Nutrition for kidney stones

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    • 1.2Prohibited products
    • 1.3Permitted products
    • 1.4Recommendations on drinking regime
  • 2Diet with oxalate stones
    • 2.1Sample menu for one day
  • 3Diet with urate stones in the kidneys
    • 3.1Sample menu for one day
  • 4Diet in complication of phosphate stones
    • 4.1Sample menu for one day
  • 5Proper nutrition with urate oxalate stones
  • 6Dish recipes
  • 7What if I neglect the recommendations?

Urolithiasis is an ailment, when concrements are formed in the mucous membrane of the kidneys and urinary tracts of a person. Diet with kidney stones will not only improve the overall condition of the patient, but also prevent deterioration of well-being, avoid relapse. With proper nutrition, oxalate, phosphate, urate stones and other types are easier to remove and not re-form.

general information

For a full recovery, doctors recommend to adhere immaculately to a healthy diet and diet regime. To achieve a sustainable result for a long time, a properly formulated diet is required. It should be taken into account that the diet regime needs to be developed individually, based on the type of stone formations in the kidneys of a particular person.

It is important to understand that a well-designed dietary diet will avoid surgery and complications.

Key rules of dietary nutrition for kidney stones:

  • The correct mode of food intake. It is more useful to divide meals in 5-6 receptions, while excess food and, conversely, daily fasting is strictly prohibited, and dinner should be 3-4 hours before going to bed.
  • Ways to heat food. All types of heat treatment are allowed, except for frying with animal or vegetable oil, which can be replaced by baking in the oven.
  • The temperature of the dishes. Food should be at an optimum temperature of 15-60 ° C;
  • Drinking salt. It is allowed up to 5 grams, as excess provokes an increase in the number of concrements and an increase in blood pressure. To reduce the negative effects on the body, table salt is useful to replace the sea salt.
  • Restriction of food with a high content of vitamin C, as in higher doses it is harmful for nephrolithiasis.
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Importance of dietary nutrition

The diet will help to remove small amounts of salt from the kidneys.

The role of a healthy diet can not be overestimated, so it allows:

  • to prevent further occurrence of calculi and their splitting;
  • to remove from the kidneys the accumulation of salts and other small formations;
  • Reduce body weight and fight excess weight;
  • normalize the functions of the digestive organs and the cardiovascular system;
  • to minimize the risks of development of inflammatory processes in the urinary tract.
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Prohibited products

A competent diet with kidney disease is the optimal combination of acceptable products with minimizing the use of prohibited foods or completely refusing to eat. The list of prohibited ingredients is headed by those that are distinguished by a high level of purines: food rich in animal proteins and saturated fatty acids.

In the presence of kidney stones, people are advised to eat the following food:

  • "Fast carbohydrates cookies, jam, puff desserts with jam, cakes with cream, baking, halva;
  • fatty broths and soups based on meat broths;
  • fatty meat and fish products;
  • sea ​​cocktails;
  • sausages (taking into account low-calorie and dairy);
  • jellied, jelly;
  • citrus fruits (due to high content of vitamin C);
  • some kinds of greens - sorrel, parsley, rhubarb;
  • Snacks, dressed with spicy sauces or spices;
  • eggs, egg yolks are completely excluded;
  • cheeses with high salt content and seasoning;
  • sour berries (for example, currants, cranberries, raspberries);
  • various smoked products;
  • coffee, tea and cocoa;
  • beans.
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Permitted products

Consuming foods rich in vitamin B can speed up the process of removing oxalates and urates.

The therapeutic menu should consist mainly of ingredients that alkalinize urine and dissolve oxalate or urate stones. The diet consists of vegetables, fruits and low-fat dairy products with live bifidobacteria. Exception - individual situations where a patient's phosphaturia and treatment requires a special formation of an "acidic" environment.

It is necessary to lean on food with a high content of B vitamins, which promote the excretion of oxalates and urates from the kidneys. Enhance the desired effect will allow food with a high content of vitamin A. These products are not only beneficial for the body, but also provide recovery of the skin of the mucous membrane of the kidneys and urinary system.

List of ingredients you can eat:

  • whole wheat bread;
  • a variety of fresh vegetables;
  • porridge, but in limited quantities;
  • dried fruits (potassium for normalization of water-salt metabolism);
  • meat of chicken and turkey (preferably, brisket);
  • macaroni from durum wheat;
  • low-fat fish (hintai, cod);
  • vegetable oils in limited quantities;
  • salads with the addition of woks or pickled vegetables;
  • fermented milk products;
  • Unconcentrated coffee or black tea with lemon;
  • vegetable sauces (for example, sote eggplant, tomato, onion);
  • natural sweets (floral honey or pollen, pastilles, apple marmalade);
  • cheesy cheeses.

In renal diseases, animal fats are replaced with vegetable oils and coarse fiber, which allows the body to avoid the formation of salt and fat deposits, as well as normalize the work intestines.

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Recommendations on drinking regime

Proper compliance with the drinking regime will speed up the recovery process.

If a person does not have individual reasons for limiting the amount of liquids drunk per day, then you need to drink 2 liters per day. Anti-inflammatory properties are characterized by mineral waters with a low content of salts and chemicals, as well as a variety of herbal solutions based on medicinal herbs and teas. When sand in the kidneys are advised to prepare herbal infusions on the basis of leaves of strawberries, hips, birch buds or parsley stems. Before preparing your own collection or using a drugstore, you should read the contraindications.

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Diet with oxalate stones

One of the most common substances that cause metabolic processes in the human body, called oxalic acid, which has a negative effect on the formation of insoluble salts or oxalates. The main reason that explains why oxalate stones in the kidneys are formed is the lack of a normal amount of water in the body, or, in other words, dehydration. Therefore it is necessary to drink 2-3 liters of pure or slightly mineralized water per day, also in the account of volume of a liquid go acidified морсы and compotes, but without a liquid in a soup or a broth.

Another reason for the abundant formation of oxalic acid in the microflora of internal organs is considered consumption of products of dark green, purple, red, so the diet for oxalate should contain:

  • leafy greens;
  • raspberries;
  • apples;
  • blueberry;
  • any kind of citrus fruit;
  • cucumbers;
  • mushrooms;
  • beets;
  • chocolate;
  • coffee Tea;
  • nuts.
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Sample menu for one day

Everyone makes up their own individual menu within the limits of the allowed products.

Lunch freshly prepared carrot-apple fresh, a small portion of oatmeal without sugar with dried fruits and a piece of butter to 10 grams. For lunch, fat cottage cheese or low-fat kefir is useful. Dine with light vegetable soup, whole-grain bread, compote of fresh or dried fruit. Snack with fruit sliced ​​or salad dressed with natural yogurt. Supper with boiled meat with pasta, cabbage salad, jelly from acidic berries.

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Diet with urate stones in the kidneys

The therapeutic diet with urate stones, appointed by the doctor, positively affects the dissolution and excretion of the formations from the kidneys. In case of inflammation, the patient should not drink alcohol, smoked products and all kinds of preserves. Preventive action in urates is facilitated by the abundant use of green apples, grapes, black currants, watermelons, purified water.

It is recommended to increase the ration of cereals, dried fruits, whole grain bread and exclude the use of "fast food confectionery, canned food.

Sample menu for one day

With urate stones in the kidneys in the morning meal, it is desirable to use a freshly squeezed carrot-apple apple, buckwheat porridge. In the pre-dinner period, they drink compote from dried fruits and eat wheat crumbs. At lunchtime, eat meatballs on a pair of low-fat meat, carrots and cabbage salad with herbs, freshly squeezed cucumber juice. It is more useful to have a snack a glass of green tea without sugar, a sandwich of bread with the addition of unsalted cheese. In the evening, they have supper with beetroot salad without beets, 100-150 grams of boiled fish, fruit compote.

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Diet in complication of phosphate stones

With a strong slagging of phosphate stones, you need to limit the use of dairy products.

The main factors that determine the level of strong slagging with phosphate stones are:

  • infectious diseases;
  • acute renal insufficiency;
  • hydronephrosis transformation of the kidney;
  • chronic renal (advanced stage) insufficiency;
  • wrinkling of the organ;
  • renal colic.

Therefore, the patient should limit the use:

  • sour cream;
  • nuts;
  • eggs;
  • fresh vegetables and fruits;
  • pickles, smoked products;
  • cheese, milk porridge;
  • bakery products;
  • alcohol, spicy sauces and seasonings.

Sample menu for one day

The morning ration includes the use of freshly squeezed fruit nectar, millet porridge, carrot salad. In the afternoon, drink berry jelly and eat one serving of unsweetened apple pie. At lunchtime, eat boiled chicken, ragout, green or black tea without sweeteners. Snack is allowed lazy vareniki, seasoned with sour cream. In the evening, they have supper with baked low-fat fish, boiled potatoes in their uniform, salad from cucumbers, greens and Peking cabbage.

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Proper nutrition with urate oxalate stones

The process of excretion of oxalate stones completely excludes from the diet harmful food.

Therapeutic nutrition with urate oxalate stones is similar to the general diet in the renal stone disease. From the diet completely eliminated animal fats, semi-finished products, by-products and pastries made from butter and puff pastry. The use of cheeses, fruits, vegetables, cereals, low-fat soups is shown. Also, doctors with mixed stones recommend a plentiful drink of pure water, fruit fresh, herbal teas and tinctures on the fruit skin.

Proper nutrition is important if the kidneys of a person have stones or possibly the development of a kidney stone disease in the future.

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Dish recipes

Proper nutrition with kidney stones can easily be made not only useful, but also delicious. There are a lot of original recipes that will allow you to vary the menu:

  • baked potatoes under a layer of hard cheese with herbs - an excellent puff dish that is served hot;
  • boiled potatoes baked in the oven with Béchamel sauce;
  • omelet with vegetables (with the addition of carrots and cabbage) in the oven;
  • dietary omelette with rice in the oven;
  • omelet with cheese without butter in the oven;
  • fish bread, which is prepared for a couple of minced fish, for the recipe is suitable for pollock, pike perch, ice fish;
  • lean cabbage rolls with buckwheat, you can fill with low-fat sour cream, but the total calorie intake of food will increase;
  • curd casserole with apples and a manga;
  • pepper stuffed with curd, baked in the oven;
  • cold beetroot;
  • creamy tomato soup with rice.
For salads and other dishes, homemade sauces from natural products will be more useful.

For salad dressing, you can prepare home dietary mayonnaise. Prepare from vegetable oil, eggs, sugar with the addition of a solution of citric acid. Yolks of eggs are separated from proteins, then sugar is added to the yolks and whipped to a homogeneous consistency. The resulting homogeneous mass poured into the solution of citric acid, salt and other seasonings to taste. This sauce can be filled with your favorite salads, various recipes from fish, meat and seafood.

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What if I neglect the recommendations?

Possible health consequences if the healthy diet is neglected:

  • frequent painful sensations;
  • chronic form of renal failure;
  • secondary pyelonephritis;
  • inflammation of the bladder, which passes into cystitis;
  • chronic urethritis.

It is important to understand that removing urate stones from the kidneys or removing other kidney formations is a fairly capacious process that takes time and patience. The stated principles of healthy eating should be a lifestyle not for a month or a year, but for the rest of your life. This is due to the fact that if the kidney stones are formed once, it is possible that they will not appear again.

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