4 kinds of seeds to fight cancer!

In search of treatment of various typescancera lot of scientific research was carried out, during which it was found thatin nature there are certain compounds and substances that have a powerful anti-carcinogenic effect. Their main advantage is that they are completely natural and do not cause any side effects.


Currently, in the fight against cancer, the most common method of treatment remains chemotherapy. Although it has already been proven that it "kills" not only malignant, but also healthy cells of the body, and also affects healthy internal organs.

The good news is an increase in awareness: after all, many already know that the opportunity to prevent developmentcancerthere is - through a correct way of life and a balanced diet. Therefore, many begin to look for healthy and healthy ingredients for their diet and begin to consume foods that can reduce the risk of oncology.

Natural alternatives, which we are talking about, are aimed at reducing the possibility of developing any of the varieties of this disease.

They strengthen the body's immune system, and in some caseseven help to slow down and stop the growth of malignant cells.

Among them we would like to single out 4 types of seeds, whose nutritional properties showed a positive result in the fight against malignant tumors.

1. Apple seeds (ossicles)

Many experts consider apple pits (seeds)one of the most powerful natural remedies with anti-carcinogenic effect.

But... Why are many still not aware of this? Apparently, as it happens with other diseases, there are organizations that do not want to make this information public domain. After all, it is advantageous for them to develop a medicinal product based on this or that natural remedy, to make it a synthetic analogue and then to receive a huge profit.

But scientists have already proved thatthe seeds of apples are really capable of suppressing the growth of malignant cells of various types of cancer, eg:

  • Colon cancer
  • Lung Cancer
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Cancer of the pancreas
  • Breast Cancer
  • Stomach cancer

Phytochemical compounds contained in apple bones proved to be many times more effective to slow down the growth of cancer cells, in comparison with the same adriamycin, a chemotherapeutic drug used in all world.

And the most surprising thing in this case is that the seeds of apples destroy only malignant cells,while not injuring healthy cells.

It is important to know that apple cysts contain cyanide (although in small amounts), andat a high dosage they can lead even to a lethal outcome.

2. Grape seeds

Extract obtained from grape seeds, isa rich source of antioxidants, bioflavonoids and a biologically active substance known as B2G2, it is, according to experts, it is able to fight cancer cells.


It used to be that biologically active compounds from the grape seed extract have a selective ability to attack certain groups of malignant cells. But now it has been scientifically proven and confirmed that this effect is given by B2G2.

Everything indicates thatthis substance destroys an environment in which bad cells can comfortably grow and develop, yet he changes their DNA by increasing the reactive oxygen species.

In addition, they do not allow these cells to recover, thatslows the growth of malignant tumors to 67%.

3. Flax-seed

Due to the high content of lignans, flax seeds are also included in the list of products with anti-cancer effect.

It has already been proved that flaxseedplays an important role in the prevention of cancer, since it acts as a phytoestrogen (especially it is effective in preventing breast cancer).

This ingredient, which has recently become quite popular, promotes apoptosis (the process of cell death) tumor cells and simultaneously inhibits angiogenesis (formation of blood vessels), which helps prevent metastasis.

In addition, flaxseed is an important source of alpha-linoleic acid, such as omega-3 fatty acids, which help in the fight against cancer and other chronic diseases.

4. Apricot Bone

Apricots contain a significant amount of vitamin B17, which also has an anti-carcinogenic effect.

This vitamin will be useful not only to prevent the development of cancer, but alsopeople who have already encountered them, and are being treated.

You just need to split the apricot bone with the help of a hammer, pull the inside out of it (shesimilar to almonds) and eat.

Just be careful, as the source of vitamin B17 is precisely the apricots, and not the biologically active additives that are sold today everywhere. The latter do not contain enzymes and cofactors (non-protein components) present in real apricot bones.

If you dislike their taste, then reduce the bitterness will help the following. Mix apricot bones with a small amount of nutmeg, barley or grated coconut.


All of the above seeds have an anti-carcinogenic effect, but to date there is still no evidence that they can completely cure cancer.

For this reasontheir regular consumption is recommended as a preventive measureor additions to the treatment of cancer with medications.

And of course, in any case it is necessary to be under the supervision of doctors and consult with them regarding the intake of certain foods. Seeds should be consumed in moderation, since otherwise some of them can lead to negative consequences.

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