Apple cider vinegar will help clear the face of imperfections!

Apple vinegarIt is used not only in salads or other recipes.It is very useful as a skin care product.

You would like to know how, with the help ofapple cider vinegarcleanse the face? Then read this article.


We will also describe how it affects the skin and hair.

How useful is apple cider vinegar in face care?

Use apple cider vinegar for face care is a great idea. He will help us:

Remove age spots

This can be achieved due to the fact that in apple cider vinegar there are substances, acids, whichremove the dead cells and leave the skin fresh and young.

These acids will be your helpers, thanks to them the face will become younger.

Just add a spoonful of apple cider vinegar in half a cup of water and moisten a cotton swab in this solution. Apply it with this solution on the whole face (the face must be cleaned beforehand), and let it act for 30 minutes. Do this procedure daily for 6 weeks.

Remove acne and pimples

Apple vinegarremoves excess sebumon the face, so he does not allow these terrible pimples to appear. In addition, the malic acid that it contains, prevents the infections caused by blackheads, and the appearance of spots that appear after squeezing out pimples.

Apple cider vinegar is alsoIt opens the pores and allows the skin to breathefine. It normalizes the acid-base balance of the skin, and it does not become too greasy (which is one of the causes of acne).

Toning the skin

Moisten a cotton swab with a solution of apple cider vinegar (one spoonful of vinegar for two cups of water). Every evening before going to bed, apply this tonic to a clean and dry face. Do not wash it off.

Do not worry about its smell - it quickly disappears.


As a result, the skin of the face will become more elastic, it will improve blood circulation.

Recommendations for the use of apple cider vinegar for skin care

First of all, you should know that vinegar can not be applied to the skin in its pure form.It is necessary to dissolve it in water. Otherwise, there may be spots or an allergic reaction.

First, one part of the vinegar dissolves in three parts of the water. For example, to prepare one liter of lotion, take 250 ml of vinegar and 750 ml of water.

Gradually you can increase the share of vinegar, but in no case can not it be used in its pure form. Before using this mixture, shake the vessel, since the ingredients can remain separated. You can add other components, for example:

  • Green tea
  • Essential oil of witch hazel
  • Aloe Vera Gel

Before applying the lotion on the face, it is necessary to check whether there is an allergic reaction, itching, burning. You can try on the chin or on the top of the arm.Wait a few minutes, and if nothing happens, you can put it on your face.

Moisten a lotion in a lotion with a cotton ball or wand to make it more comfortable to apply it to the skin. Some women use apple cider vinegar every evening to remove make-up and at the same time use other useful properties of this product.

When you first apply apple cider vinegar on your face, it should be washed off with warm water after five minutes. Next time you can no longer wash off vinegar or increase the time of its action.

It is important to remember that the procedures with apple cider vinegar should be done at night. If you do this in the morning andleave after this in the sun, the skin may appear stainsor irritation may occur.

You can use this mixture as a refreshing lotion: put it in a spray and sprinkle your face. Caution, do not get in your eyes, otherwise they will have a burning sensation. Another idea is to add a little vinegar to the moisturizing cream that you use everyday.

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Why confine oneself only to the face?

Apple cider vinegar is a wonderful remedy, and it can be used not only for skin care. For example,if you have blackheads on your back, you can use apple cider vinegar to fight them.Spray this place with vinegar after a shower.

Other ways to use vinegar for the skin:

Sun protection

More precisely, apple cider vinegarprotects from the consequencessunburn. Apply it to the reddened places to prevent the appearance of blisters and speed up the restoration of the skin.

Removal of ingrown hairs

In this case, you can use undissolved apple cider vinegar. Moisten them with cotton wool and clean the corresponding place. Anti-inflammatory properties of vinegar and the effect of acetic acidhelp to soften the hair and easily remove it.

Fighting dandruff

Before washing your head, massage the vinegar hair. This will help remove the dead cells that have accumulated there. You can also add a little apple cider vinegar to your usual shampoo. Do not forget to vigorously massage the scalp with your fingertips (but not with your fingernails).

Fighting hematomas

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, apple cider vinegar"Calms" damaged skin, and also improves blood circulation there and accelerates healing.

Moisten the cotton wool with a small amount of undissolved vinegar and apply it to the hematoma, like a patch. Let the vinegar last for about an hour, then spread this place with some kind of cream or arnica.

Application for insect bites

In summer, we often suffer from attacks of mosquitoes or other insects. Vinegar acids help to soothe the itch from bites. And its anti-inflammatory properties help to remove inflammation and swelling and accelerate healing of the wound.

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