Congratulations to the birthday girl: what to give a friend for 13, 14 or 15 years


  • Than to surprise the girl-friend for the 13 anniversary
  • What a 14-year-old girl will be happy about
  • Gifts for the 15th anniversary
  • Undesirable Presents

Adolescence in girls is an interesting and very important time. Yesterday's child becomes a beautiful lady. When a girl turns 13, 14, 15 years old, her girlfriends are wondering - what should she give? After all, the presentation budget is small, and I want to please the birthday girl.

Than to surprise the girl-friend for the 13 anniversary

A win-win option is to ask the birthday girl what she would like. But if you dream of a surprise, you will have to reflect on what your girlfriend will like.

13 years - an excellent occasion to get pretty! Buy a gift certificate in the cosmetics store. Let a friend choose what she likes. You can give a nice purse, which put money or a small card. A postcard must be signed, so that the birthday girl will long remember the memory of her 13th birthday. Since all the girls are different, someone will like the clutch rather than the purse.

Lovers of the "big screen" as a gift will come to cinema tickets. Girlfriends should know what films the birthday girl prefers. You can see on the Internet what bands like 13-year-old girls. You need to give at least two tickets, so that the girlfriend decides who she should go with. And if you can not choose a film, remember that many cinemas offer to buy gift certificates.

You can have fun together, inviting a girlfriend to an amusement park. Buy her some tickets for rides and go for a drive!

What a 14-year-old girl will be happy about

Let's figure out what to give to a friend for 14 years.

It will be appropriate to have a gift certificate in a fashion store. You can go there together and measure all the new items!

A small fashionista can give a set of hair styling products:

  • varnish,
  • foam,
  • thermal protection for the hair dryer and ironing,
  • spangles for hair,
  • mousse to form ringlets, etc.

If finances permit, you can add a beautiful hairpin to the set. Also the girl will like bright paints for nails or ornaments. If you buy a gift from several girlfriends, you can buy a set for applying gel-varnish.

A reading lover can donate something from book novelties or classics in a beautiful binding. Young athletes - tools to maintain the form: a jump rope with counting jumps, dumbbells for fitness, a cap for the pool.

Any girl will appreciate the quest. Only you need to know in advance with your girlfriend when she is free. Or get together in karting, and pay the race for the birthday girl.

You can approach the matter creatively: beautifully process the photo of the birthday girl in the photo editor and print in large format. You can also do it yourself.

14 years - the age of obtaining the first passport. It will be interesting to supplement the present with some unusual cover for the most important document.

Gifts for the 15th anniversary

Buy a gift certificate in the beauty salon. You can donate a coupon for a specific amount, but pay a certain procedure: manicure, face cleaning, eyebrow care, etc.

Organize the photo session. It is not necessary to invite a venerable photographer, you can find a novice master who collects works for the portfolio. His services will cost several times cheaper. Or maybe the friend of the birthday girl knows how to shoot interesting shots themselves? Then lead the culprit of the celebration to a friendly photo session, and then print the successful shots.

Many parachute towers allow those wishing to jump, starting from the age of 15 years. If the girlfriend loves extreme entertainment, you can invite her to the park and pay a jump. It's safe, but the sea of ​​impressions is guaranteed.

If you like to spend time creatively, you can make the decoration with your own hands and give it to your girlfriend. Jewelery can also be bought at the store. Remember, girls at age 15 love bright colors and unusual shapes.

If the birthday girl is engaged in sports, you can give her some piece of equipment. For example, a jar for drinking on the run, a pretty yoga mat or pedometer. Suits and just a certificate in a good sports store.

Undesirable Presents

Choosing a surprise for a friend, you always need to remember about unwanted gifts for your birthday. It:

  • Pets. The girl should decide with her parents about the establishment of the pet.
  • Means of personal hygiene - toothbrush, comb, shampoo, shower gel. Such a gift can be perceived as a hint that the girl does not interfere with washing herself. Various means can be bought only if she herself asks about it.
  • What will not be her alone. For example, a frying pan should not be given.
  • You can buy a picture only if you are sure that she will like the birthday girl.
  • Too "adults" and "children's" gifts. For example, a 13-year-old girl is unlikely to use a blender if she is not fond of cooking. A 15-year-old is better not to give a doll.

Now the choice of a gift for a friend at 13, 14, 15 years will cease to be an insoluble problem. Remember that any girl will be pleased if you complement the surprise with a beautiful bouquet or a signed postcard.

It is not so important what kind of gift you choose: dear or modest, fashionable or classic, long-awaited or unexpected... The most important thing is to do it from the heart, thinking about a friend, her preferences and interests. The present, in which a part of the soul is embedded, can not be displeased!

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