Swollen feet: home remedies that will definitely help you

Swollen feet- an extremely unpleasant problem, but today more and more people are suffering from it, especially for women.


High-heeled shoes, pregnancy, sedentary work, long flights, circulatory disorders - there are many reasons for swelling of the legs. If you want to solve this problem, read our article, in which we will talk about the best means againstswollen feet.

Here's what you should know about leg swelling

This problem is very common, especially in women. Fluid retention in the limbs leads to swelling of the ankles and feet (toes).

This violation is typical for some professions, often occurs during pregnancy, as well as with excessive consumption of salty and fatty foods and wearing uncomfortable shoes.

Ankles and feet may swell for different reasons. The most common are the following:

  • passive lifestyle
  • overweight
  • hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle
  • menopause
  • cardiovascular diseases
  • renal insufficiency
  • liver disease

How to relieve inflammation from swollen legs?

Thanks to the following methods, you can quickly get rid of swelling. Pay attention to them and try to implement them in practice as soon as possible:


It perfectly stimulates blood circulation, which is one of the most frequent causes of swelling of the legs.


Before you begin, immerse your feet in a container filled with hot water with essential oils or herbs.

Hold them in hot water for a while and then dry thoroughly with a towel. Apply a few drops of essential oil (eg, sage, lavender or rosemary) or use olive or almond oil. If you do not like oils, use a chilled infusion of chamomile flowers.

Carefully massage the legs along the entire length, start with the ankles and gradually descend down to the fingers.At the same time, massage your ankles in circular motions and move your fingers up and down. This massage is also very relaxing.

You can do another kind of massage while standing or sitting, barefoot or in socks, rolling a tennis ball with a foot on the floor. Move the ball back and forth and around.

The idea is to create pressure, but not to cause pain in the footsteps. This is enough to normalize blood circulation. Before moving to another leg, compare the sensations in both legs, and you will understand how useful this massage technique is.


Foot baths

Foot baths instantly relieve swelling. You can make the baths we described above, or dilute the large salt in warm water and hold the legs in it for 30 minutes.

Another good option is oat flour, it also perfectly cleanses the skin.

Traditionally, sage is used against swelling.Prepare the infusion from a handful of sage for a cup of hot water, wait until the liquid becomes warm, not hot, pour it into the pelvis and keep the legs in it until it cools.


It is best to use natural remedies. There are many infusions and fruits that have excellent diuretic properties and help to save us from excess fluid accumulating in the feet and ankles.

They taste good and work perfectly. It is best to use pineapple, strawberry or tamarind for these purposes. Eat them in raw form or add them to desserts as often as possible.

The most famous medicinal plants-diuretics - are field horsetail and hibiscus.Do not exceed the recommended dose and do not drink more than three cups of infusion per day.

For its preparation, one tablespoon of dried or fresh plant is enough for a cup of boiling water.


Cold perfectly copes with any inflammation. That's why we always put ice to the bruise. Just wrap a cube of ice in a cloth and attach it to your foot. Be sure to wrap the ice in the fabric, otherwise you can injure the skin.

Raise your feet higher

After a long day, which you spent on your heels sitting in front of your computer in an uncomfortable position, it's best to come and immediately take off your shoes (which could be nicer?) And throw your legs back onto the couch.

If you're sitting on the couch, put your feet on the pillows.If you are lying, lift your feet higher and tilt them to the wall.

Try to make a "birch lie down on the rug, stretch your arms along the trunk and lift your legs and trunk up. You must keep yourself at the expense of your shoulders. Do not overexert your neck!

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