Parsley for health and beauty

We useparsleyin many recipes, but often do not know about its many useful properties.Do you want to know how she isuseful for health and beauty? Then read this article. And start to use the useful properties of this wonderful plant!

Why is parsley useful?

It belongs to the same family of plants as celery and dill (they have similar leaves) and has been used for thousands of years in cooking, and also as a natural remedy for various health disorders.The place of its origin is the eastern part of the Mediterranean. Thanks to the Greeks,parsleybegan to grow in other parts of the world.


Hippocrates and Galen mentioned parsley in their works. Anglo-Saxons used it to treat skull injuries received in battles. Nowadays it is widely used to impart a taste and aroma to a variety of dishes and drinks.

Oil from parsley seedsused in the cosmetic industry,it is a part of different creams and soaps.

Parsley contains:

  • Vitamin C (in one third of a cup of parsley this vitamin contains more than one orange)
  • Vitamin K (promotes bone health and blood clotting)
  • Beta-carotenes (antioxidants and immunoprotectors)
  • Calcium (in one cup of parsley contains more calcium than in a cup of milk)
  • Potassium (about 500 mg in every hundred grams of the plant)
  • Iron (more than in red meat)
  • Fiber (helps prevent constipation and improves bowel function)
  • Bor(helps fight the symptoms of menopause and prevents osteoporosis)
  • Fluoride (strengthens bones)
  • Chlorophyll (gives green parsley, acts as an antiseptic and helps to cleanse the body)

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Traditional use of parsley

It is worth noting thatall parts of the plant are used(roots, seeds, leaves and stems). Parsley is used as:


It increases the production of urine by the kidneys and helps well in kidney infections. Parsley also prevents the formation of kidney stones and fluid retention in the body (edema). For this, tea or juice is made from the plant.



  • 1 leaf pinch and parsley stalk
  • 1 cup of water (250 ml)


  • Bring the water to a boil
  • Pour the parsley into it, and let it boil for several minutes.
  • Then let the broth cool and strain it.
  • You can drink it hot or cold, sweetening with honey.

A means of reducing pressure

Parsley has such an effect due to the potassium contained in it and because it is a diuretic. In this case, parsley is taken in the form of infusion or smoothie.

Means stimulating menstruation

Parsleyrelieves pain during menstruation.It also helps to restore the menstrual cycle.

Digestive and laxative

Parsley strengthens the gastric secretion, prevents the formation of gases and helps with jaundice.



It is a powerful antioxidant andperfectly helps to cleanse the body. Disinfects the intestines and lungs, promotes the excretion of waste products with urine, and also promotes detoxification of the liver and gallbladder.

Hormonal Regulator

Women during the menopause are encouraged to eat plenty of parsley (in salads, sauces, creams, smoothies, etc.). It helps to regulate the level of hormones, especially estrogens.


Since ancient times it is believed that this plant increases libido and sexual desire. Now this has a scientific explanation. In parsley there are phytoestrogens, which:

  • Increase the tone of the uterus
  • Accelerate the arrival of monthly
  • Increase milk production
  • Increase female libido
  • Facilitate childbirth

Parsley for beauty

Parsley is used not only as a "medicine taken orally, itsare also used as an external agent.Parsley helps:

  • Remove red veins on the face (couperose)
  • Prevent excessive secretion of sebum
  • Remove brownish spots from skin
  • Lighten the skin of the face
  • Delete black dots
  • Fight acne
  • Heal wounds

From parsley you can make a wonderful mask for skin care.


  • A pinch of fresh parsley
  • Some hot water
  • 1 tablespoon of lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoon of honey


  • Cut the parsley as small as possible and grind it in a mortar (adding a little hot water). Get a kind of pasta.
  • In a separate vessel, mix the honey with the juice and pour this mixture into a paste of parsley.
  • It is good to cleanse the skin with the help of warm water and neutral soap.
  • Apply the mask, even if it lasts from ten to fifteen minutes.
  • Then wash it off with warm water.
  • And in the end, apply a moisturizer to your skin.

Remember that this maskapplied at night. If after the mask with lemon juice go out into the sun, the skin may appear pigmented spots.

To get good results, repeat this procedure once a week. If you feel a burning sensation when applying this mask, it is most likely due to acne. Burning should go away in a few minutes. If this does not happen, flush the mask, without waiting for the expiration of the recommended time.

You can alsomake tea from parsley and apply it as a tonic.


  • 1 leaf pinch and parsley stalk
  • 1 cup of water (250 ml)


  • Boil the water, add parsley, and let the tea persist until it becomes warm.
  • Profil it and put it on a problem disk with a cotton pad (the skin should be clean and dry).

This tonicwill help prevent the appearance of stains on the skin.

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