Onions: 12 unusual uses that will surprise you

Bow- one of the most popular vegetablesboth in gastronomy, and in the field of alternative medicine.


Its properties as a natural antibiotic, detox-remedies and antioxidant makebowan indispensable ingredient for the natural treatment of various diseases.

But few know that, in addition to its characteristic aroma and high content of nutrients, there are very interesting ways to use onionsin the household, for self-care and in gardening.

It can be used to replace many products sold in the market, which makes it a cheaper and environmentally friendly option.

This time we want to share with you 12 curious ways of using onions. Do not miss our today's article!

1. Onion for cleaning the grill and pans

To remove carbon from grills, pots and other objects in your kitchen, use the properties of this product.

Its antibacterial compoundsnot only remove dirt, but disinfect the surface, and also neutralize unpleasant odors.

Knead half a bulb on the fork and grate the dishes that you want to clean. Then remove the excess with a damp cloth or with a dishwashing detergent.

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2. Stain Removal

Stains from sweat on clothing can beeasy to remove with a piece of fresh onion.This method works in the same way as hydrogen peroxide, penetrating the fibers of the fabric, without affecting the clothes.


Apply directly to the stain, soak in cold water and rinse the item in a normal washing cycle.

3. Insect repellent

Apparently,a strong smell of this vegetable is unpleasant for ants, mosquitoes and a wide variety of insects, living in our house and in the garden.

Instead of using toxic and harmful insecticides, simply fill the bowl with chopped onions and put in a place of congestion of insects.

You can pour pieces of onion with hot water, pour the resulting liquid into a spray bottle and spray it where necessary.

4. Removing the smell of paint

Unpleasant odors, allocated freshly painted walls or lacquered furniture, can be eliminated with fresh onions.

Cut it into pieces and place them in places where the smell is most concentrated.


5. Onion for shoe care

In order toremove stains from dirt and grass from the sole of shoes, cut a piece of raw onions and rub their shoes a couple of minutes.

Then remove the excess with a damp cloth and apply a little soap if you feel it is necessary.

6. Removal of traces of rust from metal

Many iron objects are destroyed due to rust. To restore them, vigorously rub the surface with onions and polish with a clean cloth

7. Help with insect bites

The anti-inflammatory and refreshing properties of onions make it an indispensable toolAgainst irritations caused by insect bites.

Cut a piece and attach it to the affected areas. You can also smear bites with onion juice.

8. Onions relieve sore throat

Broth of onion peelhelps reduce swelling and sore throat. If you do not like his taste, you can add a little honey and lemon.

9. Helps with superficial burns

In order to avoid inflammation with a sunburn, rub a fresh onion into the affected area.

The sulfur compounds contained thereinaccelerate the regeneration and reduce burning and redness.

10. Help with splinters

Fix a patch of onion on a site with a splinter. Wait an hour and it will be easier to remove it.

11. Helps with acne

Astringent and antibacterial properties of onions make it useful in acne. Due to its properties, hereduces the formation of excess sebumand contributes to the disappearance of acne, which so worsen our appearance.

Nevertheless, before applying it as a mask, it is important to make a test,to avoid allergic reactions or skin sensitivity.

12. Stops hair loss

Antibacterial properties of onionsslow down the appearance of dandruff and promote the growth of new hair.Its antioxidant compounds will stop the fallout and help to get a fluffy head of hair.

You just have to make a decoction of onion peel, and use it as a rinse aid before applying the shampoo.

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Now that you know about all these properties of onions, you can use it not only for food, but also to facilitate many tasks in the house or taking care of yourself.

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