Profession masseur - the one who "treats" ailments with the help of hands


  • What you need to work as a massage therapist
  • Advantages
  • disadvantages

Profession masseur was in demand at all times. Already under the tsars in the old days there were specially trained people who knew the intricacies of massaging the muscles of the body. In many countries, massage has also been used as a healing practice. So, in China since ancient times, the practice of massage, which is actively used in Chinese medicine to this day, has been common. This is a whole teaching, where it is described in detail how, by working on certain points, it is possible to correct energy channels and circular flows, which contributes to healing from diseases of any level difficulties.

In general, the idea that massage affects energy centers is inherent in many exercises on massage in various parts of the world. And modern research confirms this fact. By acting on certain points on our body, we influence the metabolic and reflex processes, improve blood flow, and hence the work of internal organs. It is not difficult to guess that if we massage them correctly, we can directly influence the functioning of certain organs.

What are the pros and cons of a masseur profession? How much does a masseur earn? Many people who are interested in this field of activity are very concerned about this vital issue. A good specialist can easily receive up to 200 thousand rubles a month, especially if he works with vip-clients. For residents of all regions of Russia, including Moscow, it is believed that good masseurs have a very high salary. But the competition among them is too high, and there are not so many good masseurs, and they are worth their weight in gold. Plus, this kind of activity for many consists in the fact that with a decent hourly salary you can not work full-time.

Let's consider individually all the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of activity. Further on the basis of this knowledge, you will be able to decide whether this work suits you or not.

What you need to work as a massage therapist

First, graduate medical school. This is practically a prerequisite. You can limit yourself to simple massage courses, but, as a rule, this is not enough to build a successful career in this kind of activity. In addition, you may need to constantly supplement your knowledge with the passage of advanced training courses. Secondly, you will need trained hands and fingers, because they will be the main load.


  1. High salary. As already mentioned above, a good masseur can get very good money for his work. Moreover, the "ceiling" is practically unlimited, while the lower limit is at least 40-50 thousand rubles. Being a professional in your field, you can easily qualify for a salary and in 2000-3000 rubles per hour.
  2. High demand. In the modern world, many people because of sedentary lifestyles suffer from back problems or associated sores associated with it. Given that many doctors as one of the main measures of treatment prescribe therapeutic massage, the work of the masseur will always be in demand. In addition, massage is included in the list of many special procedures offered in the resorts or beauty salons. Separately worth noting erotic massage, which is included in the list of related services.
  3. You will be able to communicate with a large number of people, including the opposite sex. For extroverts, this is undoubtedly a big plus, you will constantly get acquainted with new people, feel in society.
  4. You can work privately, renting a salon or taking customers to your apartment. You can also organize your business in massage.
  5. If you pay enough for your hours of work, you can work not full-time, but 5-6 hours a day. Of course, for many this is a huge plus, because there will be a lot of free time for yourself and your family.


  1. We will have to constantly attend the refresher courses, carefully study physiology, anatomy, medicine and many other sciences. For those who are not ready to learn new things, this is undoubtedly a huge minus.
  2. If you work for yourself, then you will have to pay certain bills for consumables (the same essential oils). This is not very much for money, but it is troublesome in terms of the need to constantly replenish stocks.
  3. The work of a masseur is primarily a physical work. Be prepared for the fact that your hands and fingers will be dumb at the end of the day. If it is not comfortable for you, then you should not associate your life with this kind of activity.
  4. You will most likely have to look for clients yourself if you want to work for yourself. Not for all people it will be comfortable and understandable.
  5. The bulk of customers will not look the best. This is the aged full of women, and old men. Be ready to morally see them naked. Although, of course, there is a chance to work with beautiful girls.
  6. The slightest mistake in your movements, and you can hurt your client. You will need a great deal of responsibility in your actions.

Once again about the main points: the work of a masseur is a very responsible and difficult task, you may need a coordinated coordination of movements and strong hands. Be prepared to be very tired physically. Morally be prepared for the fact that you have to work at times with a variety of clients. But if you master the full complexity of this craft, it will please you every day with good money and the prospect of professional growth.

We hope that you have received a fairly detailed description of the activity of the masseur. Perhaps, it is with this work that you will want to link up your subsequent professional career. We wish you with all your heart not to stop at what has been achieved, to grow and work on yourself, not to be afraid of difficulties, to be faithful to your goal. And then you will turn mountains on your way! = _s2cfSsXT8Q


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