How to find and not lose peace of mind


  • Acceptance, awareness, vision
  • Meditate
  • Letter to the Universe
  • To understand, forgive and let go
  • Creativity
  • Sport, sport, sports!
  • From the smile will be all lighter

Mental balance is something that is not so easy to achieve and maintain in the vain 21st century. However, there are principles, following which you can become a truly whole and harmonious person. They are simple and complex at the same time, but on the way to the true goal there is nothing impossible.

Acceptance, awareness, vision

"If you want to be happy - be it! - Kozma Prutkov taught us. Indeed, each person is able to find peace of mind and balance, but for this it is necessary to master simple techniques. Let us dwell on the most effective.

So, rule number 1: accept yourself as you are. Always there is a character more beautiful, richer, smarter... But this does not mean that you need to exhaust yourself with envy to other people's achievements. On the contrary, it is time to realize: each person, with all its set of merits and demerits, is unique. So, you need to appreciate yourself as a unique person, worthy of his, and not someone else's life.

Rule number 2: "everything will pass, and this too." Pronounced by King Solomon thousands of years ago, it will never lose its relevance. Therefore, do not take seriously the problems: better realize their frailty and fleetingness. Nuisance will pass, and to restore the destroyed nervous system and mental balance - the task is not from the lungs.

Rule number 3: learn to see the beautiful in small things. Drops of rain lazily dripping down the window; a storm cloud of unusual form; "Parachute" dandelions, flying in different directions... In every detail, there may be a source of inspiration. Learning to see these little joys, you can find and peace of mind.


One of the most powerful and ancient ways to find oneself in this world is meditation. It is with its help that Buddhists reach the state of nirvana, that is, complete rest.

There are many different techniques, but you need to start with the simplest. To do this, you need:

  • a room with soft light;
  • convenient mat;
  • comfortable clothes;
  • "White noise".

Sit on the rug, crossing your legs and putting your hands on your knees with your hands up. Close your eyes. Focus on the state of mind; feel the flow of energy that flows through the body, flowing from the body to the organ. Imagine it in the form of a dense golden stream. Try not to think about anything. Clearing your mind, you will feel an extraordinary ease, and in time you will be able to master more complex techniques and find in meditation peace of mind.

Letter to the Universe

In the life of each of us there is both good and bad. However, the psychology of man is such that he remembers the negative moments better. The task of a harmonious personality is to find the strength to change oneself to a positive spiritual mood. Especially for this there is a technique called "Letter to the Universe".

Its essence is simple. Once a month you need to take a pen, paper and write a heartfelt message-thanks to the universe. It should be noted all the good things that happened during this period. And not only major events are important, but so-called trifles. After all, meeting with an old friend, and a good training, and reading an interesting book that has enriched your inner world - all these are pieces of human happiness.

Having fixed these events on paper, address with words of gratitude to the Universe, the forefathers, destiny - to everyone! The main thing is that the message is sincere. Gradually, a letter after letter, you can find something new in life - peace of mind.

To understand, forgive and let go

Another way to restore peace in the soul is to forgive those who have ever offended you. This is a courageous and important step, allowing to cleanse the soul of bad memories and complexes. To go on the path of forgiveness and find peace, it is necessary to understand: the person who has offended you is imperfect, he has committed a bad deed and, probably, suffers because of him. Forgiveness, you will do good not only to yourself, but to him.

Such spiritual deeds purify karma and allow harmony to be achieved. "Let go" of the ex-husband, the traitor; stop thinking about the colleague who substituted you; forget about the classmate who once insulted... The peace of mind is worth it!


Harmony should not only be spiritual, but also intellectual and physical. In order not only to feel, but also to be an interesting person, it is necessary to develop. Hone your mind, expand your horizons, and find peace in the following ways:

  • reading of classical, modern and scientific literature;
  • visiting exhibitions, theater, music concerts;
  • viewing "deep" movies;
  • traveling through cities and countries, learning about culture, traditions and languages.

To find constant peace of mind helps creativity.In every person lies an artist, poet, writer or musician, only his gift needs to be developed. If it succeeds, then in your works you can reflect not only the rich inner world, but also those fears and complexes that prevent you from moving forward.

Sport, sport, sports!

The next way to find harmony is by playing sports. Scientists have proved: peace of mind is most often experienced by people who load themselves with physical loads. The fact is that active movements contribute to saturation of the body with oxygen; inflow of blood to vital organs, including the brain; the development of hormones of joy - serotonin and endorphins. That's why going to the gym invigorates a person, gives him confidence and calm.

A separate story is dancing. They develop not only the body, but also the imagination and spirituality of man. Not surprisingly, dancing people so often feel happy.

From the smile will be all lighter

There are several more rules, following which you can achieve the desired emotional balance.

  1. Do not try to change loved ones. Just enjoy the fact that they are nearby and love you. Take your soul mate, children and parents the way they are!
  2. For believing people, one of the ways to find peace of mind is prayer, going to church, talking with a confessor.
  3. Bypass the negative side. Refuse to view the "yellow" talk show; do not participate in scandals; try to solve all the problems by peace.
  4. You spend more time in nature.Remember: the peace of mind is directly related to fresh air, the singing of birds, the fragrance of flowers and the murmur of water.
  5. Know how to stop. Tired at work? Pause, cover your eyes, think about a good... A lot of work around the house? Arrange at least one day of rest and laziness a month. The human body and psyche are complex instruments, and without short interruptions, they can be disoriented.
  6. Smile and laugh as often as possible!

Thus, peace of mind and balance - this is not a dream that is difficult to implement, but a reality, and it should be sought. And then your life and the life of people around you will become much better!

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