6 factors that accelerate the onset of menopause

The age at whichmenopause, is predetermined from birth, and it is impossible to transfer its offensive to a later time.

But there are factors that can accelerate the onsetmenopause.You can not, of course, change your genetic code, butyou can try to control at least some of these factors.


And you can create conditions for the fact that this new stage of your life was characterized by health and peace.

As a rule, menopause occurs at the age of 50 to 51 years. And only 1%women enters this period of life in 40-odd years.This happens with women who have bad habits, or under the influence of other factors that accelerate the arrival of menopause.

Do you want to know about these factors and bad habits? Then read this article carefully.

1. Chromosomal defects

To accelerate the arrival of menopause, such defects as X-chromosomes, such as Turner's syndrome and X-chromosome breakage syndrome, can occur.

With such chromosomal abnormalities, ovaries are also defective. They contain fewer healthy follicles, many of the follicles are atrophied.

Usually these genetic disorders are diagnosed early, often before pubertal age.

Possible and such cases: the woman's body develops and functions normally, menstruation is normal, butMenopause begins prematurely.

Therefore, you need to constantly observe the gynecologist and do all the tests and examinations that he recommends.

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2. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy can accelerate the arrival of menopause

Both types of therapy suppress cell growth. But they act not only on malignant cells, but also on healthy ones.


Therefore, in addition to other side effects, radiotherapy and chemotherapy may lead to premature ovarian failure.

On the other hand,there are medicines that cause at any age the so-called "chemical menopause". Such medications are necessary, for example, in endometriosis.

If you have any doubts or questions about the symptoms of menopause, consult a doctor. Clarify the side effects of the medications that you are taking.

3. Surgery to remove the ovaries and uterus

With the removal of both ovaries, menopause occurs immediately.Menstruation stops and the production of the corresponding hormones quickly decreases.

There are such symptoms of menopause as tides and loss of sexual desire.

Some women agree to remove the uterus, but leave the ovaries.

They do not have menopause after the operation, as the ovaries continue to produce hormones. But since the uterus is removed, menstruation stops and they can not become pregnant.


4. Narcotic and other toxic substances

Most often, premature menopause occurs as a result of the use of narcotic and other toxic substances. Contact with pesticides, alcohol and smoking greatly worsen the condition of the ovaries.

Women with these bad habits have a very high risk of premature menopause.

Usually,The period of menopause begins at them for 2 years earlier, than in women who do not drink or smoke.

Therefore, it is very important to quit smoking and reduce alcohol consumption. Physical exercises also contribute to the improvement of the body and the normal operation of the ovaries.

It is worth noting thatuse of birth control pills does not accelerate the arrival of menopause.

5. Epilepsy

Women suffering from epilepsy may experience a decrease in sexual "appetite" and problems with fertilization.

They also havethe ratio of estrogen and progesterone varies, resulting in menopause begins prematurely.

Perhaps this is due to pathological discharges in brain areas that regulate the production of hormones associated with reproductive function. Estrogen promotes convulsive attacks, and progesterone protects them.

Presumably during these attacks, the estrogen content in the blood increases, and the content of progesterone is not.

6. Autoimmune diseases

In autoimmune diseases, antibodies are produced that attack the tissues of the body, including ovarian tissue and estrogen receptors.

This leads to degenerative changes in the ovaries and the premature arrival of menopause.

20% of cases of early menopause are associated with thyroid disorders and diabetes.Therefore, if you suffer any of these diseases, it is very important to follow all the recommendations of doctors.

Premature menopause can also be associated with non-hormonal autoimmune diseases, such as vitiligo, anemia, lupus, chronic hepatitis, Syndrome syndrome.

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How to Prepare for Menopause

Menopause means the end of the reproductive period of life. In some cases, it occurs in 20 years. We talked about six factors that accelerate the arrival of menopause.

Some of them can be controlled, others do not depend on our will and our desires. In any case, you need toto lead a healthy lifestyle and take care of one's health.

Select the things that you can control, and do everything that depends on you to avoid the early arrival of menopause.

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