathe the scents of autumn.

The creation of such an album can be turned into an interesting and informative game for children. Collect different leaves, lay them between pages, and sign which tree which leaf belongs to.

Any time of year is fine. Autumn gives us a rainbow of colors in parks, alleys and forests. Be open to such gifts and share them with your loved ones!

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