5 ways to activate the liver, kidneys and pancreas

Why is it necessary to revitalize the liver, pancreas and kidneys?You should know that these organs are vital not only for the regulation of our digestion, but also because they purify the body and help it synthesize important hormones.

We are quite sure that this also happened to you.You felt tired, your body swelled, digestion worsened, and it was very difficult for you to carry out daily routine tasks.What is the reason for this? Incorrect nutrition, high levels of stress and a small amount of water can significantly worsen our condition.


Today we would like to share with you useful advice,which will help you improve your workliver, the pancreas and kidneys and to adjust their lives. Write it down!

1. The best fruits

How many fruits do you eat during the day?It is not necessary to drink purchased juices, as they are not able to satisfy our need for vitamins and minerals that are found in fresh fruits.

If we regularly drink juices from supermarkets, the following will happen:

  • In our body will receive a huge amountSahara.
  • The organism is clogged with chemicals and preservatives, which are contained in purchased juices,as a result, our liver will be overloaded.
  • The content of natural juice in boxes is very low, besides it is often added sugar.It must be understood that it is not useful.

What to do? Eat more fresh raw fruit. Try not to eat jams or drink compotes.Here is the list of the most useful fruits:

  • lemon
  • orange
  • grapefruit or pomelo
  • nectarine
  • mandarin
  • melon
  • papaya
  • a pineapple
  • Strawberry
  • plum.

To revitalize and purify the liver, pancreas and kidneys, prepare delicious salads for breakfast and lunch.

We came up with one recipe for you: a little melon, a couple of plums and five strawberry berries. Delicious! For lunch, eat a salad of spinach and pineapple.

2. The best vegetables

We already told you about the fruits. Now let's see,what vegetables must be included in the diet in order to facilitate the work of the kidneys, pancreas andliver:

  • Artichokes:they are very tasty, especially if seasoned with a small amount of white wine vinegar and olive oil. When you brew artichokes, do not forget that the water that remains after them is also very useful, especially if you add a little lemon juice to it. This will allow us to strengthen the kidneys and liver. So do not neglect this advice!
  • Carrot:take note of a very simple way of making carrots - wash it, peel it, put it on the grater and add a little lemon juice to it. Get a great salad. Remember that it is always more useful to eatcarrotraw, in order to achieve a better result.
  • Beet:This juicy, refreshing vegetable with a sweetish taste is liked by almost everyone. Its burgundy color speaks about a plenty of antioxidants and vitamins containing in it which should not be ignored. You can add beets to salads, squeeze juice out of it or prepare cocktails. Try it - we are sure that you will like it.
  • Bow: this vegetable has medicinal properties. It acts as an antibiotic, and also cleanses and strengthens the body, normalizes digestion and improves blood circulation. Add a little raw onion to the ready meals every day - then its useful properties will be maximum.

3. Start the day with a glass of water with soda and lemon

This is a natural alkaline agent that will strengthen the health of the liver, pancreas and kidneys. This remedy has a very beneficial effect on the health of the body if taken on an empty stomach.

It improves kidney function, helps to remove toxins from the body, prevents accumulation of fats in the liver and improves digestion.


  • Juice half a lemon
  • One glass of water (200 ml)
  • One tablespoon of soda (20 g)

How to take this drink?

You just need to dissolvesodain a glass of water and squeeze the juice of half a lemon into it. Mix the drink well and drink it in small sips. Take this medicine for four days, then take a break for a week and start taking it again.

4. The most useful broths

There are three wonderful medicinal plants that strengthen the kidneys and pancreas and improve digestion:

  • milk thistle
  • dandelion
  • bolodo

5. Prohibited products

  • Put salt aside.Starting today, dramatically reduce its number. You will see how your health will improve.
  • Eat less sugar and white refined flour.
  • Do not eat soups in sachets, frozen foods and semi-finished products. .
  • Do not drink alcohol and do not smoke.
  • Avoidsweet fizzy drinks, as well as sweets and desserts.
  • Use with caution in foodred meatand foods high in fat. They are poorly digested and overload the liver, kidneys and pancreas.

You will take our advice into consideration? You will see, this will greatly improve health and well-being!

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