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Avocadorefers to "universal" food. It can be used in various recipes, eat whole or add to vegetable or fruit smoothies, and still it is possible to include it in the composition of home masks and other cosmetic products for the care of skin.

The only drawbackavocadois that itvery quickly "weathered" and spoiled,losing its mouth watering and attractive appearance. The fruit ceases to be bright green and becomes dark brown and sluggish, which, of course, makes it unattractive for subsequent consumption or use.

Most people know that in order to maximize the benefits of this fruit, it is advisable to eat it whole or in parts, but for a very short time.

But today we want to offer you some useful tips that will help you keep the avocado fresh longer.

Store the green whole avocado

If you bought an avocado, as they say, "in reserve then store them in a paper bag or wrap them in a newspaper sheet. You, of course, can not do this, but keep in mind that the fruit ripens faster.

So the fetus may take up to 7 days to

become mature and fit for consumption. Sometimes this can be very convenient if you bought an avocado for a few days ahead.

If you want to speed up this process a little, put an apple or banana in a bag with avocado and leave it for storage at room temperature.

In order for fruits to retain their green color, keep them away from sunlightand in any case, do not put in the fridge, as this slows the process of their maturation. Otherwise, from the immature you can get a spoiled fruit immediately.

Watch them every day:

  • Lightly press on the fruit to check their maturity. The flesh of a ripe avocado is squeezed a little with light pressure.
  • Store avocados at room temperature can be anywhere within a week if they are still green.

How to preserve sliced ​​green avocado

If you have already cut the avocado and want to keep it until later, then lubricate both halves with lemon juice or lime juice (using a brush). So you can slow oxidative processes, as a result of which the fruit becomes dark.

If you do not have a lemon or lime at hand, you can use orange or tomato juice, as well as vinegar. After this procedure, connect both halves together. The idea is,to minimize the impact of the environment.

Finally, to "fix the result wrap the avocado with food film.

Alternatively, you can put the fruit in a sealed container or vacuum bag,to prevent air from getting inside.

Packaged in this way, the fruit can be stored in the refrigerator for a few days until it ripens.

Save ripe whole avocado

Put the avocado in a plastic bag, try to remove all the air from it and tie it. Then put the fruit in the refrigerator,to slow the process of its maturation.

So you will achieve that youravocados can be kept fresh longer,than if it remained at room temperature.

If it becomes too soft or if a crack is formed on the peel, it means that it is "overripe" and is no longer suitable for consumption.

How to store avocado without seeds

If for some reason you have an avocado left without a stone, and you need to keep it, thenhalves with a small amount of lemon juice.In principle, for this purpose, juice of any citrus fruit or even olive oil is suitable.

And in spite of the fact that olive oil does not directly affect the slowing down of oxidative processes, it will be useful in order to limit the effect of air on the fetus.

  • After this, wrap the avocado in a food film or in a plastic bag.
  • If you use olive oil instead of citrus juice, then it is better to use food film, so you can better protect the fruit from the environment.
  • Then put the fruit in the refrigerator.

Store ripe, sliced ​​avocado with bone

Cut the avocado in half, leave the stone inside. itwill also help reduce the oxidation rate. Then, as in the previous case, wrap it in a plastic wrap.

Cool and periodically check its condition. Usually a ripe avocado can be stored this way one or two days before it overrides and becomes unusable.

Freezing avocado

This interesting procedure is performed as follows. First, you cut the avocado with a sharp knife, slightly rotate the halves in your hands so that they are easier to separate from each other, pull out the stone and peel the halves from the peel.

If it's enough ripe avocado, then try to separate the pulp from the peel with a spoon or just with your fingers. ThenThaw the avocado pulp in a mash and put it in the freezer.

If you freeze the whole avocado or cut in half, then when defrosting you will see that it has lost its attractive appearance, as well as texture and taste.

  • You can add a spoonful of lemon juice in an avocado puree and put it in a blender.
  • Then mix until a homogeneous mass without lumps.
  • Put the mashed potatoes in an airtight container and you can safely store it in this form in the freezer.

So youcan store avocados for 6 months! This is the ideal way, especially if you regularly use this fruit to prepare various sauces or vegetable cocktails.

Here are a few simple tricks that will help you keep the avocado fresh longer and enjoy its taste and benefit. As you can see, for this you do not need any special adaptations or material investments.

Find a suitable recipe and use this fruit whenever you want, it will always please you with its freshness!

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