How to reduce varicose veins with tomatoes?

Varicose veins- this is an expansion and inflammation of the veins, in this condition they become visible under the skin with the naked eye and because of this turn into a real problem, a threat to beauty, both for women and for men.


Most people, once faced with this, are trying to find some solution tohide veins in different parts of your bodyand not to attract unnecessary attention of others to their "imperfections".

And what is really interesting is that quite a few see here not only an aesthetic problem, but also a threat to their health. And the latter is really very important, becausevaricose veinsattestsabout circulatory disorders, which, in turn, can lead to the appearance of other types of malaise: heaviness, pain and fatigue in the legs.

Early treatment of this disease is crucial to ensure thatto prevent the development of phlebitis(inflammation of the veins), the next stage of varicose veins, which leads to complete vein obstruction due to formation of a blood clot (the clot itself can subsequently also become a source of numerous complications.

At present, the cosmetic industry offers a wealth ofpromise in a short time to improve the condition of veins or even get rid of this problem at all.However, those that are really effective require substantial financial investments from us, while the result in most cases is still partial.

That is why we would like to offer you a natural alternative for the treatment of varicose veins. The secret lies in the similar properties of some ingredients - tomatoes.

For a recipewill need red and green tomatoes, and the effectiveness of this home remedy in recent years has already been confirmed by many. So be sure to try it!

Tomatoes will cure varicose veins

Tomatoes, or tomatoes, this is perhaps the most common vegetable, they have become a key ingredient in a huge number of dishes around the world.


Because of his frequent presence in the diet of most people, scientists have long found out that tomato is a product with high nutritional value, which, indeed, is worth eating regularly.

However, it is only known that tomatoes can be used as a means of alternative treatment. and you can not even imagine what kind of loyal ally in the struggle for your health can to lose.

As for varicose veins, here the tomato occupies a special place, sinceits seeds contain an acidic substance that hassimilar to aspirinproperties, it acts as an anticoagulant, improving blood fluidity.

In addition, the tomato contains many flavonoids and antioxidants, whichstrengthen the blood vessels.

Treatment of varicose veins with green tomatoes

  • First, wash thoroughly or even disinfect the tomatoes to make sure they are clean. In this case, you will need green tomatoes, this is a kind of tomatoes that remain green even when ripe (need ripe).
  • Cut them in circles and attach them to the problem areas on their feet(asterisks and mesh, which are a cluster of vessels and veins).
  • Fix the tomatoes in the right places with an elastic bandage. So they will have the necessary time for exposure.
  • When you feeltingling and slight burning, know that this is a signal to remove the bandages.
  • After the procedure, rinse your feet with warm water and gently dry with a towel.

The procedure can be repeated up to five times a day, then you will notice a positive result for several weeks.

Treatment of varicose veins with red tomatoes

  • Wash the red tomatoes carefully and cut them into slices.
  • Put chopped tomatoes directly to the problem areas and secure them with an elastic bandage or bandage.
  • Leave for 4 hours, then change the tomatoes in the dressing and repeat the procedure (4 hours more).
  • To see the desired result in a short time, treatment is recommended every night.

Additional recommendations

In order for the symptomatology of this disease to leave faster and more effectively, the drug procedures must be combined with appropriate nutrition. Yourthe diet should be healthy and balanced.

Omega-3 fatty acids

This healthy type of fat is not produced in our body, so it must be provided through nutrition.

Nutrients Omega-3maintain the elasticity of the veins and have an anti-inflammatory effect, which together improves blood circulation.

Recommended products are:

  • Salmon
  • Sardines
  • Cod
  • Seafood
  • Sunflower and olive oil
  • Flax seeds
  • Nuts


This antioxidant prevents the hardening of the body's basic tissues andThe flexibility of the walls of the arteries.

Selenium can be found in:

  • Nuts
  • Cucumbers
  • Mushrooms
  • Chicken eggs
  • Brewer's yeast

Vitamin E

This nutritional element can not be absent in the diet, since its main function is the regulation of blood circulation and oxygenation of the blood (saturation with oxygen), and thisprevents the formation of blood clots - blood clots.

Vitamin E is present in:

  • Dairy products
  • Lean meat
  • Nuts
  • Asparagus
  • Coconut and olive oil
  • Whole grains.
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