Massage with a dry brush: 7 arguments in favor of practicing it daily

Many women practicemassage with dry brush, because they know what benefits are brought a few minutes a day of this simple procedure.Dry brush massageallows us to carefully take care of health and beauty.


In our today's article, we will share with you 7 convincing arguments in favor of this wonderful procedure. For example, massage with a dry brush helps remove cellulite and stretch marks, normalizes blood circulation, allows you to cope with lethargic tissues and fluid retention.

What is a dry brush massage?

This simple technique is to perform massage movements with a dry brush with natural nap, exerting a stimulating effect on the epidermis, internal organs and blood circulation.

  • Massage with a dry brush is performed from the bottom up towards the heart of the person, starting with his foot.
  • The intensity of pressure should be moderate, it should not cause pain and unpleasant sensations.
  • The duration of the procedure can be from 5 to 30 minutes.It is recommended to repeat it several times a week. It will be better if you start with short sessions, gradually increasing their duration.
  • After the first procedure you will be able to notice the first positive results of the massage. Thanks to him, not only the condition of your skin will improve, but your health in general.
  • People who have too tender and sensitive skin should be very careful during the procedure.In this case, start with short sessions, and pressure on the brush should be minimal.

Why is it so useful for our health?

Now we will share with you 7 arguments in favor of dry brush massage for health and beauty.

1. Acts like lymphatic drainage

Massage with a dry brush allows for lymphatic drainage. In other words,it stimulates the purification of the lymphatic system of our body.

It is she who is responsible for excretion of accumulated toxins from the human body and ensures good work of his immune system.


Massage with a dry brush will not only improve the appearance of your skin, but also free your body of harmful toxic particles that are responsible for the occurrence of various diseases and disorders.

All this will have a favorable effect on the state of your immunity.

2. Stimulates the excretion of fluid

Massage with a dry brush makes it easier to remove liquids from the body.This allows you to dispense with diuretics.

It becomes easier for us to cope with swelling, which affects some parts of our body, for example, legs and abdomen. This procedure also calms the inflammatory processes in the joints.

3. Promotes regeneration of skin cells


This technique is a good alternative to the use of scrubs and exfoliates.

  • There are various ways of peeling, allowing to clean the skin from the dead cells accumulating on its surface. It is because of them that our skin can look lifeless, gray and dry.
  • Massage with a dry brush stimulates skin regeneration processes, so that wrinkles become less noticeable.
  • This procedure also allows us to prepare our skin for sunbathing to get a healthy and beautiful tan.

4. Struggles with cellulite

As you know, the topic of cellulite is worried by many women who would like to find a solution to this unpleasant aesthetic problem. Massage with a dry brush is one of them.

It would seem that this procedure affects only the surface of the skin, but in fact the effect of this massage extends to the deepest layers of it.

It stimulates the lymphatic system, which begins to efficiently remove the substances that form the famous "orange crust."

5. Prevents the appearance of stretch marks

The appearance of stretch marks is often associated with a deficiency of skin hydration, insufficient elasticity and low ability to regenerate the latter.

Daily massage with a dry brush after moistening the skin with suitable natural products stimulates the renewal of its cells.This allows you to prevent the appearance of stretch marks.

6. Improves blood circulation

Another useful effect of this massage is to improve blood circulation.In many respects this is due to the massage movements directed upwards, towards the heart. As we said above, this is how you should perform massage with a dry brush.

  • Begin the procedure with your feet, gradually rising to your heart.As for the neck, here the movements are carried out in reverse: from above towards the breast.
  • If someone can help you perform a back massage, it also needs to start from the lower back, gradually rising to the top.

After the end of the massage, you will feel a pleasant wave of creepy all over the body.If you are concerned about varicose veins or heaviness in the legs, the procedure will bring you noticeable relief.

7. Softens the skin

Immediately after the massage with a dry brush, skin cells begin to be updated, making our skin softer.

It becomes more gentle and acquires a uniform tone. Also, such a massage allows us to maintain our skin in a tone that helps to cope with lethargic tissues.

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