How to cure diverticulitis with natural remedies

Diverticulitis- Disorder of the digestive system, characterized by inflammation of saccular protrusions of the intestine, called diverticula.


Although it is not known what causes this inflammatory process, it is believed thatone of its causes are constipation. Because of them, a person is forced to make great efforts during the act of defecation. This increases the pressure on the walls of the intestines, causing their inflammation and irritation.

As for the most frequent symptoms of diverticulitis, they include:

  • Traces of blood in feces
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Nausea
  • Unreasonable fatigue and weakness
  • Bloating
  • Painful sensations when feeling the stomach

If you want to be cureddiverticulitisand overcome his symptoms, ask for help with these home recipes.

Homemade mashed potatoes

As for his taste, then, perhaps, the potato may seem rather boring. But it is recommended to pay attention to people suffering from diverticulitis.

The fact is thatpotato has anti-inflammatory properties, and the starch contained in it facilitates digestive processes.

If you think that it is best to eat fried potatoes, you are deeply mistaken. The fats contained in this dish will only worsen the course of diverticulitis. In this case, the whole use of potatoes is reduced to zero.

It is best to eat potatoes baked in the oven or on the grill, as well as mashed potatoes.

Papaya and pear

When it comes to the health of the digestive system, you can not do without fruits. So, the combination of pear and papaya allows us to cook a delicious dish with a high content of nutrients.

The microelements contained in these fruits are ideally suited for the care of the health of the large intestine.

They are also high in fiber, vitamins and minerals. All this makes the pear and papaya our faithful allies in the treatment of diverticulitis.


Vitamin C

The human body constantly needs vitamin C. It is used in many vital processes of our body. thereforeit is very important to monitor whether we get enough of this substance.

Vitamin C helps our body create new cells, has a stimulating effect on the immune system and participates in many other necessary processes.

Diverticulitis seriously violates the health of the large intestine. Vitamin C is not only a necessary micronutrient, but also accelerates the healing of the intestines, and soothes inflammation.


Barley is also an important part of the diet of people suffering from diverticulitis.

Althoughpatients with diverticulitis should avoid cellulose, the anti-inflammatory properties of barley and its active ingredients make this cereal a necessary element of such a diet.

From barley you can cook a large number of dishes, including soups. It can also be mixed with other cereals. It all depends on your imagination.


Be sure to include barley in your diet.


Garlic is used to treat many diseases, including diverticulitis.

Active ingredients of garlic can create real miracles, preventing the emergence of various infections.

It must be borne in mind thatthe course of diverticulitis is complicated when the problem area of ​​the intestine is inflamed.Garlic will save you from such a risk. Also, regular use of garlic will allow you to take less antibiotics.

Avoid spicy foods

If you like spicy food and use a lot of seasonings, you must leave this habit.Abuse of spicy dishes is one of the causes of problems with the intestines.

Spicy food irritates the inflamed bowel walls even more, tightening the healing process and worsening the course of the disease.

We think that you will agree that it is worth reconsidering this habit.


If you suffer from diverticulitis, use Oregano for cooking. This spice will help you greatly alleviate the symptoms of the disease.

Oregano has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, which allows him to fight infections and parasites in the intestines.

Also, this seasoning helps to cleanse our body of toxins and toxins.

Oregano helps to neutralize many pathogenic processes, as a result of which a person is able to cure diverticulitis much more quickly.

Castor oil

Another good way to cope with bacterial infections in the intestines, clearing it - is to take castor oil.

It is important to remember that this remedy is quite strong, so that the intestinal microflora may suffer from it.

Therefore, castor oil should not be abused, it is also not recommended to take it uncontrolled.Carefully observe the prescribed dosage of this drug and take it under the supervision of a doctor. This will protect you from the risk of mistakes.

Why is it important to get the right diagnosis?

Given the characteristics of the symptoms that accompany diverticulitis, it is quite easy to confuse with other bowel diseases, for example, Crohn's disease.

If you suspect that you have a diverticulitis, be sure to seek medical advice.

It must be remembered that intestinal infections can threaten much more serious consequences for our body than you can imagine.

Therefore, if you have found out the symptoms of diverticulitis, be sure to contact a professional for a survey.

If the preliminary diagnosis is confirmed, try to supplement the doctor's prescribed treatment with natural remedies, which were discussed in this article.

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