How to make up for the lack of sun in a rainy autumn


  • What is the use of the sun for our body?
  • How to make up for the lack of sun
    • Walking is the best solution
    • Foods rich in vitamin D
    • House as a place of renovation

Have you noticed that on sunny days you want to create, do your favorite things, meet friends, and on cloudy days, such enthusiasm arises less often? There is a decrease in working capacity and an increase in drowsiness, as a result of which we begin to absorb more food, eating, as it seems to us, "autumn depression". Often the reason for mood changes in the fall is the sun, which, with its rays, can positively influence not only our thoughts, but also our health.

What is the use of the sun for our body?

  • Sunlight helps the body produce serotonin, the "activity hormone which is responsible for the regulation of sleep and vivacity. Many doctors believe that depression, including autumn blues, is associated with this hormone, and not with psychological causes.
  • Most likely, you noticed that in the summer we need less time to get enough sl
    eep. And in this case the sun plays a major role, because thanks to him the level of melatonin, the "hormone of the night rises.
  • A reasonable amount of sunlight reduces the risk of cancer and other serious diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, multiple sclerosis and osteoporosis.
  • Sunlight also helps reduce pain in arthritis, as it warms the muscles.
  • Ultraviolet radiation provides a synthesis of vitamin D, which plays a big role in the human body: helps calcium enter the body and digest, regulate metabolism, affect the work of the heart, nervous system, blood clotting and synthesis hormones.

How to make up for the lack of sun

In the autumn, the number of sunny days declines, so the change of seasons is felt most acutely. Few know how to fill the lack of sun. In fact, it's pretty simple. Only a few small changes, and autumn will no longer be associated with the onset of cold weather, cloudy days, rains and winds.

The first step is to start with yourself. Very good, if in the summer you spent a lot of time in the sun, because thanks to this, the internal stocks of vitamin D will help your body to overcome the autumn adaptation. Unfortunately, the reserves of this vitamin can not be infinite, it must be replenished. "Easily useful" will tell you how to maintain the strength of the body in those days when the ray does not break through the veil of clouds.

Walking is the best solution

Physical activity is the best way to get rid of sadness and reserve yourself with a charge of vivacity. It is recommended to conduct fitness classes on the street, if the weather allows it. With the onset of winter comes the time of winter sports, it can be skiing or skating. In addition to combating depression, sports will lead your body into an excellent shape. Moreover, scientists have proved that playing sports on the street contributes to the development of more endorphins than when training in the hall.

Pogozhye days in autumn - this is an opportunity not only to run in the park or in the stadium, but also to give your skin the opportunity to get stingy sun rays, if in the summer because of work or study you did not have enough time. Short, but regular walks during the daytime will help the body to reorganize to the new season. Travel to warmer countries also helps to overcome the lack of sun.

Many believe that a solarium can be an excellent substitute for a trip to the south. Despite the fact that the solarium lamps are ultraviolet, their UV spectrum can radically differ from the solar one. Exposing the body to additional UV radiation is not worth it, because there are a lot of contraindications. Proper nutrition and regular walks will be an excellent alternative.

Foods rich in vitamin D

Vegetables and fruits, these well-known record holders for the content of vitamins, alas, can not boast a significant amount of vitamin D, or colcalciferol. However, there is a natural product full of "vitamin sun and it's mushrooms. Chanterelles, morels and oyster mushrooms are rich in it, but only if they are forest mushrooms, and not grown on a farm. Like the human body, the fungi produce colcalciferol only under the sun's rays.

So now you have one more reason to go on weekends to the forest for mushrooms! However, beware of caution: collect "harvest" only in proven places and make sure that you know how to distinguish suitable mushrooms from inedible.

House as a place of renovation

  • As the days become shorter in autumn, it is necessary to appreciate every ray of the sun. Dirty windows can hold up a large amount of light, the same can be said for over-grown indoor plants.
  • In addition to washing the windows and rearranging the colors, you can add bright elements to the house: these can be new bright vases, pictures, curtains or a service. The main thing is that things not only make your home brighter, but also raise your spirits.
  • Chandeliers also require special attention: dim lamps should be changed for new ones.
  • The light should be warm, so that the eyes do not get tired, and the house seemed even more cozy.
  • General cleaning will help to clear the space of unnecessary things and will be the first step to internal renewal.

The lack of sun can be replenished even on the rainiest day. Physical activity works wonders! Start with the fact that you leave the transport one stop earlier, give up the elevator, start a tradition with the whole family to do exercises in the morning. Do a house cleaning, more often in the open air, and then you will certainly cope with the consequences of lack of sun. And there is already spring already around the corner!

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