How and what to clean gold at home?

Gold jewelry, especially rings, fade and deteriorate over time from creams, soaps, cosmetics and from natural secretions of the skin. Gold can be oxidized, stained, scratched, and stones that are inserted into jewelry can become unusable.

But if you take timely measures and clean gold at home by one of the following methods, you can not only return the old look to the jewelry, but also extend their life.

Methods of cleaning gold jewelry


With soap foam

Take a little soft dish detergent or liquid soap and dilute it in slightly warm water. As a result, you should get a foam cap. Type it with a brush or an old toothbrush and gently clean the gold product for 30-40 seconds. As soon as the achieved effect satisfies you, rinse the jewel in running water and pat yourself with a cotton cloth.

To clean products with stones in this way is not recommended - you can easily scratch the inserts too hard brush, or to achieve clouding the surface of the stone because of the wrong detergent chosen facilities.

With a touch of spirit and water

This method is suitable for strong contaminants and stains. In equal shares, take cold water and ammonia (ammonia solution), pour in one bowl and place there all the decorations for half an hour. After the time has elapsed, take out and lay out all the gold items on a cloth or paper towel, if necessary, can be further processed with a toothbrush or brush.

Only with ammonia

Rings, earrings or necklaces with stones can and should be cleaned with ammonia, without water. It is necessary to take a cotton swab or toothpick with a piece of cotton wool, soak it in a solution of ammonia and gently remove the dust and dirt from the rim, from the stone: from below and from above. For the same purpose, you can take cologne or alcohol, as well as magnesia or glycerin. At the end of the procedure, carefully wipe the jewelry with a suede cloth and polish.


Special means for cleaning ornaments

In addition to the usual ones available on the farm, it is also possible to purchase special tools intended for cleaning gold products. You can do it in a jewelry store or workshop. To clean gold with such a tool, follow the instructions, which may vary depending on the type of product, the presence of stones, small parts and other. And if you bought the paste, then it can be applied to the fabric, and then, as it should, polish all the jewelry by hand.


If you are allowed funds and there really is a need for constant cleaning of a large number of gold jewelry, you can purchase a special apparatus. It cleans products with ultrasound, sometimes you may need a fast soaking in water with a few drops of ammonia.

After that, you need to put the jewelry in the metal bowl of the device with the solution, press the button and wait a bit. Within a few minutes the high-frequency waves of the device will clear the metal.

If you do not want to understand how to clean gold at home, you can always just give all the products to a professional jeweler.

A few nuances that are worth paying attention to

  1. Never take a tooth powder for cleaning jewelry from gold. When you handle the product with a brush with applied powder, you can scratch it.
  2. .
  3. If the stones in your products are precious, they can be processed with ordinary washing powder, if the stones - semiprecious, or we are talking about organic stones (pearls), then you should use a soft liquid means.
  4. Decorations made of gold with enamel should be treated only with a cotton disc dipped in ammonia, abrasive particles of hard cleaners or bristles of brushes can damage brittle enamel.
  5. Not only dirt, but also fatty film can be removed with gasoline or alcohol, gently acting with a cotton swab.

What should I do to clean less often?

First, always remove the rings and bracelets before you are going to wash the dishes, wash, clean the apartment. Any cleaning and bleaching agents, especially those containing chlorine, can affect the condition and appearance of your jewelry in a bad way.

Otherwise, you can achieve oxidation, the appearance of salt deposits, black spots, and as a result, clouding of stones and fading of precious metal. All this can be avoided if it refers to ornaments more closely.

Secondly, remove jewelry for the night, the work of sweat and sebaceous glands will affect the earrings and chains negatively, the skin particles will get stuck in small grooves, links, locks and fastenings for precious stones.

Remember that regular care and cleaning, as well as proper storage, will help to preserve the beauty of your gold jewelry for a long time.

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