Pain and discomfort? 12 ingenious ways that will make shoes comfortable!

Surely you havefootwear, which you love, but you can not wear, because it strongly presses or rubs, and you constantly suffer from pain.


Material from which is madefootwear, decor and design, as a rule, immediately allow you to understand whether the shoes will be comfortable to wear.

The problem is that often we can not understand what will cause the problem, because we do not feel any discomfort when trying on fitting.

That's whyit is better to keep a couple of ways to change the size or shape of shoes with the help of home remedies.

In this article, we will tell you about 12 available ways to make shoes more comfortable. Do not miss!

Wear double socks

If the shoes become very tight and you feel discomfort when wearing them, put on double terry socks to carry the shoes.

Put your socks on your feet, then your shoes and walk around the house for a few minutes. In a few days you will feel that the shoes have become more free and comfortable.

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Use the ice pack

An ice pack is a very popular way to stretch too tight and narrow shoes.

Fill the bag with water, put it inside laced boots that are too tight or rub against you, and take them to the freezer for one day.

When the water freezes, the shoes will stretch and they will be much more comfortable to wear.

Spray the inside of the hairspray


So that your feet do not slip in the shoes because of sweating, spray a little hairspray inside the shoe, but only so that it is not too wet.

This method is especially recommended for open shoes or high-heeled shoes.

Insert a double insole

This is a classic trick in order to make more comfortable too large, wide or stretched shoes.

They are easy to buy in the market or in the shoe store, also you can make them at home yourself from cardboard or rubber.

If you urgently need an insole and the store is very far away, you can use a sanitary napkin.

This sounds strange, but they are well adhered to the shoes and are quite comfortable to wear.

Use deodorant stick


If you are heavily rubbed with new sandals or shoes, use a deodorant in the stick and apply it to the corns and scuffed legs.

Thanks to this, the skin will glide better and no corns will form on it.

Dry your shoes with a hair dryer

Thanks to the warm air, the footwear expands and becomes more comfortable, does not rub or press against the feet.

Wear thick warm socks, top the shoes and heat them with a hair dryer for five to ten minutes.

Insert special ribbons into the shoes

Buy in the store special ribbons or pads that are glued to the straps of shoes and protect the skin from blisters and abrasions.

Make sure that the ribbons are carefully glued and do not interfere with your ankles and heels.

Sand the shoe sole

If your shoes slip very hard, just sand it with sandpaper.

Thoroughly rub the sole with sandpaper until you are satisfied with its structure and can not stand firmly on the ground.

Wrap the straps of sandals with a cotton cloth

Synthetic straps in some sandals and slippers provoke the appearance of blisters and abrasions on the fingers and heels.

To avoid this and wear shoes more comfortably, wrap the straps with a cotton cloth.

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Protect your feet with silicone insoles

In the store you can buy silicone pads, which will protect the skin from friction and the appearance of painful blisters.

Fit shoes with a newspaper moistened with alcohol

To carry shoes and not suffer from pain, doubt old newspapers in a ball, moisten them with alcohol and put them inside shoes.

Wait a couple of days until the alcohol dries, and you will feel that the shoes are stretched out and become more freeand comfortable.

Apply Vaseline on the skin

Apply a little Vaseline on the skin of your feet to moisturize it and prevent the occurrence of injuries and abrasions.

Do you like our advice? Do not give up your favorite shoes just because they are rubbing. Now you can easily solve this problem!

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