Coloring books: adult therapy

Colorize drawings- it's not just children's fun. Coloring the mandala, for example, has become popular in recent years among the adult public.

Probably, therefore, because this practice is useful in emotional, physical and cognitive respect, coloring can now be found in bookstores targeting the adult audience.


These drawings, waiting for them to paint,awaken the child who lives in us and encourage us to greater freedom.

We will discuss this, and you will understand thatpaintdrawings are useful in the same way as, say, walking.

Pleasure for our brains: colorize

Not so long ago, we talked about the benefits of knitting. In the course of this process, strategies of concentration, attention and memory that are useful at any age are implemented and trained.

Maybe it will surprise you, but painting pictures is even more useful. And it is successfully used in psychotherapy.

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Coloring and benefits from it in therapy

For several years this simple therapy has been used to improve the condition of patients with mental disorders. This exercise

gives them time and the opportunity to relaxand helps improve control over emotions.

Let's see how it works.

Patients with different mental disorders and even children with developmental delay or suffering from autism usually paint pictures with pleasure.

  • It helps themimprove concentration and psychomotor.
  • Coloring acts as relaxing, channeling emotions and causing calm.
  • For such patients, coloring can become a favorite activity, because it is a form of self-expression,allows you to find incentives and positive reinforcement.

Coloring helps fight stress

In the bookstores, you can find coloring books by Scottish author Johanna Basford. Books under the name"Secret Garden "Enchanted Forest "The Lost Ocean"originally intended for children.

But then the publishers realized that these books are too complicated for children; In addition, it turned out that adults also like to paint (an image of the mandala and other drawings).

Sothese books have become a phenomenon of mass culture.As their readers explain, they like these books for the following reasons:

  • Most of the pictures are painted by women.
  • Coloring relaxes. Come home and enjoy painting these complex drawings full of fantasy - it's justa direct invitation to "disconnect" from the problems.
  • When we paint, our worries and problems are no longer so serious and insoluble. We look at them more calmly and we enter a state of inner peace, we come into contact with ourselves.
  • My nerves calm down, my breathing and my heart also return to normal ...Reduces cortisol levels and reduces stress.
  • Our attention and memory are activated.
  • And one more important aspect: the selection of the right color for coloring canexpress our state of mind.
  • If the picture is obtained in dark, cold and muffled tones, it can talk about our feelings and experiences and signal to us: "something is happening."
  • Coloring is "external" activity, but it allows us to come into contact with our inner world, with our emotions.

Coloring, emotional and spiritual act

Famous psychiatrist, psychotherapist and essayistCarl Gustav Jung explored the art of coloring and drawing as a mechanism for self-expression and liberation.

Although the subject of Jung's work was the drawing and coloring of the mandala and its symbolism, his reflections are of interest to us, they largely explain the current fashion for coloring.

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  • The art of coloring allows us to come into contact not only with our emotions, but also with our feelings and experiences that are in the subconscious.
  • When we paint, we do it in silence, letting"Float" from the subconscious to our "sleeping" thoughts.
  • Carl Gustav Jung called this art spiritual and explained that in the mandala, for example, a circular form is used, because it expresses the cosmos and our "I" in its evolution from the inside out, in the process of which a bad and good.
  • And many drawings for coloring, which are sold today,include circular shapes.

This is the way that our attention is concentrated. A certain space is enclosed in a certain boundary, which containsa little chaos, and we must organize this chaos with the help of color.

  • According to Jung,it's good not just to paint, but also to draw. Figure is a form of freedom and also allows us to channel emotions and get rid of stress.

Not necessarily it should be works of art. itcathartic drawings that reflect your feelingsand giving you the possibility of emotional relaxation, which we all so need.

Well, shall we do coloring?

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