Auditor - auditor of finance, or what kind of profession


  • What knowledge is needed for this work
  • Advantages
  • disadvantages
  • How to create an audit company
    • With what it is better to begin

What is the work of the auditor? How much will it be troublesome and difficult for an ordinary person? As a response to these questions, we present to your attention a brief description of this type of activity.

The auditor is the person who acts as an auditor for the accountant. In addition, they advise the accountants themselves.

He is engaged in the audit of accounting books and accounting documents, verifies the correctness of filling all the securities, can to forecast a possible business development strategy, will help entrepreneurs and organizations avoid mistakes in the management his own business.

The auditor must have sufficient qualifications in order to fully assess the reliability of the data that various organizations send as financial statements. In addition, he must be able to verify the correctness of filling all the necessary documents. He must be attentive and have analytical thinking.

Very often this specialist is approached for various consultations on financial and legal matters. Communication with a competent consultant will allow you to avoid many mistakes and miscalculations while doing business. In addition, many accountants may require the assistance of a specialist in solving complex issues.

It is important to understand that the auditor works primarily with information and, if necessary, with live clients. Those who want to master this profession, you need to be prepared for the fact that you have to travel a lot. In addition, it will be necessary to adhere to business ethics in the process of communicating with the client.

The hiring of an auditor can be either a private organization or the state itself. In the first case, the internal issues of organization are solved, in the second case, external problems.

What knowledge is needed for this work

First of all - higher economic education. But you also need knowledge of accounting, credit, PC ownership and, as mentioned above, know the basics of business ethics.

Of personal qualities, moral stability, analytical abilities, a lively and operational mentality, and the ability to communicate with people and clients of the company are especially important. The profession of the auditor is very difficult to master, requires activity and responsibility. You will need to apply all your diligence and all your care so that the profession of the auditor submits to you. But, believe me, it's worth it.

Let's look at all the pros and cons of the auditor's work.


The indisputable advantages of this kind of activity are as follows:

  1. This profession is in great demand on the labor market. Especially if you are a professional in your field. Of course, this starts the main advantages of this work. You can find a job even in a crisis, so you do not even have to worry about tomorrow.
  2. The work of the auditor is quite interesting and dynamic. Hardly you are bored. For fans of drive and development, of course, this fact refers to the list of "the pros of the work of the auditor." In addition, you will need to constantly update your knowledge.
  3. This work is very well paid, if it comes to the work of a professional. Of course, this is also a plus of the craft. After all, we all want to support our family at a decent level.
  4. There are also pluses - you will be able to fully realize your analytical abilities, which is probably not at every job. Analyze you have a lot and productive.

As you can see, the work of the auditor has significant advantages. You just need to use them correctly.


What are the disadvantages of this kind of activity? Let's look at them.

  1. This is a very nervous job. Some questions may require a lot of concentration. You will need more stress resistance. People with a sensitive nervous system can send this fact to the detriment of the activity of the auditor.
  2. You, as mentioned above, will have to spend a lot of time on business trips. For some people, it's definitely downsides. Particularly affected are those who do not want or can not permanently leave home, as well as those who do not tolerate the road and acclimatization.
  3. You will need a lot of time to spend on constant self-education. It is necessary to always be aware of all events and amendments to the legislation. For those who are not ready to do this, this fact will refer to a list called "minuses of work by the auditor".
  4. There are still disadvantages for those who do not have analytical skills. Such people will not be very easy to master this craft. Many questions will seem to you unbearable. For people who do not have the necessary skills and abilities, the disadvantages of this profession end precisely at this point.

As you can see, the auditor's work has both pluses and minuses. Responsible and active people will find advantages rather than advantages, and those who prefer a more measured way of life are minuses. It depends on your personal skills and abilities. In any case, you should not go to the auditors if you are not ready to develop in the accounting and commercial industry as an expert. If you are not ready to learn and even in some moments to retrain, then this kind of activity is clearly not for you. Do something simpler, for example, the usual work in the office.

howcreateauditing company

Many auditors who have become real aces in their business, are thinking about creating their own firm. Considering that audit is half of the time consulting, creation of a small consulting agency is a very profitable and profitable idea. In addition, at first you can act as a provider of consulting services, working for yourself. No extra costs for renting an office or paying employees. But it's important to bring yourself to this task with the client base already developed on the last job - this will be the main criterion for the success of your start-up.

With what it is better to begin

Start with the simplest steps. Try to gather a client base from those contacts that you already work with. Offer old customers the most favorable terms, do not be afraid to make discounts. There will be a constant clientele - there will be a stable income in your company. Especially, if earlier you could prove yourself as a first-class specialist.

The second step in the process of increasing the volume of incoming orders will be hiring the necessary staff and renting an office if it is necessary to conduct your business. Take responsibility for the selection of employees. It can be an operator on the phone that will accept orders. It can be a young specialist, to whom you can give the simplest instructions. The main thing is to give everyone work according to his abilities.

Next, work with the already assembled base, focusing on the long-term perspective. Without your own customer base, it will be very difficult for you to start a business in auditing.

We wish you to find your calling and do not stop there. Let everything that you have in mind comes true. As for the work of the auditor, it is important to understand that this is a very difficult work, requiring great responsibility, constant self-education and a propensity for analytics. Be diligent, and you will be able to reach good heights in this complex activity.

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