How to prevent the appearance of acne?

Problemacnenot only because it looks unaesthetic. In the form of point inflammations, our body takes toxins through the pores in the skin, that is, the appearance of acne is a signal that something is wrong with your body. In this article, we explain why there are acne and how we can help our body get rid of toxins and harmful substances in other ways.

Cleansing the body

Our body always tries to return to the natural balance, when it for one reason or another can be violated. If we learn to understand the different signs and symptoms that our body is showing, we will be able to solve many health problems.


everydayour body accumulates toxins through various channels:

  • Harmful products (food additives, fried and refined foods, trans fats,white sugar).
  • Poor digestion.
  • Bad ecology (automobile exhausts, polluted air and water, toxic substances).
  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Cosmetics with a high content of toxins.

Our body is trying to get rid of toxinsthrough the following bodies:

  • intestines
  • kidney and bladder
  • lungs
  • leather

How to cleanse the skin?

The skin removes toxins through the pores together with fat or sweat, which can provoke the appearance of acne, acne oracne. It is necessary to understand that it is preferable for the organism, that these substances are derived in one way or another, otherwise they can have harmful effects on internal organs and provoke the emergence of a cyst or tumor.


But you can always try to get rid of toxins. There are two options:

1. to prevent their penetration into the body

2. clean the body, and after him and the skin from the inside


How to prevent the penetration of toxins into the body:

  • Give preference to natural products, better cooked at home or unprocessed. Avoid semi-finished products and ready meals.
  • If possible, choose organic products.
  • Good myvegetablesand fruits and clean them if they are not environmentally friendly.
  • Avoid any food additives.
  • Do not mix a lot of different foods during one meal.
  • In time, cure all problems with digestion (heartburn, swelling).
  • Eat slowly, chewing food carefully.
  • Abstain from drinking alcohol and tobacco.
  • Stay away from toxic substances (varnishes, paints, exhaust gases).
  • Plant in the house plants that purify the air.
  • Use home or natural cosmetics that do not contain oil or heavy metals.

Products that provoke the appearance of acne:

Some products stimulate the appearance of acne, so it is better to exclude or restrict their use:

  • Milk and dairy products with high fat content - cheese, cream, ice cream.
  • Red meat.
  • Sausages and meat products, especially high in fat.
  • Milk chocolate (it is better to give preference to bitter or dark chocolate and cocoa).
  • Trans fats or hydrogenated fats, which are contained, for example, in margarine.
  • Sauces.
  • Roast.

How to cleanse our body?

To avoid the appearance of acne, it is important to cleanse the entire body as a whole:

  • Take care of the intestines, do not allow the occurrence of intestinal and gastric disorders.
  • Maintain the health of your liver with infusions of bitter plants (milk thistle, boldo, dandelion, artichoke).
  • Help the kidneys infuse burdock and horsetail.
  • Spend total body detoxificationwith the help of a cleansing diet, Tibetan treatment of garlic or rinsing with oil.

How to take good care of your skin

It is important to understand that proper skin care will help her to remove toxins through the pores, then they will not accumulate and, consequently, the appearance of acne can be avoided.

  • Once a week, use a peel, suitable to your type of skin, use natural products, for example, sugar, salt or soda.
  • Once in 10-15 days, apply a face mask of clay,it perfectly absorbs toxins from the skin and contains useful minerals and nutrients.
  • Use itnatural moisturizers, including vegetable oils, avoid artificial creams, especially with paraffin content.
  • In order tocontrol the secretion of sebum, use rice paper and aloe vera.
  • Do not touch the pimples when they appear. It is better to put on them a pinewood of tea tree and wait until they dry, so as not to infect the infection.
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