Healthy heart: 8 risk factors

A heartare romantically called the organ of love and, despite the fact that the ideas have changed a long time and we know that our emotions are controlled by the brain, we do not cease to associate with it love experiences. However, it is necessary to know that everything we do: starting from the way of life and nutrition and ending with how we confront the problems and challenges of modern life - directly affects oura heart.


In this article we want to talk about8 everyday habits that can become a threat to the state of the heart.Learn more to save health and prolong your life.

What is important to know?

The heart is the main organ of the circulatory system and is responsible for ensuring that the blood moves freely on the vessels and transported to the organs and tissues oxygen, nutrients, hormones and other substances. Imagine that our body is a complex mechanism, where every detail fulfills its function, and if something suddenly fails, the whole system stops working as it should.

If the heart and blood vessels do not function properly, we first of all we will face cardiovascular diseases, and their consequences can be a threat for others as well. bodies. Often we do not pay attention to the signals of our own body, while recognizing cardiovascular disorders is quite easy and you can immediately contact a specialist for diagnosis.

Major cardiovascular disorders

  • Arteriosclerosis:it is a consolidation and damage to the arteries, which decrease in diameter and cease to transport the right amount of blood, as a result, the burden on the heart and the risk of developing complications.
  • Angina pectoris:the main symptom is acute pain in the chest, through which the body reports that the heart does not receive enough blood. Angina requires immediate medical attention.
  • Heart attack:When arteries or veins are blocked for one reason or another, for example, because of a blood clot, the bloodstream infects a certain part of the heart and initiatesattack.
  • Hemorrhage in the brain or apoplexy:rupture of the vessel or its blocking can cause a deficiency of oxygen, received by the brain and serious lesions.

There are conditional risk factors that increase the risk of developing cardiac problems: from natural aging, which leads to the wear of arteries, veins and tissues, to congenital malformations heart. At the same time, scientists confirm that the life style is reflected in the state of the heart in a significant way.

So, let's talk about 8 habits, which you should give up if you want to live a long and happy life.

8 habits that negatively affect the heart


No doubt, modern life forces us to submit to its crazy rhythm, and often we do not pay attention to certain actions that we do constantly. Can they become dangerous to the heart? Let's figure it out.

Sedentary lifestyle

The so-called "sedentary" lifestyle is one of the main causes of the emergence of many diseases: diabetes, arteriosclerosis, obesity, etc. In this case, daily exercise helps to remove excess fat from tissues, strengthening the heart and making the vessels more elastic.


Doctors and scientific research do not cease to warn us that smoking not only contributes to the aggravation of respiratory functions, but also provokes narrowing arteries, increasing the heart rate, reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood, which causes the heart to work harder, contributes to the accumulation of fats and hypertension.


Sufficient reasons for giving up a bad habit, are not they?

Consumption of harmful food

Low-value food and fast food are rich in saturated fats, refined sugar, excess salt and are prepared from purified flour - all this is a very toxic combination for health.Those calories that the body can not burn in the process of metabolism, turn into fatty deposits and accumulate in tissues. Excess of such deposits begins to block vessels and organs.

Tapered and maloelastic arteries are the main cause of cardiovascular problems. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid excess weight and make a choice in favor of a healthy diet that includes fresh fruits, vegetables and fiber, which cleans the body from the inside.

Stress and overwork

If in your schedule you do not leave time for yourself or are constantly under the pressure of work, family and subject to emotional and physical overexertion, you know, you are increasing the risk of heart attacks. diseases. Stress is the cause of many problems: it weakens the immune system, increases susceptibility to infections and heart attacks and is directly related to blood pressure disorders.

A person must necessarily rest, devote time to his favorite pursuits to relax the body and mind, find time to communicate with family and friends, etc. Do not forget about relaxing practices, meditation andnatural means of getting rid of stress.

Deficiency of sleep

We have said many times about how many hours of healthy sleep an adult needs. On average, this figure is 8 hours, it is during this time that the body has time to recover and prepare for a new working day. Deficiency of sleep and chronic lack of sleep leads to hormonal disorders, problems with blood circulation and cardiovascular system.

Neglect of drinking regime

Insufficient consumption of clean drinking water leads to the accumulation of harmful substances and toxins in the body. If you want to help the heart and strengthen the vessels, drink more water. An adult needs 2 liters of drinking water a day.

Alcohol consumption

Excessive consumption of alcohol is destructive for the liver and heart. Stick to a healthy lifestyle and avoid bad habits.

Strict Vegetarian Diet

A strict diet, which vegetarians adhere to, can provoke a vitamin B12 deficiency in the body, which significantly affects the cardiovascular system. This is an individual choice, but experts are inclined to the greater benefit of a traditional balanced and healthy diet.

And finally ...

We hope that our article made you think about your own habits and their impact on the heart and health in general. In conclusion, we would like to give some recommendations on what habits should be put into use in order to strengthen the cardiovascular system and protect oneself from diseases.

  • Follow a diet rich in fresh fruits, vegetables, proteins and fiber. These basic components of the diet strengthen the heart muscle.
  • It is necessary to significantly reduce and limit the consumption of fats, sugar and salt.
  • Drink at least 2 liters of clean water a day.
  • Do not forget about regular physical activity:walkat a fast pace, light jogging, swimming, etc.
  • Avoid excessive use of stimulants: coffee or tea.
  • Find ways to deal with stress.
  • Perform relaxing exercises.
  • Devote enough time to a full sleep.
  • Refuse bad habits: smoking and alcohol.
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