You need time for yourself: 5 psychological signs, which are indicated by this

This situation is quite common: you needtime for yourself, but almost always you dedicate it to caring for those around you, or solving situations that further exacerbate your sense of fatigue and anxiety.

The most surprising thing is that most peopledo not know how to rest properly.


To findtime for yourselfdoes not mean that you need to go on vacation every time we choke on stress, or that enough easy walk to overcome this discomfort, which is exacerbated every day, capturing us.

To invest time in yourself means, first of all, to be able to "switch off to know how to abstract from this constant mental noise and create a subtle but genuine alliance with their needs, thoughts, fears and emptiness to make decisions about their own life.

Today in our article we will tell you,how this internal discomfort manifests itselfand which psychological aspects point to the need to give yourself a little more attention.

When you need to find time for yourself

It often happens that the period of vacation comes and many of us plan their travels, rest and leisure, thinking that they will have a terrific time. However, sometimes these expectations do not come true.

Breaking out of routine, sometimes we can only increase our stress: travel, events, family holidays, the need to provide all the little things "to really spend time."

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If you find time for yourself, it will help youfeel better right now, and you can share it with others: your partner, children, loved ones ...

  • Believe it or not, we all need dailyshort periods of loneliness.
  • Sometimes only two hours a day, dedicated to themselves, act as the best vitamin.

Let's see what psychological aspects show us that, perhaps, we have reached the limit of our strengths.


1. Bad mood and apathy

Each of us sometimes feels that everything is boring, the mood is at zero and nothing can arouse the interest. These can be individual moments, or whole days, butthe problem acquires a different shade when this feeling turns into a chronic phenomenon.

We wake up every day with the feeling that we do not have the strength, that we are going against the current, that the priorities of the people around us are contrary to ours ...

All these small strokes are formed into a single whole, and this causes severe discomfort.

When a bad mood becomes our constant life companion, it reflects on what is happening inside of us.

2. Feeling that there is no time for anything

The sense of loss of time is a very common symptom associated with anxiety.


We not only have a distinct feeling that we do not have time to do everything that was planned, but sometimes we can not say what we did or what happened in short periods of time.

This is a fairly common phenomenon during periods of severe stress and anxiety.

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3. Self-destruction

Whatever we did, everything will go wrong. This loss of self-confidence makes us believe that everything is beyond our control, no matter what we try to do, it still does not depend on us.

Such thoughts are a clear indicator that something is happening to us and that we shouldgive more. Think about yourself and find time for yourself.

4. We do not feel that we are appreciated

As already noted in the previous paragraphs: the world is at odds with us and it seems to us that those who surround us value themselves too much, supposing that we will always be on their side.

That when they want to breathe, we'll give them air, and when they want to go, we'll put the soil under their feet.

  • This feeling of helplessness can be the fruit of autosuggestion or can be real. But you need to be able to react to this and set limits, because if we do not feel our value, it can easilylead to depression.

5. Psychomotor symptoms

If we do not have time for ourselves, there is not our own space where we can think about, relax, start an internal talk with yourself to determine priorities and think about exactly what changes we need to make in our image life,our body reacts and we can experience the following states:

  • Tachycardia
  • Excessive fatigue
  • Frequent headache
  • Stomach upset
  • Insomnia

How to start devoting time to yourself

It's not enough just to give yourself a little breather. There is no need to wait until Friday to be happy or leave to "be a man". The best time for this isHere and now.

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  • Find time for yourself, it means investing in your health. It's just as important as not forgetting to eat every day, or to dress in the morning. So try to find within a day a couple of hours "exclusively" for yourself.
  • This time alone with you, you must conduct "qualitatively" and, if possible, alone with yourself.
  • Some people meditate, others do yoga or just sit by the window and enjoy a state of deep peace.
  • This time is necessary in order to realize one's needs, in order to think about,what you want or do not want in your life.
  • Gradually you will find your priorities and this will help in making decisions. After all, in order to be happy, it is important to be able to solve problems and move forward without fear.

All in your hands.

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