6 Ways to Return to Life When You Feel Broken

Life is not an easy thing. Even in the best of times, you can face a sense of powerlessness and feel completelybroken.


It is important not to lose objectivityand not let pessimism control you. Sadness, anger and even depression is a normal reaction to certain events, an abnormally long stay in these states.

For this reason, today we would like to share with youseveral options, how you can resist such moments and continue your way of life.You will be convinced that we are not talking about some magic formulas, the key is to change our attitude to what is happening.

1. Be generous

When we feelbroken, then our thoughts are related to what we lack and what we need. However, being generous is an excellent food for the soul!

Instead of thinking that you do not have enough time and money, or that there are a lot of problems at home, try to help your neighbor.

We recommend doing a good deed for a complete stranger. It does not have to be a lot of money.

Moreover, sometimes it can be done at all without material costs. Suddenly you will see someone who carries heavy bags or can not cross the road. Just help this person and everything.

So you show yourself thatDespite the fact that life "crushed" you, you are still capable of good deedsand you can do good for others. Feelings after that will be unforgettable!

2. Sit down and watch people

One of our biggest mistakes, when it's bad for us, is thatwe concentrate only on ourselves and our problems.But the next time you feel broken, try to sit in a park, cafe or some other crowded place.


Sit down and watch people. Only you have to see them, and not just watch (did you feel the difference?). Focus on some person, imagine who he might be. Look at his face, think about what kind of life he can have.

This simple "exercise" will help you remember how children smile and what makes them truly happy. Also you can see on the faces of other people sadness, sadness or anger, or even to witness some unpleasant scene.

But in this case, you do not need to do anything, you do not have to talk to someone and especially solve other people's problems. This observation of other peopleIt will help you to better understand your limitations and at the same time your advantages and strengths.

3. Go home and relax

What exactly deprives you of strength, work? Relationship with a partner after a 3-hour quarrel? Or my mother, ready to discuss everything and everyone? Whatever it was, get out of an unpleasant situation for you.

Do not run, just give yourself the opportunitybe alone with your thoughts and calm down a little.Because, the longer you stay in an uncomfortable situation, the more likely it is that, that one of its participants will say "not those" things (which he really does not think, but simply on emotions).


Go home, make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, take a nap or take a bath. A little later you can calmly think about everything and analyze the situation, so you will understand what is really happening. You will be more objective. A pause is needed to "cool down" and get rid of emotions.

You will see,the next day you will no longer feel that everything is so bad.And the decision that you will make will be more correct.

4. Love yourself

Do you feel overwhelmed by the relationships that hurt you? Friends did not support you and decided that you were not good enough? Nothing. In the end, you must show your love to yourself.

Love yourself, only do it consciously. Develop these "useful" habits:

  • Try to conduct a "thank you" diary where you will celebrate 1-2 things that make you special and for which you love yourself.
  • Be sure to devote your free time: stay alone, read or massage yourself.
  • Look at yourself in the mirror before going to bed, and tell yourself three magic words: "I love you."

After all, a lack of self-love can make you accept situations that hurt you. Do not make this mistake.

5. Practice self-education

It happens that you feel literally crushed because of situations that you can not control or at least somehow affect them. For example, no matter how much you work, you can not "make ends meet" and live to the next salary without debts, or you can not achieve a promotion at work in any way.

It is important to analyze what the problem is with: emotions or skills? Do not think that you know everything and know everything. This is a great error.

BetterLook for opportunities to fill in the "gaps acquire new skills and knowledge.

The decision will depend on what exactly you need:

  • The course of financial literacy, if you do not know how to properly manage your money.
  • Advanced training that will help you get the desired position.
  • Psychological help to identify problems and cope with them (if you are clinging to toxic relationships and can not break them).

Remember that there is no universal magic formula, sometimes you just need to stop and learn something new, necessary and important. When you do, the next way will seem much easier for you.

6. Look for inspiration

Find in your home a place where the positive reigns. It is very easy to lose a compass and get out of the way when you simply do not have time to experience gratitude or have nowhere to draw inspiration.

Do you want to travel around Asia? Are you working to buy this house? In the process of fulfilling global goals it is very easy to get lost if you do not know how to focus properly.

Keep it in front of your eyes (in a room or in a notebook)photos, pictures or things that will remind you what you are actually working for.

So, when you feel overwhelmed and exhausted, you can go there and organize your thoughts and actions.

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