When the headache should make you pricked up?

Unfortunately,headachefamiliar to each of us. This problem brings us a lot of inconveniences, however, most often this ailment passes by itself, without any consequences for the body.


Nevertheless, some people are not helped by painkillers or a full rest. For themheadacheturns into a really serious problem that deprives them of the opportunity to lead a normal life.

This kind of headacheis more common than you think. Of course, we are talking about migraines, chronic headaches, which adversely affect our quality of life.

So... At what point is it worth starting to really worry? Can a headache be a symptom of something more serious and dangerous? This question is important for all of us.

Since, as they say, warned - it means armed, we want to tell you about three important aspects of this problem, which we all will be useful to learn.

Headache: criteria of its severity

Scientists at Harvard University conducted an interesting study on the topic of headache. First, and to dispel your fears and fears, we can argue that in almost 95% of cases, a headache

is not a symptom of any serious disease.

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Now that we know about this, we should say that although there is no direct danger, in a large number of cases this condition deprives us of legal capacity. Such diseases as migraine, lupus, depression or arthritis are complex processes, one of the symptoms of which is a headache.


No one dies from these diseases, but the quality of life deteriorates significantly. For these types of ailments there is even a term"Socially invisible diseases", because when we have an attack, usually we sit in the darkness and silence of our bedroom.

Undoubtedly, these are very complex conditions requiring special treatment. Nevertheless, it is necessary to distinguish at what pointMigraine or headache is beyond the normand becomes a symptom of something more serious.

Let's now look at three important aspects of the headache.

When exactly the headache should cause our concern

The above-mentioned work of Harvard University describes a number of aspects that we should always pay attention to when we, or someone nearby, suffers from a headache.

So,these are the signs:

  • If you feel that the habitual process of the course of the headache has changed. That is, if earlier it was a single phenomenon and it quickly disappeared after taking an analgesic, but now no. This is the reason to see a doctor.
  • You should seek help from a specialist if you experience abnormally severe pain (this may be a symptom of a stroke).
  • Ifpain intensifies when you cough or move, it also goes beyond the norm.
  • You also need to assess whether this pain prevents your daily tasks.
  • Some people become aggressive or irritable when they have a headache. This is also not entirely normal.
  • It is worthwhile if you have fever and stiff neck muscles.
  • If you also have visual disturbances, slurred speech, weakness, dizziness, or very sore eyes, you should call an ambulance as soon as possible.
  • Doctors warn that it is also not normal ifpain occurs suddenly during the night.
  • If you hit your head and the pain persists for a long time, it is also worth immediately contacting the emergency department.

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Headache and stroke

The most dangerous condition, one of the symptoms of which is a headache, is undoubtedly a stroke. He spares neither the youth nor the elderly. Hence, it is worth always remembering its six main attributes:

  • Suddenly, there isparalysis of one side of the body: in the hand, leg, half of the face ...
  • As we noted earlier, another symptom is the worst headache in your life.
  • In addition, a person feels an intense tingling in the face, arm or leg (on the same side of the body).
  • The vision in one eye may be lost.
  • The difficulty is to speak and understand others.
  • Feeling dizzy, losing balance is a common sign of impending stroke.

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"The demon of a headache"

We know about the severe consequences of migraine or headache due to pressure, however, as neurologists and patients who have experienced it say, the worst kind of headache is a cluster headache.

The pain is so strong that when we experience this ailment, we are sure that "something is wrong with us". Nevertheless, this condition is not so difficult.

The headache is troubling and can paralyze our life for several hours, but, as we have already said, no serious illness is concealed behind it.

  • 1% of the world population is affected by cluster headaches, it is especially common in men.
  • This is a severe and debilitating pain, which can last from 15 minutes to one and a half hours, and appear several times a day.
  • This disease is associated with minor problems in the hypothalamus and circadian rhythms. Sometimes our way of life, stress, chronic lack of sleep or shift work causes this problem.

In conclusion, it should be said that the headache is almost always associated with fatigue, stress or hormonal changes and it passes after a full rest.

However, if you experience it every day and notice the presence of other symptoms mentioned here, see a doctor as soon as possible in order to get an accurate diagnosis.

In such cases,A headache can be a symptom of something more dangerous that you should know about.

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