The best herbs for reducing leg edema

Excess weight, poor blood circulation, fluid retention in tissues are just some of the reasonsedemafeet.This problem is not only aesthetic, first of all, it is a serious violation of health.


Therefore, you should begin to engage in it as early as possible, with the first signs of swelling and inflammation of the legs. In this article, wetell about herbs that help to remove inflammation in the legs and ankles.

Leg edema: what you need to know about it

itsensation that tights became too tight, that in calves appeared "time bombs", has its name: edema. It for various reasons occurs in women of a certain age in the legs, ankles, feet.

Edemamay be accompanied by other symptoms, for example:

  • Fatigue
  • Tingling
  • Pain

Female body, beginning with the age of puberty, undergoes regular hormonal changes, and the body adapts, reacts to "internal signals".

Our habits (useful or harmful) also play a large role and genetic predisposition.

Most often, the legs swell for the following reasons:

Unsuitable footwear

No matter how beautiful the legs look in high-heeled shoes,such shoes cause serious health problems.Just like too tight shoes. Especially if you wear it for a few hours without taking off.

The whole day on my feet

If you work in a store or other place where you need to stand all day,in the evening, it is quite possible, the legs and ankles will be inflamed.

A lot of time you have to sit

For example, in an office or on an airplane during a long flight. Because of the immobile position of the legs, the fluid in the body can descend and accumulate in the ankle area.


Excess weight

Excess weight very often causesfluid retentionand swelling of the legs.

Lack of exercise

Sedentary way of life, we cause the most damage to our body. If we do not exercise, do not do physical exercises,our blood circulation suffersand the "lower limbs" swell.

Menstrual cycle

The accumulation of fluid in the lower extremities in the premenstrual period is a natural process.It causes swelling and also affects the abdomen.

Excessive use of salt

When our diet is too much salted,fluid is retained in different parts of the body, and especially in the legs, ankles and feet.

Birth control pills

Many women who choose this method of protection, face the problem of edema, which, incidentally, does not always disappear when these tablets stop taking.



During pregnancy, the body of a future mother can vary in different ways. One of the possible options -inflammation of the ankles, which can increase with weight gain, typical for this state.

Hormonal changes

Menopause and menopause cause swelling of the legs and ankles.


For example, heart diseases, problems with blood circulation, renal failure, varicose veins, arthrosis.

Unbalanced diet

Inflammation and swelling may occur due to excessive intake of salt, anddue to a deficit of certain nutrients.Including, due to water shortage (when a person drinks too little).

How to avoid swelling of the legs?

Knowing the reasons for this phenomenon, it is easier to understand,what you need to do to keep your feet from becoming swollen.

Here are the recommendations:

  • Regularly lift your feet higher(in the evenings, and preferably, if possible, find it for a few minutes at work).
  • When you spend hours on an airplane or train, change your posture often (walk up and walk down the aisle).
  • Do physical exercisestwo or three times a week (for a start you can just walk).
  • Reduce the intake of salt (replace it with sea salt, vinegar, lemon or spices).
  • Wear comfortable shoes (if you need to wear shoes with heels, do not wear them all day).
  • Wear pantyhose with a supporting effect (they improve blood circulation).
  • Look for an alternative method of contraception.
  • Stick toA healthy diet, in which a lot of fruits and vegetables.Do not forget to drink from two to three liters of water a day.
  • Do not wear too tight clothes(tight-fitting jeans are the worst enemy of your feet).
  • During pregnancy, follow the recommendations of doctors (try not to overeat and not gain too much weight).

Infusions and herbs to reduce foot swelling

You already know the reasons for this problem and how to prevent it. Now it's time to say goodbye to her! How? With the help of natural means, of course.

Horsetail (ponytail)

This is one of the best plant diuretics that exist. Ithelps reduce fluid retention and relieves swelling of the legs.

In addition, it very well cleanses the body, improves blood circulation and activates the work of the kidneys. It is taken in the form of infusion.


  • 1 spoon of horse tail leaves (15 g)
  • 1 cup of water (250 ml)


Leaves of horse tail are boiled for several minutes, then the broth is removed from the fire and covered with a lid. In 10 minutes you can strain it, sweeten it with honey or stevia and drink. This infusion can be drunk to three cups a day.


This is another cleansing plant that can help those suffering from fluid retention. ItCleans blood and improves kidney function. This infusion is prepared and drunk the same way as the infusion of horse tail.

Green tea

This drink helps to lose weight, cleanses the body and removes toxins.It is very useful for health. You can use tea bags, or you can brew leaf tea.

Drink a cup of green tea on an empty stomach, the second - after dinner, and the third - before bed.

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