19 secrets how to increase the useful area of ​​the bathroom

Most of us have a smallbathroom, because in the design of housing usually give more space to the living room and bedrooms.


Althoughbathroom- this is usually a very small room, almost always we try to make it more comfortable, decorating with interesting accessories and decorative elements.

The problem is that we do not always know how to allocate a useful area, and in the final end up in a chaos consisting of vials, cosmetics, appliances and other commonly used of things.

Many of us do not even suspect that there isBeautiful ideas that will allow you to use every corner of the bathroomand keep all the items in place and in order.

In order to help you organize space in your bathroom, we collected 19 most interesting tips.

Are you interested in learning more about them?

1. New life of PVC pipes

Yes, you read it right. Cutting pipes from PVC can turn into aA practical holder for your brushes, hair dryer and other similar accessories, which usually lie in disorder on all horizontal surfaces.

2. Narrow furniture for storage

Corner or hinged cabinets are an excellent choice if you want to take advantage of the space in the corners of the bathroom. They can be storedTowels, toilet paper and all kinds of means.

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3. Hanging baskets on the walls

If you have a basket without a case, fix it on the wall and use it to put your creams, lotions, brushes and other objects that should always be at hand.

4. Suspended shelves

Wooden shelves very elegantly look on the walls and allow them to place on them all the makeup in perfect order.


5. Internal shelves

Cabinet doors are the ideal place to fix the shelf on them and store inside, for example, a hair dryer.

6. Towel holder with shelf

How about keeping your towels and makeup together? Such a holder, as shown in the photo above, is an excellent option for storing two-in-one.

7. Hidden storage system under the bathroom

If you are still just designing your bathroom or planning to do repairs in the old one,organize a hidden storage space under the bathroom, to have an "extra" place for storing different items.

8. Multilevel storage

An old cake stand or several dishes placed on top of each other can give us a multi-put on her cosmetic products and towels.


9. Organizer from glass jars

Are you supporters of the idea of ​​multiple use? Well, we suggest you collect a few jars of glass to make this an interesting bathroom organizer.

10. Use magnetic tapes

To never again lose hairpins and other small metal objects,fix the magnetic strip on one of the lockersand use it to store these items.

11. Rack above the toilet

A beautiful rack that will take up space above the toilet bowl will servefor the storage of cleaning products, towels, sponges and many other items.

12. Clothespins to hang tubes with shampoos

If the inside of your shower does not provide a shelf to put all the toiletries there, buy pendant clothespins and use them to hang shampoos, loofahs and gels for soul.

13. Hooks on the mirror

you can buyhooks on Velcro or sucker, which you can put on the mirror in the bathroom, to hang brushes, combs and other accessories.

14. Hanging shelves on the doors of cabinets

Place the hanging shelves on the cabinet doors to store cleaning supplies, sponges, clamps and anything that prevents the maintenance of order.

15. Magnetic board

You will like this idea. If you purchase a magnetic board and glue the magnetic strips on your makeup and makeup items, you will always have them in sight and ready for use.

16. Towel rolls

Instead of folding the towels in a pile, roll them into a roll and put them in a basket or on a shelf. itwill give you more space and a more cozy atmosphereyour bathroom.

17. Cabinet under the mirror

The space under the sink and the mirror in the bathroom is ideal for putting a cupboard or table with compartments there.

There you can store many things that must always be in the bathroom.

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18. Hangers on the door

Several hangers on the door in the bathroomwill help to organize an ideal place for storing towels and clothing.

19. Built-in boxes

Niches can be used to build boxes in them.

Do you still have to go how to make the bathroom the most cozy place in the house? Share them with us, and also tell us if you liked our advice.

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