Omron tonometer: best models and fan-shaped cuffs

Choosing a tonometer for home use, the buyer expects from the device a high accuracy of measurement and longevity. All this is provided by the Omron tonometer. The company produces many different models that will satisfy the needs of each customer.



  • 1Omron - the leader in the manufacture of home blood pressure monitors
  • 2The best models of the brand
    • 2.1Automatic tonometers Omron
    • 2.2Semiautomatic tonometers
  • 3Fan-shaped cuffs Omron

Omron - the leader in the manufacture of home blood pressure monitors

The company's products are known in most countries of the world

Omron is a large corporation from Japan, engaged in the development and production of electronics, including medical equipment for home use. The company's activity in developing medical equipment began in 1961. Since then, the tonometers and other equipment of the company have undergone multiple changes, and today Omron is rightfully considered the leader in this field.

Omron Corporation is engaged in the development of electronics and automation in various industries. The exact name of the medical unit that produces tonometers, electronic thermometers and nebulizers is Omron Healthcare.

An interesting fact: in 2009 the company celebrated a special anniversary in honor of the sale of 100 million. devices for home blood pressure measurement.

Sales of Omron pressure meters in the CIS began in 1990. To date, the assortment of the manufacturer more than 40 different models of tonometers for home use. Omron is also famous for its comfortable and durable cuffs.

Advantages of Omron Tonometers:

  • the highest accuracy;
  • a diverse range of models;
  • high-quality materials;
  • long service life.

On accuracy, the devices of the Japanese manufacturer are headed by the three leaders, which also include devices manufactured by Microlife and AND.

The only drawback is the high cost of home tonometers, in comparison with the prices of the nearest competitors. Nevertheless, this drawback is completely covered by a long period of operation and high reliability of the devices.

Model S1 - the most affordable

The best models of the brand

Omron tonometers are available in all major pharmacy chains and medical equipment stores. Choose a device is not difficult, because in each price segment, you can select several models for the house.

The company produces:

  • semi-automatic devices;
  • automatic tonometers;
  • compact tonometers on the wrist;
  • universal fan-shaped cuffs.

Semi-automatic tonometers are a small device with a display, a cuff and a pear for inflating air. Cuff filling is done manually.


Automatic devices do not require direct human intervention. When using this Omron tonometer, the instruction is very simple: set the cuff, press the button and wait for the results.

The guarantee for Omron's tonometers is 5-7 years. Omron is not just an expensive and reliable tonometer, but an investment in your own health.

Compact wrist tonometers are not considered the most accurate due to the configuration of the cuff, but it is excellent suitable for active people who need to monitor blood pressure outside the home.

Automatic tonometers Omron

The intelligent BP measurement system ensures the accuracy of the indicators

Automatic devices have a number of advantages and disadvantages. They are very accurate and very easy to operate, but they can fail if the battery is low or show incorrect results in arrhythmia. The main disadvantage of such devices is a relatively high price.

Choose a reliable device to help review the most popular models.

Omron Automatic Tonometers
Model Features Additional functions Cost

M2 Basic

Fan-shaped cuff on shoulder

an arrhythmia indicator;

memory for 30 entries;

graphic indicator of blood pressure level;

comfortable cuff 22-32 cm.

3100 rub.

M3 Expert

The technology of fast and accurate measurement of BP Intellisense

universal cuff 22-42 cm;

indicators of arrhythmia, movement, fixation of the cuff;

combined battery power + adapter;

memory for 100 measurements.

4300 rub.


Monitoring system for measuring accuracy

power adapter in the kit and the ability to work from batteries;

memory for 100 measurements;

indicators of arrhythmia, movement, fixation of the cuff;

The possibility of working with cuffs of different sizes.

6300 rub.


Intelligent measurement system, the ability to calculate average BP values ​​for a given period

1500 measurements from one set of batteries;

possibility of synchronization with PC;

memory for 2 users;

indicator of arrhythmia, movement, cuff setting;

monitoring of morning pressure surges;

universal cuff.

9000 rub.

The company also offers wrist automatic tonometers, for example, the R5 Prestige model. The cost of a compact helper is about 6500 rubles, but the accuracy remains questionable, so this device is better to use as a backup option, but not as a basic home tonometer.

Semiautomatic tonometers


Semi-automatic device, which implies the direct involvement of the user in the process of measuring pressure, is the best option for home monitoring of blood pressure. The advantages of such meters are simplicity of use and high reliability. The minimum warranty period for the Omron tonometer is 5 years.

About how to use the Omron semi-automatic tonometer correctly, you can find out in the user's manual in detail, the instruction is always delivered complete with the device. Choose a semi-automatic Omron meter is not difficult, the company offers devices for any purse.

Omron Semi-Automatic Tonometers
Model Features Additional functions Cost


Fan-shaped cuff

indicator of critical pressure increase;

memory for 14 measurements;

safe storage case in set.

1870 rub.

M1 Compact

Impact-resistant housing

a conical cuff of 22-32 cm;

an arrhythmia indicator;

dangerous pressure increase indicator;

memory for 30 measurements;

large-scale display.

2000 rub.

M1 Plus

The largest display. Ideal for elderly people

memory for 21 measurements;

sound notification;

a large display;

an arrhythmia indicator;

calculation of the average value based on three measurements;

fan-shaped cuff.

3600 rub.

Some models of semi-automatic models work with replaceable cuffs, including children's cuffs. This makes it possible to use the device to measure pressure to any member of the family.

Fan-shaped cuffs Omron

The cuff provides uniform pressure on the artery at all points, and hence the accuracy of the result

Correctly selected cuff is the guarantee of accurate measurement of blood pressure with both an automatic tonometer and a semi-automatic device. The company produces comfortable fan-shaped cuffs for Omron tonometers. Their advantages:

  • a conical shape that repeats the shape of the hand;
  • hypoallergenic material;
  • large selection of sizes;
  • long service life.

Such cuffs have several standard sizes, which are labeled as S, M, L. There are children's cuffs of small diameter, designed for the child's shoulder.

When using a fan-shaped product, the cuff fits tightly around the entire circumference of the hand, without the empty gaps characteristic of conventional cuffs. This allows to obtain accurate measurement results due to uniform compression of the artery by the cuff during air pumping.

All semi-automatic and automatic Omron tonometers are equipped with a fan-shaped cuff of durable and durable nylon.

A special Comfort Cuff cuff is also available, featuring a different camera design, which receives air. The use of such a cuff makes the procedure of measuring blood pressure painless and more comfortable.

Not knowing which device to use for home use, it is recommended to pay attention to Omron's tonometers. A wide selection of different models, a wide price range and a long warranty period make these tonometers the choice of No. 1.

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