4 symptoms of cardiac arrest, which occur only in women

Heart failurecan happen to any person,regardless of sex. And yet there are a number of symptoms that only women have.


It is very important to know about this, so that in case of their discovery, you or someone close will have time to react and take appropriate measures. It can save someone's life, without exaggeration.

According to statistics,heart failureis anThe most common cause of premature death among the population.

In fact, our body in this case sends us unambiguous signals, and we should not ignore them in any case.

It is important to act immediately, as the chances of survival increase significantly if a person defibrillation in time (the effect of electric current on the heart muscle to restore it rhythm).

If defibrillation is not possible, then you need to do a heart massage and artificial respiration.

But in any case, first of all,it is necessary to recognize the symptoms in time.

What is cardiac arrest?

Despite the fact that the heart has its own "internal" system responsible for the rhythm of contractions, there are a number of diseases that cause so-called arrhythmia (abnormal contractions).


During arrhythmia, the heart can beattoo slow or too fast. Or maybe stop altogether ...

In the latter case, cardiac arrest is diagnosed, but it should not be confused with a heart attack (heart attack), since these are completely different things.

The causes of cardiac arrest may be different. Among them are the following:

  • Coronary Diseases
  • Physical stress (overstrain)
  • Individual genetic features

Symptoms of cardiac arrest that occur only in women

1. Pain in the back, neck, hands and chin

If you suddenly get sick back, neck, hands and you feel discomfort in the chin, it is very important to be alert, becausethese symptoms can easily be associated with something else.In fact, this is a warning from our body that a disaster may happen ...


If you notice this condition, it progresses and "does not let go and, most importantly, it appeared abruptly and unexpectedly, do not delay, call the doctor.

2. Pain in the abdomen and vomiting

If you have a stomach ache, and besides, this pain is accompanied by vomiting, be vigilant, because this is the second characteristic sign related to a possible cardiac arrest.

Of course, you can alwaysto think about poisoning,indigestion or intestinal flu. But if you feel strong pressure in the abdomen, it is better to go to the doctor.

3. Cold sweat

Cold sweat is another sign that occurs in women, which can not be ignored.

Be attentive to your condition, do not think that all the blame accumulated stress or everyday worries. If earlier you did not have such problems, go to the doctor as soon as possible.

4. Fast fatiguability

You suddenly felt very tired? Do you tire yourself out of your usual business? Then you, too, should be pricked up.

After all, if even after rest you feel tired and broken, youthere are no forces on any business,with which you used to cope, without thinking (walk, for example), then this is an alarming signal.

Give him proper attention.


If you ever had a cardiac arrest, then obviously, you should better take care of your health later than before, so that it does not happen again.

  • There are somebad habits, which you must definitely get rid of. You probably knew that it was about drinking alcohol, smoking and sedentary lifestyle (this leads to the appearance of excess weight and obesity).
  • In addition, it will be necessary to perform physical exercises, monitor blood pressure, control blood cholesterol level and diabetes.

Finally, we should not forget that some medications can also contribute to the development of cardiovascular diseases.

Usually doctors prescribe them to people who have some kind of heart problems, but hereyour attending physician must take into account the individual characteristics of your body.

Lead a healthy lifestyle, do sports and do not put yourself under stress - these are the three main pillars of your well-being.

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