Attractions of the resort village of Lermontovo

Attractions Lermontov resort village, located under Tuapse, connected with the peculiarities of nature, everyday life of the Caucasian peoples, their history. The main activity of the population is agriculture, crop production and tourism. Reception of holidaymakers and organization of their leisure is popular with local residents, famous for Caucasian hospitality.

The Krasnodar Territory has a large number of mountain rivers that flow from steep rocks, forming beautiful waterfalls. In the valleys, tea bushes are grown, bees are planted, sheep are kept, cheese is made. Tourists are waited by abundance of local dishes and various entertainments.

Tuapse region has a developed infrastructure, which allows organizing a mass holiday for tourists. In all resort villages there are many sightseeing routes, attractions work. In the center of Lermontovo there is a water park with slides and several swimming pools for adults and children. Well-equipped sea beaches and local attractions allow everyone to enjoy a holiday on the Black Sea coast.

Beaches and water attractions

Rest on the water in Lermontov organized very well. The water park "Chernomor" offers its visitors several water attractions. There are various descents on which it is fun to slip into the pool. For adults who prefer extreme entertainment, a steep hill "Kamikaze" is arranged. Tourists, choosing fun and comfort, are intended to descend to the water on toboggan. The rafting-slide device allows for group roll-up on a wide inclined plane. For toddlers there is a hill of the minimum length and with a shallow pool.

Fans of sea waves can visit the municipal beach or choose one of the private ones, the entrance to which is usually paid. The entire beach strip is covered with a mixture of gravel with sand. Tuapse region is famous for its 10 km long beach called the Gold Coast. It is located 1 km from the village. The second beach officially opened for visiting is called Central. All beaches are equipped with aerariums and loungers with umbrellas. On their territory there are places for renting life jackets, catamarans, ATVs, and jet skis.

On the equipped beach you can contact the instructor for diving and go with him on a tour of the seabed. For tourists who prefer active recreation, local tourist organizations offer various walks around the Caucasus Mountains. They can be performed on jeeps that easily pass all hard-to-reach places, on horses, ZILs or on foot.

Excursions to places created by nature

Tuapse district is a picturesque zone where rest will be filled with positive emotions. In Lermontovo there are agencies offering a lot of excursions for tourists, during which you can admire the local views and have fun.

On the territory of the Krasnodar Territory there is a relic pine grove, where you can go on an excursion from Lermontovo. It grows near the settlement Sosnovy, located 30 kilometers from the resort village. There is a sanatorium there, and after a walk through a unique grove you can restore strength in a local restaurant.

Excursion to Tenginsky waterfall, which is composed of a beautiful local legend, will enjoy the beauty of the local nature. The noise of the water, unknown to the average inhabitant of the plant and the huge stones give this place an exotic look. Nearby there are caves, where curious tourists like to look.

For an extended excursion to the village of Tenginka, locals offer a rich program. It includes a variety of entertainment:

  • riding on the river on huge trucks;
  • concert with national dances and songs;
  • traditional dishes;
  • visiting the waterfall;
  • inspection of dolmens.

Krasnodar region has several places where dolmens are located, and tourists are interested in visiting these ancient burial sites. Vacationers are delighted with the beautiful nature, bathing in the mountain stream, visiting the apiary, visiting local attractions.

Excursions on horseback, were rented at the stud farm, located in the village of Tenginka, will allow to enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery, combined with valleys and meadows. Among the trees growing in the area of ​​Tuapse, you can see chestnuts, cypresses and thickets of magnolias. The Krasnodar Territory is rich in such fauna representatives as:

  • hares;
  • turtles;
  • deer;
  • proteins;
  • roe deer;
  • boars;
  • the Bears.

Small representatives of the animal world often meet on the way of tourists who decided to walk along the Caucasus mountains together with guides.

Inal Bay is located where the Tuapse region connects with the Gelendzhik possessions. These places attract the attention of tourists with a lot of attractions. Here is:

  • interesting two-stage waterfalls;
  • blue clay deposit;
  • water Mill;
  • fish ponds;
  • beautiful shady forests;
  • springs with delicious fresh water.

Rest in the Millenium slot attracts tourists with various offers. Local residents well arranged approaches to all local attractions. Everywhere signs are set, stairs are arranged in hard-to-reach places so that you can climb higher and look at an interesting place near. In the forest, there are places to restore strength for tired travelers.

At the request of the tourist, the organizers of an active holiday in Lermontovo can choose the route suitable for him, allowing to see all the main sights that the Tuapse region is proud of.

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