Cubes of gelatin with honey and turmeric - an amazing anti-inflammatory drug

We are sure thatcubes of gelatinwith honey and turmeric you seem delicious. Before them it is difficult to resist!


Undoubtedly, their advantage is not limited only to a gentle and delicate taste.

This amazing home remedy helps in the treatment of many diseases, for example:

  • Treats a cold
  • Relieves arthritis symptoms
  • Soothes back pain

Cubes of gelatinwith honey and turmeric - a recipe for traditional medicine, able to come to our rescue at any time.

Nature has provided us with a lot of amazing means, through which we can carefully take care of our health.Be sure to try to make such cubes of gelatin. We assure you, you will never regret it.

Why are these gelatine cubes so useful?

You will see, this tool is very like your children. Perhaps you have figured ice molds.Use them to make cubes of gelatin, and your children will gladly take this medicine.

In addition to its originality cubes of gelatin with honey and turmeric are also very useful for health. What exactly is their benefit? Now we will tell you about what exactly this tool can help you and your family.


Sweetness, useful for the cardiovascular system

Its curative properties and characteristic yellow color of turmeric is due to the curcumin contained in it.

  • The greatest benefit of turmeric is the health of the cardiovascular system of man.
  • Thanks to it, the state of the endothelium (the membrane covering the inner surface of the vessels) improves. Also turmeric is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent.

Natural honey is a rich source of flavonoids.The most important thing is that it should be of organic origin, without extraneous additives and sugars.

Flavonoids are antioxidants that reduce the risk of heart disease.

Effective natural anti-inflammatory drug

Inflammatory processes in the human body develop due to the presence in our body of pathogenic agents (eg, bacteria).The latter challenge our immunity and force our body to take protective measures.

  • One such measure is inflammation. This is a natural and necessary process for a person's recovery.
  • Problems begin when inflammatory processes become chronic.Some of us develop chronic inflammation of the joints due to arthritis, others have swollen legs due to fluid retention.
  • The molecules of curcumin are able to penetrate into the cells of our body and smooth out the negative effects of inflammatory processes.
  • Natural honey is one of the best natural antibacterial agents. At the same time, it is always at hand for each of us.

A faithful friend and protector of our immunity, it is honey that becomes the second ingredient in cubes of gelatin.Take every morning such cubes, and your body will be reliably protected from viruses, bacteria and infections.

Soothe back pain

Each of us had to face back pains at least once, so it's easy to imagine how much they can ruin our lives.

As a rule, in this case a person needs not only a few days of rest, but also anti-inflammatory drugs.Usually in this situation we resort to classical anti-inflammatory drugs, for example, ibuprofen.

  • Turmeric and honey can also effectively soothe back pain.
  • The curcumin contained in this spice is a polyphenol, often used in traditional medicine to improve the quality of life of people with arthritis.

The use of cubes of gelatin with turmeric and honey facilitates back pain, as a result of which our well-being improves.

Thanks to this tool, you can reduce the intake of chemical medications, which will positively affect the health of your liver.

How to make cubes from gelatin


  • 1 cup of natural orange juice (250 ml.)
  • 2 teaspoons turmeric (10 grams)
  • 1/2 cup of very hot water (125 ml.)
  • 2 tablespoons honey (50 g.)
  • 1/4 cup natural gelatin (65 g)


  • First you need to dilute 2 teaspoons of turmeric in a glass of natural orange juice.
  • Then pour the juice into a saucepan, add half a glass of water and honey. Heat the medium over low heat. Mix the ingredients well with a wooden spoon and let the mixture warm up.
  • Add the gelatin and reduce the fire, while continuing to stir the ingredients.
  • Soon you will notice how the mixture began to thicken gradually. Take your favorite curly silicone molds for ice and fill them with a remedy.
  • Remove the capacity in the refrigerator (but not in the freezer) so that the cubes are frozen.

Within an hour, your delicious gelatinous cubes with turmeric and honey will be ready.

Finally, it must be noted that it is necessary to take such cubes for 1 week.

If, at the end of the course of treatment, you have extra cubes left, remove them from storage in the freezer. Freezing does not affect their healing properties.

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