Dzhubga - solitude with nature and other attractions


  • Location of the resort and how to get there
  • Hotels
    • Guest house "Yuzhnaya"
  • Aquapark
  • Guam Gorge
    • Thermal sources
  • Stone dolmen
  • Waterfalls
    • Museum "Wonders of the Forest"
  • Attractions Dzhubga

A picturesque place, located on the Black Sea coast of the Krasnodar Territory, Dzhubga, is not known to everyone. But, having learned more about this resort, its sights, many of the travelers dream to go there. Here you can hear touching stories about the origin of the village, see interesting objects: all this attracts a lot of tourists. The village is full of legends, valuable historical facts, in its vicinity are amazing objects worthy of attention.

A small village, drowning in the greenery of mixed forests, is located on the coast of the Black Sea bay. Spacious sandy beaches are never deserted, from everywhere, especially from Tuapse and Krasnodar, located only a few dozen kilometers, tourists come for recreation. Local residents from neighboring cities knowingly come here to relax in their spare time, because the beauty and tranquility of the local landscape helps to restore strength, get a charge of positive emotions.

Location of the resort and how to get there

The settlement located on the territory of the Krasnodar Territory does not have railway access roads. Numerous buses and taxis will be taken from the airport of the regional center, as well as from Tuapse, Sochi and other settlements. The road takes no more than 3 hours on average, or even less. It is convenient to travel to Dzhubga on your own to see all the sights, having your own motor transport. On the coast there is a huge car tourist center with summer houses and spacious buildings for rest.


The first recreation center of Dzhubga was opened in 1935, at the same time the park area was it is still a decoration of the village, people like to spend time here both local residents, so and guests. 1966 was marked by the awarding of the status of a resort village to Dzhubga.

Guest house "Yuzhnaya"

Located on the Black Sea coast, the house, next to the pebbly beach, is attractive for many tourists. For a small fee, they receive the necessary conditions for a comfortable stay. The premises are equipped with air conditioning, there are bathrooms, a dining area and a place for self-cooking. Numerous restaurants, cafes, where you can always tasty lunch, are located very close.

Many guest houses, hotels for visitors are built here. These are attractive houses "Hedgehog "Vesta luxury hotel "Prestige" - they are all glad to guests who came to look at the sights and relax. Residents of the private sector kindly offer their homes for a rest period. Anyone can choose their own comfortable place of residence. Located near the sea in the hotel or private sector, the tourist gets the opportunity to enjoy around the clock peaceful sea rustle, spend your time on the beach, not crossing the road in 2-3 km, so that to him to get. Some seek solitude in silence, they enjoy a rare attraction - clean air away from busy beaches, settling in inexpensive cozy houses of local residents.


The main feature of the surroundings of Dzhubga is that entertainment is not architectural artifacts, museums or shrines, but natural beauties that attract residents from all over the country. Near the village along the Novorossiysk highway is the Tuapse entertainment water complex "Dzhubga where there are many entertainments for children and adults. The water park accepts visitors only in the summer season, but it works until late at night. In the evening, young people are entertained with discos. The place of rest, built by the Turkish company, is considered the most tempting on the whole territory of the Krasnodar Territory. There are wonderful attractions, fun, extreme entertainment, where you can spend the whole day.

Guam Gorge

Krasnodar region is interesting for fans of outdoor activities. In the vicinity of Dzhubga, you can also see interesting places. The famous natural canyon, formed millions of years ago, strikes with rare beauty, high walls conceal in itself the silent spirit of eternity. An interesting landmark is the railway, built in the beginning of the 20th century, it was recently reconstructed, and now they offer the travelers an exciting trip on the locomotive.

Holidaymakers here are attracted to the fact that you can breathe in the purest air, look at waterfalls, plunge into eternity, passing through grottoes and mysterious caves.

Organizers spend walks on foot and on horses, arrange cheerful picnics. A lot of excursion bureaus try to arrange a rest for the guests of Dzhubga and its surroundings so that they do not leave the desire to return here again.

Thermal sources

A few kilometers from the gorge for tourists built wooden houses, located around the pool with healing water. Having become famous for its medicinal properties, it attracts people with various ailments:

  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • skin problems;
  • weakened nervous system and other diseases.

In addition, services are provided to lovers of this bath, playing billiards. There is a guarded parking lot for cars.

Having visited the Guam gorge, tourists get real pleasure not only from the fantastic nature, but also from organized entertainment. Climbers every year are going to the festival to demonstrate their skills. A place of interest here is a useful, with an unsurpassed flavor, tea made from grass, and the medicinal properties of the local honey is difficult to compete with such a product from other areas.

Stone dolmen

Tourists are attracted not only entertainment in the vicinity of Dzhubga, religious buildings, which are famous for the Krasnodar edge, are known for a long time, and guests do not need to think where to go - a unique structure erected 5000 years ago, has a special status. The three-tiered monument, surrounded by a stone courtyard, returns in ancient times, when religious ceremonies were held here. Dolmen is one of the main attractions of the Caucasus, its visit is included in all excursion programs.


Many urban residents tend during their holiday to seclusion with wildlife. Its pristine purity can be plunged by visiting the main tributary of the Dzhubga River. Here opens the gaze Colonel Waterfalls, consisting of 9 steps, the highest of them - more 18 meters, it is hard to reach, you can get to it on a special trail with a stretched length rope. The area, where there are almost no residents, immerses tourists in an atmosphere far from modern civilization.

For the Tuapse region, the most interesting landmark is the Gebius waterfalls. They are distinguished by crystal clear water, and from Bzydskie - water flows into the lake, where you can swim, it is called the cup of "Love and reconciliation". Plunging into it, people seem to wash off all the accumulated negative energy from themselves. Nearby there is a "tree of desires he mentally asks for the fulfillment of cherished desires.

Waterfalls became known for open access of tourists only in the last century. This was promoted by activists of the tourist center "Dawn". Thanks to their enthusiasm, a tourist route was laid, which gained frenzied popularity and still acts to the delight of travel enthusiasts. The impression will be much stronger if you visit the waterfalls in the off-season. In the autumn, they become more powerful due to torrential rains, and spring floods fill the canyon with boiling water, carrying with them uprooted trees and stones. For fans of creating spectacular photo sessions such landscapes will become a valuable find.

Museum "Wonders of the Forest"

On the Black Sea Street in Dzhubga guests are greeted with a curious sight - a huge stone statue of a dinosaur, with a sign inscribed "Wonders of the Forest" attached to it. In such an unusual way, it was invented to attract tourists to the exhibition of wooden sculptures. In a private collection there are more than 1000 wooden exhibits. Masterfully executed sculptures will allow you to enjoy real art.

Attractions Dzhubga

The pride of the village is its park area. Here everyone likes to rest: children, adults, locals and guests. Lovers take pictures, you can capture amazing exotic trees, bushes, flowers and much more. But the main natural relic of the park is the centuries-old oak of Gartvis, it has been worth at least four centuries.

Sights of Krasnodar region are not limited to visiting popular resorts, located near Dzhubga. Exciting trips throughout the unique terrain forever will leave an indelible impression on a lifetime. What else is interesting in the resort town of Dzhubga? The attractive Inal Bay, located near the village, is known for its picturesque views and a deposit of healing clay. Specially created on the coast of the lake with blue clay attracts people, people are covered for rejuvenation and recovery.

Rest in Dzhubga and its environs will be remembered for a long time by everyone who has visited here. Every tourist will find entertainment for everyone!

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