Secrets of impeccably clean clothes: white vinegar

We are sure that you have in the kitchenwhite vinegar. If so, you will be interested to know that this is a great tool for washing clothes. In addition, it costs a penny and replaces a lot of expensive means for washing and cleaning, so you will save a lot of money.


In addition to the fact that you will spend less money on air conditioners or detergents, usingwhite vinegaryou will helpmaintain and preserve the ecologyour native planet.

White vinegar is basically distilled vinegar obtained as a result of fermentation from pure cane sugar, corn or malt. Would you like to know about alternative ways of using it? After all, it is good not only to fill salads.

Sometimes nature itself provides us with excellent tools for solving common problems. Next we will give you some good examples.

Learn how white vinegar will help you in caring for your clothes.

White vinegar will help restore the color of your clothes

It seems incredible, but white vinegar not only helps to keep the color of your clothes, but also able to restore it and even make it brighter.

To do this, you only need to add white vinegar to the air conditioner compartment during washing.

Do not be afraid that the clothes will then unpleasantly smell. As a rule, after a full cycle in the washing machine with detergent, there will be no trace of its "fragrance".

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White vinegar can replace the conditioner for linen

Constant use of the conditioner for laundry harms our clothes and washing machine. If you look closely, you will notice that the conditioner spoils the knitwear and stretches the elastic bands.

In addition, the conditioner for laundry is a pollutant that has a serious impact on the environment. So... let's change this situation? For this, you just need to start using white vinegar instead of the conditioner for the laundry.

  • As we already mentioned above, justAdd white vinegar to the compartment where you normally pour the conditioner.

Its number will depend on the weight of clothes in the drum of the washing machine.

Eliminate clothes from spits

Of course, someday you have come across this problem. You just bought yourself a new sweater or a beautiful pajamas, and after a few washings, they were covered with pellets.

Just a little white vinegar, and the fabric of your clotheswill preserve its original state.


This is very simple: on the last rinse cycle, add a glass of white vinegar (100 ml) to the drum. You see that this will give a good result.

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Musty smell in the closet

Usually, when we get clothes out of the closet for a new season, it always has this classic musty smell, which is so hard to get rid of.

In addition, we often forget clothes in the washing machine for the night. The next day, the smell is just unbearable.

  • To remove all these "flavors" and impart to our clothesclean and fresh smell, you can already guess what will help you: white vinegar.

Just add it to the air conditioner compartment during the wash. The solution, as you can see, lies on the surface.

Eliminates stains from sweat

Sometimes, especially on white clothes from delicate fabrics, ugly yellow traces of sweat appear. To remove them, as a rule, resort to aggressive chemical products, which, in time, can damage the thin tissue.

We cancoping with this common problem in a very simple way:

  • Apply a tablespoon of white vinegar (10 ml), diluted in a glass of warm water (200 ml) on a yellow stain.
  • Rub for a few seconds, and then leave for about 10 minutes.
  • Then wash your clothes as usual in a washing machine. You will see an excellent result that will surprise you.

White vinegar will prolong the life of your washing machine

This advice is known to everyone. One way to extend the life of the washing machine is toWash it with water and white vinegar a couple of times a month.

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In turn, in order to clean the rubber connections in the washing machine and remove mold and powder residues from them, there is nothing better thanwipe them with a cloth soaked in white vinegar. They will look longer as new.

Regular use of this product will help you prevent the appearance of an unpleasant smell and, most importantly, extend the life of the washing machine.

Make your home more environmentally friendly thanks to natural white vinegar cleaners!

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