Ideas of business "from scratch" for a beginner: all ingenious is simple!

Opening your own business is not easy, especially if you do not have the slightest experience in this area. But if you choose the right direction, success is almost guaranteed!

Everyone dreams about starting their own business, but only a few decide on this step. Most simply drown in the swamp of their fears, fears and indecisiveness. And meanwhile sometimes it's enough just to tune in to the positive and try. We have tried to collect the simplest business ideas for beginners from scratch with minimal investment that can quickly bring you success.

Online Translation Agency

To get started, you will need minimal investment: you just need to find several talented translators and create your own website. You can save by attracting freelancers to work - so you will only pay for the specific amount of completed tasks.

Computer service

Every day hundreds of people are faced with the need to reinstall the operating system, configure some programs, clean the computer of viruses, fix any problems, etc. If you are well versed in this area, you can easily earn money from scratch.

Patronage agency

Often older people are not able to clean themselves in the house, go to the store or cook food. You can offer such services to relatives of such people, and in time to attract several assistants to work and even create a small company.

Moving service

In order to start working in this area, you will need several loaders and a capacious truck. The investment of forces and resources will quickly bring the first result.

Insurance Agency

First of all, you need to conclude an agreement with one of the insurance companies, after which you will get the right to sell and arrange various insurance on behalf of the company. Having recruited helpers and organized your small business competently, you will be able to find more customers and increase profits.

Shooting and editing video

People often want to record on the video significant events from life: weddings, graduation parties, birthdays, etc. In order to get started, you need a good camera, tripod, computer and a special program for editing. After training, after 2-3 weeks you can make rather complicated and beautiful videos at home with minimal investments.

Create gift baskets

Studying the ideas of small business for beginners, we simply could not ignore this option. Such baskets are a real salvation for those who puzzle, thinking what to give to a loved one or a colleague. It is possible to collect from scratch ready-made "universal" kits or create to order, taking into account the interests and desires of the person to whom the gift is intended. The filling can be very different, from sweets and soft toys to handmade cosmetics.

How to make money on creativity?

In fact, almost any hobby can be turned into a source of income. Moreover, exclusive handmade products are highly valued, and they can be created with minimal investment of funds.

Natural cosmetic

Funds made from natural components can not be inferior to expensive shopkeepers, and sometimes even surpass them. Creation from scratch of masks, soaps, creams and other cosmetics is a fairly simple and interesting process, and those wishing to give up the "chemistry" in favor of "living" cosmetics every year is becoming more and more.


Exclusive designer jewelry is among fashion women in great demand. You can create from scratch amazing products made of wire, beads and plastic, the main thing is to show a little imagination and add your "zest".

Restoration of antiques

If you adore vintage things, be sure to consider this option. By restoring the product or giving it a new look, you can sell it with a good profit.

Patchwork and knitting

Stunning hand-tied blankets and things do not look exactly like monotonous industrial products. With minimal investment of resources and means, thanks to creative design and high quality, such things are becoming more popular, and the prices for them are growing.

Ideas for starting a profitable business from scratch on the Internet

If you are used to spending a lot of time at the computer - try to get new skills and use this time with benefit!

Web design

Almost every company nowadays has or plans to create its own website. A good designer can get for one project up to 1000-1500 $. To master the art of web design, you can do with minimal investment - go to special courses or study independently.


Any practical knowledge, any experience that you have, you can sell. You can write a book from scratch or make a selection of videos that will help readers solve a problem, learn something. By the way, even if you consider yourself a complete loser, you can earn: those who want, say, buy a book "10 things that should NOT be done on a first date will also be a lot. To sell infoproduct most conveniently with the help of landing-page and partner sites.

Own blog or website

If you do not want to look for buyers and communicate with them, consider alternative business ideas. So, you can create a site for any interesting subject - from growing flowers to tuning cars, developing it, and then earning on placing advertisements or selling links.

Online store

Of course, if you decide to sell clothes or equipment, you will get lost in the sea of ​​competitors. However, there are many interesting products that are difficult or impossible to buy on the Internet - analyze the market and focus on precisely such things.

Online consultation

If you are an expert in any field, you can start to advise other people online. It is a good idea for small businesses to start from scratch with minimal investment, and eventually begin to bring a good income (especially if you find like-minded people and expand the list directions).

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