The relationship between depression and cancer: recent research

Recent research has shownDepression and Cancer Link. So, people who have been suffering from depression for a long time are more likely to die from a malignant tumor.

Is there a connection between depression and cancer?


On the development of depression in a personVarious factors influence: social, psychological and biological.

It can arise when much has changed for the worse in a person's life.

If depression becomes chronic,increases the risk of other serious health problems. One of these problems can be cancer.

Evidence of a link between depression and cancer

A number of studies have revealedthe relationship between depression and an increased likelihood of a person developing a malignant tumor.

One such study was conducted in the United Kingdom. The medical history of 160 000 adult patients was analyzed. So, it was found that:

  • Many patients had serious psychological problems.
  • The probability of dying from cancer of the pancreas, prostate or rectum was quite high for them.

But this does not mean that there is a direct

Depression and Cancer Linkby type of cause-result.It is only a trend reflected in statistics.

Other studies of depression

In other studies, the relationship between physical and mental health has been repeatedly demonstrated.

For example, the relationship between symptoms of depression and anxiety and cardiovascular diseases has been proven.


Hormonal disorders

  • The relationship between depression and cancer (the formation of tumors) is explained by the fact that with depression there is a violation of hormonal balance and the corresponding glands begin to produce more cortisol.
  • In addition, the normal operation of mechanisms for restoring DNA damage is disrupted, and this weakens the body's defense against cancer.
  • On the other hand, people who are often depressed,are prone to alcohol and smoking.And they often have excess weight.

And this, as you know, risk factors for cancer.

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Psychological stress and depression

We experience psychological stress whenwe experience psychological, physical or emotional pressure.

If the stress is from time to time and it is not too strong, there is nothing to worry about. But if severe stress is repeated regularly or this condition does not last long, the consequences for mental and physical health can be very serious.

The organism naturally reacts to stress by the release of cortisol.

This hormone causes an increase in blood pressure, increased heart rate and increased blood sugar.

These changes in the state of the body give us the energy necessary to combat the possible danger, but they, unfortunately, can put our health in jeopardy.

Diseases and pathologies that can cause stress

It is proved that chronic stresscan cause problems with the urinary system, with digestion, with the reproductive system, as well as reduce immunity.

And, therefore, the people suffering from itmore vulnerable to "normal" diseases.

This flu, colds, headache, sleep problems, as well as anxiety and depression, which we already talked about in this article.

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Coping with stress and cancer

People who are diagnosed with cancer shouldlearn to control stressful situations and fight anxiety.

It is important to have emotional and social support. It usually helps to reduce anxiety and the symptoms of diseases that may occur due to a weakened immune defense.

How to control depression and stress

The following ways to combat stress and depressive states are very effective:

  • Yoga, meditation, various relaxation techniques, etc.
  • Psychotherapeutic techniques.

And we must remember that fighting stress and preventing it helpssports and exercise, healthy eating and a healthy, long enough sleep.

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