Healthy teeth: how to prepare a conditioner for remineralization and bleaching?

Perhaps you did not know this, but toothpastes that we usually buy in stores can not be called 100% useful for oral health. The fact is that their composition includes chemical compounds that violate the natural protective layer of ourteeth.


Surely, you had to read that these substances serve for bleachingteethand removal of plaque. It's true.But in fact for this we have to pay a large price, and a small change in this case is our health.

Do you want to know how to make a remineralizing rinse aid for teeth whitening?Today we will tell you more about this.

What is remineralization?

To explain to you what remineralization is, we turn to the study of Weston A. Price, who in the 30 years of the last century traveled the world in search of primitive tribes, where people would not have known the problemscariesand other degenerative diseases.

And he not only managed to find such people, but also to trace the relationship between their health and the way of life of the healthiest tribes.

The secret of healthy teeth was in fat-soluble vitamins.Each of 14 cultures scattered throughout the world, whose representatives were not familiar with each other and did not heard about their existence, adhered to a certain type of food: fish and seafood, fresh milk and cheeses.


Later, Dr. Price discovered that these products contain the greatest amount of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and in particular K2.This was the key factor explaining the mineralization: the important role of vitamin K2 is that it "Tells" our body which parts of it need minerals (teeth and bones), and which ones do not (arteries).

The question arises: why do modern dentists believe that remineralization is impossible?There are many opinions on this issue and not all of them are objective. Thus, the opinions of some experts are influenced by companies that produce various care productsoral cavity.

As for fats, in our society, their sources are the following products: butter, sausages, bacon, fish, seafood, etc.Therefore, if you want to have a stable weight, good health and strong healthy teeth without a deficiency of minerals, the first thing you need do - reduce the use of industrial care for oral care and replace them with natural home remedies. And, of course, do not forget about proper nutrition.

Rinse aid for remineralization, whitening and strengthening of teeth

Even if you usually buy natural toothpastes, take a closer look at the label.Most likely, you will find in the compositionglycerol. This substance is added to make the toothpaste soft and homogeneous. In this case, glycerin causes on the teeth formation of a layer that prevents remineralization.


As Dr. Ramiel Nagel writes in his book, in just 30 days of using such a toothpaste, one can completely destroy the tooth enamel. Everything will depend on how you eat (how much fat enters your body) and whether you are experiencingstress.

Also important is the quality of sleep, the characteristics of metabolism and health in general.To remineralize teeth, you need to adjust the diet and some other habits.

Do you want to have strong teeth? Take a closer look at nature.Do you know that those dogs that eat only raw meat have flawless teeth?And when we take care of the nutrition of our pets, which by their nature are predators, there is caries and other problems.

The same thing happens to a person.Our food should be tailored to our natural characteristics.People are omnivores, so we have an excellent opportunity to choose from a variety of nutritious foods, both vegetable and animal.

Also, nature has given us an effective home remedy for caring for tooth enamel, which will allow us to have strong teeth that are invulnerable to caries.To do this, you need to include in your diet more foods with calcium, phosphorus, fat-soluble vitamins and avoid semi-finished products.

How to prepare homemade conditioner for tooth remineralization and whitening


  • 2 teaspoons of calcium carbonate
  • 1 teaspoon of xylitol crystals
  • 10 drops of concentrated liquid minerals
  • 10 drops of essential oilmint
  • 5 drops of lemon essential oil
  • 2 cups of clean filtered water (500 ml.)

In a large glass, mix the crystals of calcium and xylitol, add liquid minerals and essential oils, then pour into a glass of water. Stir.Pour the solution into a glass container and close it tightly. Shake the solution for 30-60 seconds until xylitol dissolves. It is necessary to shake the solution before each use.This product can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.

Why these ingredients?

  • Calcium Carbonate Powder: promotes remineralization.
  • Crystals of xylitol:protect teeth and gums.
  • Liquid concentrate of minerals:promotes remineralization.
  • Essential oil of mint:gives a fresh taste and aroma.
  • Lemon essential oil:bleachesteeth and gives them shine.

What should be a home rinse aid for teeth?

  • Mint:some people prefer other essential oils, for example, eucalyptus, which can also be a great idea. Do not forget that fresh fragrance is very important.
  • Have a sweetish taste:we do not want to say that you need to add a lot of sugar (it will only provoke the appearance of caries). But the taste of the conditioner should be pleasant.
  • Remineralizing:saliva cleanses our teeth and supplies them with minerals. This process is disrupted by eating, drinking, smoking, etc. Therefore, a good conditioner should necessarily contain minerals to help the saliva perform its work.
  • Whitening:if you want to have an attractive Hollywood smile, the conditioner should help to whiten your teeth. And no chemical bleach!
  • Protective against caries:To do this, the rinse aid must completely clean the teeth of food residues.
  • Natural:this means that it must be cooked at home. To do this, use the proposed recipe and soon you will see a result much more noticeable than after using oral care products purchased in the store.
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