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In the intestine, a large amount of slag usually accumulates, which subsequently negatively affect the functioning of the whole organism as a whole.The intestine or large intestine can cause many different problems if it is "blocked so it is recommended to regularly help him cleanse.It is equally important to know the reasons for the accumulation of toxins in the intestines so that, if possible, do not repeat their mistakes.

What you need to know about the process of bowel cleansing?

If you want to clean the intestines because of a sudden constipation, then most likely it will be enough to add in its diet of more dietary fiber and herbs to normalize its work and facilitate the passage of food waste.But this method is unlikely to be effective if the intestine is killed for a long time, because in this case on its walls accumulated a huge amount of slag. If a person does not go to the toilet for at least three days in a row, then a considerable amount of food remains in his intestine (from about 15 different dishes).

Purification of the intestine is a huge benefit to the whole body, because from it is derived what is no longer needed and only "clutter" the body, ranging from parasites and toxins and ending with long-eaten products.And to clean the intestines is not so difficult: a good washing and adequate diet will be enough. You immediately feel much better, get light, sleep better, breathe easier, even the body smell becomes much more pleasant, and acne and rash on the skin can disappear. Purification of the intestine has other advantages, it has a tonic effect on the liver and pancreas.In addition, cleansing the bowels improves the subsequent absorption and absorption of food.

It should also be known that the use of various laxatives is not so good, because in them contain active ingredients that are more toxic than the food itself, they can cause irritation.It is better to try to solve the problem in a natural way, with the help of natural remedies:Use enema, salt or herbs. These are the most reliable methods that you can safely choose to ease your condition.

However, it is undesirable to fall into the "dependence" on these methods of cleansing the bowels and dealing with constipation, do not resort to them too often, since this can lead to the opposite effect.Regular emptying of the intestine should become a natural consequence of a change in diet. In other words, you do not have to eat everything in order to "cleanse the intestines" once a week, because that's how it should not work, you just break its proper functioning.

You can still consume certain products that have "cleansing" properties, in this case, you may not need to resort to the above methods.

Vegetarian recipes for bowel cleansing

With the help of these recipes, you can easily and effectively clean your intestines, as well as normalize the work of the entire digestive system.The only thing you need to do is to change your diet and include more seasonal fruits, vegetables, legumes and various dried seeds. Thus, you clean not only the intestines, but also the liver with the kidneys.Your internal organs will become much easier to do their job, and you will immediately feel it.

One of the best recipes for cleansing the bowels consists of the following ingredients: juice from two oranges, seven pieces of strawberries and three peaches, peeled and cut into pieces.The combination of these fruits helps not only to clean the intestines, but also to strengthen the respiratory system, and recently it has been proved that they (fruits) help to get rid of depression. You just need to put them in a blender and mix.Drink immediately, without straining and on an empty stomach. Repeat reception of such a cocktail is recommended for nine consecutive days. And then at the hour of his reception you can have breakfast as usual.

For the same purpose, some herbs are also suitable, for example, such as:

  • Bearberry: it has been used for several thousand years, which in the 16th century fell on the European continent. It contains substances and compounds that contribute to the reduction of the colon, simulating its natural movements during defecation.It greatly facilitates the removal of toxins from the body with a sensitive digestive system.
  • Plantain: this plant comes from India and Iran. The plantain leaf has long been used in phytotherapy and traditional medicine. They contain a large amount of soluble dietary fiber. Before consumption, they must be soaked in water so that they begin to form around them gelatinous mass, it is she who acts literally like a broom, cleansing the intestinal wall from accumulated slag. Plantain has a beneficial effect on the condition of the colon as a whole.
  • Althaea officinalis (marshmallow): this herb was used in ancient Greece, where, in fact, the name, "althea" means "treatment, healer". It is also called slime grass, since it contains sugar molecules that have a calming effect on the mucosa of the intestinal walls.
  • Cassia: also known as Chinese cinnamon, and was one of the first plants that came to Europe with Alexander the Great (Great). Before that, it was used in Egypt and Israel. And originally it was grown in the southeast of China because of its oil, kidneys and bark, which have medicinal properties. Cassia has a beneficial effect on the digestive system, contributes to the health of tissues and membranes in various parts of the stomach and colon ulcers.

Tips for regular bowel cleansing

  • Eat more fruits (8-10 servings per week): always try to choose those that contain more dietary fiber (red fruit).
  • Try to eat wholemeal products 2-3 times a week.
  • Stop your choice on products that help cleanse the intestines, namely those that are rich in fiber and proteins.
  • Avoid the consumption of sweets and fatty foods.
  • Add linseed seeds to the meal, you can simply sprinkle them with dishes.
  • Daily exercise (at least walk for 30 minutes) and drink plenty of water (2 liters - the minimum recommended rate).

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