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If you are experiencing problems with fluid retention in the body, and whatever you do, do not stop feeling swollen, then do not rush to drop your hands,try to take advantage of various diuretics (for those who adhere to any diet, this will also be an excellent option).Rid finally yourself of excess weight and swelling, why should you accumulate in your body excess without any purpose?And in this article we will introduce you to the best natural diuretics.

What is the fluid retention in the body?

The scientific name of this phenomenon is dropsy, it is an edema, an accumulation of excess fluid in the tissues of our body. The main thing is that this is not an independent disease, in other words, it is rather a symptom of having problems, for example, with the kidneys, heart or digestive system. It is customary to call watery liquid accumulation in the abdominal region, in the wrists and ankles.If the amount of liquid is too high, then this can lead to violations of other functions of our body.

The most common swelling is swelling of the feet and feet.This phenomenon is especially common in pregnant women, as well as in those who suffer from excess weight. Such swelling, as a rule, does not have other symptoms and does not cause pain, the skin color of the affected area also does not change. When you touch the tumor appears a characteristic bright spot.The causes can be as follows: a violation of blood circulation, liver, kidney or heart, thyroid gland failure, and a deficiency of vitamins.

What are the best natural diuretics?


Watermelon contains a large amount of water, which makes it a natural diuretic. He also provides our body with lycopenes, antioxidants, which help to prevent damage to the body by free radicals.Amino acids contained in watermelons, promote the expansion of veins, as a result of the fluid moves easier, and also releases excess fluid from the tissues. Well, finally, watermelon performs the functions of alkalizing, mineralization and detoxification, contributes to the proper operation of the intestines, which is responsible for removing toxins from the body.

A tomato

Tomato or tomato is 90% water and contains several antioxidants (vitamin C, selenium, beta carotene and lycopene).It also prevents the defeat of the body by free radicals, which can damage the walls of blood vessels, cause inflammation and "leakage" of fluid.


An excellent diuretic, it has a high water content in its composition. In addition, the cucumber provides the body with sulfur and silicon, two components that help the kidneys excrete uric acid. This helps reduce the fluid retention in the body. And if this is not enough for you, we can add that the cucumber contains still ascorbicacidand coffee, which also have a diuretic effect. Finally, it is an excellent source of potassium, preventing the occurrence of cramps in the limbs.

Cranberry juice

It can be berries themselves, but it will be better if you squeeze out the cranberry juice or buy it already ready in the store.This drink has the ability to treat infections of the urinary tract, it is a diuretic that does not interfere with potassium to perform its task, namely, to remove excess water from the body.Cranberry juice is also a kind of antibiotic, it helps maintain the bladder in good condition. In addition, it is great for diabetics.


This vegetable gives our body many antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and therefore is one of the most recommended natural diuretics. It promotespurification of the body, accelerates the metabolism, and can delay the appearance of vision problems (due to lack of lubrication).


It has a high content of water and flavonoids, so not only helps to remove accumulated fluid from the body, but also improve blood circulation.It is recommended to drink water, in which eggplants were brewed, and in order to get rid of excess weight - to consume it in raw form (grated eggplant, for example).


Improves the functioning of the kidneys, thanks to the content of coffee acid and flavonoids, as well as vitamins and minerals that have a diuretic effect. Sinarin, in turn, improves the secretion of bile, which also helps to eliminate the fluid retention in the body.


Celery, or rather the seeds of this plant, helps increase the amount of uric acid that is excreted from the body, as well as the speed of urine production, which contributes to detoxification of the body.It is also important to note that there is a lot of sodium in the celery, but this is compensated by equally high potassium levels, that is, both indicators are somewhat overestimated, but this will not bring harm.


Grapes contain a lot of potassium and water, so it is also a wonderful natural diuretic. And unlike celery, the sodium level is low enough, which makes grapes an ideal product for removing toxins from our body along with urine.


Contains asparagine, this amino acid has a strong diuretic effect, in addition, asparagus is very low-calorie a product that allows you to treat pain caused by rheumatism, fluid retention (with premenstrual syndrome) and arthritis. And due to the high content of dietary fiber (fiber), asparagus effectively cleanses the gastrointestinal tract.

Salad leaves

Act as a taste enhancer in salads, and also facilitate the process of urination due to the high water content.Contains iron and magnesium two minerals that help fight fat cells.

Green tea

Green tea is often used in various diets to reduce excess weight, since it promotes the excretion of fat along with urine. However, because of the high content of caffeine in this drink, it is recommended to consume no more than four cups a day.


This product is ideal for breakfast (thanks to its energy properties), and even in it a compound called silicon dioxide, which acts as a natural diuretic facilities.


This is a fairly mild diuretic, but very useful for removing toxins from the kidneys.It is best to consume raw (finely chopped).


Improves kidney and liver function. The beet also contains iron, which serves to reduce fat deposits in the body.

Illustrations: Keirsten Marie, Richard Riley, Corey Burger, robinmcnicoll, tribp, Market Manager.

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