Deteriorating memory with age is an absolutely normal phenomenon

Forgot where they put the keys? Can not remember the name of the neighbor? Scientists consider forgetfulness to be an absolutely normal part of the aging process, which is developing at full speed after 40 years.

Memory impairment after 40 is normal

Experts from the state of Oregon (USA) found that the decline in cognitive activity is accelerating when a middle-aged man achieves a goal. However, it seems that the problem can be solved.

According to scientists, the key to the solution lies in the special units of the brain receptors -GluN2B, which help people remember.GluN2Bare abundantly contained in infants and children, so they, like a sponge, absorb everything in themselves. However, at the time of reaching the retirement age, their number is half as much as at a younger age.

In addition to serious problems like dementia and Alzheimer's disease, literally every person loses the ability to remember and cognize as they age. Although even in old age you can learn and remember something new, but it's not so simple as in your youth. Because of the broken connections, the brain has to work harder.

Scientists are sure that understanding these biological processes will make it possible to slow or prevent them. Perhaps, there are ways to influence them through diet, healthy habits, long mental activity and even drugs.

In their studies on mice, the experts used genetic therapy in which the virus helped transfer additional DNA to suitable cells and repair some blocks of GluN2B. Tests have shown that this helped mice improve memory and cognitive abilities.

However, such gene therapy for humans is probably the last resort.

The authors of the study argue that unless other options are available, it is best to maintain brain function through its work. We must part with old habits, do something in a new way, give time for physical activity, maintain a healthy diet and actively communicate.

Scientists recognize that the decline in cognitive activity is inevitable, it is inherent in nature. But they will try to find out why this is so as to be able to slow down or stop this process in a completely harmless way.

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