Prosecutor's Office of Novosibirsk region revealed violations in the sphere of rendering medical aid to the population

The prosecutor's office of the Novosibirsk region summarized the state of legality in the sphere of rendering medical aid to the population, incl. emergency and urgent, in the healthcare facilities of the region.

The total number of complaints (complaints, applications, suits) of citizens on the quality of medical care received by local governments, supervisory and law enforcement agencies bodies, health care institutions, prosecutors, courts, compared to 2009 increased by 21, 4% and amounted to 3311 in 2010, in the expired period of 2011 - 688.

The organization of emergency medical care in the municipal formations of the Novosibirsk Region is not at the proper level.

The prosecutor's checks in the emergency medical care departments showed that the composition and technical condition did not meet the established requirements the ambulance stations in the hospitals of the Barabinsky, Karasuk, Kyshtovsky, Novosibirsky, Toguchinsky, Cherepanovsky districts, in Berdsk.

The unsatisfactory technical condition and incompleteness of ambulances was established by the prosecutors of Bagansky, Vengerov, Zdvinsky, Karasuk, Kolyvan, Kochkov, Kyshtovsky, Moshkov, Novosibirsk, Ordyn, Northern, Suzun, Tatar, Ust-Tark, Chanovsky, Chulymsky areas.

Infringements of requirements of the legislation for acquisition of brigades of first aid have revealed public prosecutors Bolotnin, Zdvin, Karasuk, Kochenev, Moshkov, Novosibirsk, Cherepanovsky areas.

The Barabinsk inter-district prosecutor introduced the head of the Barabinsk district, since the paramedic visiting team consists of one paramedic and a driver. In the Dovolensky district, the driver does not have special training in the first aid program and is not trained in the rules for the transportation of patients.

In the emergency departments of Wengerovsky, Kochenevsky, Moshkovsky, Novosibirsk, Severny, Cherepanovsky, Chulymsky areas are not complied with requirements when storing medicinal products, when processing medical devices, disinfection motor transport.

Violations of the legislation regarding the provision of medicines by medical devices were identified by the prosecutors of Bagansky, Bolotninsky, Zdvinsky, Karasuk, Kochenev, Kochkov, Kyshtovsky, Moshkov, Novosibirsk, Northern, Suzun, Cherepanovsky, Chulymsky districts, Kuibyshev inter-district the prosecutor.

Violations of the requirements for medical and technical equipment of the visiting brigade were established by the prosecutors of Dovolensky, Kolyvansky, Kyshtovsky, Chulymsky districts.

The Kargat Central Hospital has revealed violations of the procedure for storing and issuing patrimonial certificates, inefficient use, equipment, who entered the hospital within the framework of the priority national project "Health as well as the admission to work of specialists who did not receive training and briefing. The ambulance department also found violations of legislation, including the lack of the necessary tools, medicines and equipment in ambulance cars. Based on the results of the inspection, on 11.03.2011 the prosecutor of the Kargat district introduced the presentation to the head physician of the hospital.

In total, as a result of this audit, 290 violations of the legislation were revealed by the prosecutor's office of the region. With the purpose of eliminating violations, 39 representations were introduced to the heads of institutions, 5 cases on administrative violations were initiated, and 4 lawsuits were sent to the court.

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