Colds in a child: what can be taken when the first signs of a disease are found


  • The first signs of a beginning illness
  • What to do before the doctor's arrival?
  • Traditional methods of treatment
  • Disease Prevention
  • What can not be done if the child has a cold?

Colds are on the first place in the list of the most common ailments. This is especially true for kids whose immunity is not yet fully strengthened. And if we are talking about the period of adaptation to a kindergarten, the number of relapses can dramatically increase. Therefore, every mother is important to know what to do with the first signs of a cold and what to take the child to as soon as possible get rid of the disease without unpleasant consequences.

The first signs of a beginning illness

Attentive parents will be able to notice the first signs of a cold in a child even before he begins to have obvious symptoms. This will "intercept" it at the very beginning, thus reducing the time of illness to a minimum. So, it is worthwhile to be alert, if your kid suddenly became:

  • capricious;
  • sluggish;
  • sleepy;
  • to show indifference to your favorite toys;
  • refuse to eat.

If such signs manifest without a reason, most likely, this is the onset of acute respiratory viral infection, the treatment of which should be started immediately. Very soon, a cold, cough, sneezing or inflammation of the lymph nodes will join the list of cold symptoms. Therefore, to destroy the beginning of the disease should be as soon as possible.

In this case, it is strictly not recommended to give the child medications without consulting a specialist. It is very important to consider that the abundance of modern medicines can easily lead to a wrong choice.Therefore, if your baby is sick for the first time, then he is treated solely by a doctor.If you make sure that the medicines prescribed by the pediatrician give the desired effect, and none of them causes allergic reactions, you can stick to this treatment in the future. But surely the first reception of unfamiliar tablets should begin with a consultation with a specialist.

It should be borne in mind that it will be rather difficult to find out the exact reasons for the anxiety of the little man. This is especially difficult when it comes to babies and children who do not yet know how to speak.

In this case, careful monitoring and analysis of the behavior of the baby will help. At an older age, cold symptoms in children should be identified in a playful form, asking as many questions as possible. Remember, kids do not know how to describe their condition and explain what exactly bothers them. And only your peace of mind and the right questions can help to find out everything. Also, do not allow long crying, this can cause a rise in temperature.

What to do before the doctor's arrival?

You can independently ease the baby's condition while waiting for the doctor. For this you need:

  • ventilate the room and maintain a comfortable temperature in it;
  • wipe the body of the crumb with a damp cloth;
  • provide him with bed rest and rest;
  • give abundant warm drink;
  • keeping calm.

If the temperature does not rise above the 38 от mark, do not give an antipyretic.The organism of the little man alone struggles with the disease, and do not interfere with it. But if the thermometer shows higher figures, you need to take action. Too much increase in body temperature threatens with fever and other dangerous consequences. You can give the baby:

  • children's paracetamol;
  • Nurofen;
  • Viburkol.

The baby can take them in the form of syrup or candles. The main thing is to follow the instructions, do not exceed the dosage. Also it is necessary to observe the interval between receptions.

A child with the first signs of a cold should wash his nose. Do this immediately, as soon as you suspected the onset of the disease, without waiting for a doctor.

This manipulation will not only facilitate the breathing of the baby, but also clean the nasal passages from the microbes. It is advisable to wash it with sea water without resorting to more serious preparations. To date, there are many options for such sprays, but the most popular are:

  • Aqualor;
  • Aquamaris;
  • Dolphin.

Any of these options can be used without the danger of negative consequences. After washing, children need to brush their noses. If the child does not know how to blow his nose, you can use special aspirators that are suitable for children under 1 year.

Traditional methods of treatment

To treat a child at the first sign of a cold can be some "grandmother's recipes." Such folk remedies are quite effective at the very beginning of the disease and can help dispense with pharmaceuticals.

  • If pershit in the throat, the baby is tormented by a stuffy nose or cough, you can resort to inhalations based on herbs and soda. In this case, the beginning disease will help to defeat the chamomile, eucalyptus or sage. If there is no special device for inhalation, you can just breathe the steam from the boiled potatoes, covered with a blanket. In this case, the mother should always be near the baby and ensure that the safe distance from the pan is maintained.
  • Not only help with cold, but also strengthen immunity will help tea, which is added honey or raspberry jam. You can also give the baby a home compote of apples, cranberry juice or fresh juices, cooked independently. If the baby has a sore throat, give him a warm drink. It should not be too sour. Otherwise, the crumb will feel pain or discomfort.
  • It is useful to soar children's legs in warm water, which is added with mustard or salt.
  • Onions and garlic are the most famous helpers in the fight against colds. If the kid does not like to eat them, you can make him an original necklace around his neck, which will create a protective environment around him.
  • It is important that the room has a sufficient percentage of moisture. If there is a special device, you can add a few drops of fir oil when you turn it on.

Such simple tips will help with the first symptoms of the disease and, perhaps, will do without medication.

Disease Prevention

It's no secret that any disease is easier to prevent than treat. This is especially true for colds that catch up with every member of society. That is whyit is very important to strengthen the immunity of the baby from an early age.This will help to comply with certain rules:

  • temper the child from an early age;
  • provide him a healthy diet, which contains enough vitamins;
  • Give the maximum possible amount of seasonal fruits and vegetables;
  • encourage his physical activity;
  • Walk more often with the child in the fresh air;
  • Do not allow too much increase in the temperature in the house.

In autumn and spring, when the danger of the disease is especially high, it is important that the food is extremely vitaminized. This will help support the child's immunity at the required level. Also useful is honey and walnuts.

What can not be done if the child has a cold?

Wanting to help your child, adults often do him more harm. To avoid this, you should know the most common mistakes that parents make.

  • Close the windows. Of course, when the cold begins, the child has absolutely no need to supercool. But closed windows will not do him any good. In a closed warm space, viruses will rapidly multiply, thereby worsening the patient's condition. Therefore, during a cold, it is necessary to ventilate the room as often as possible.
  • At once to resort to antibiotics. By doing this, you will only harm your child. Viruses do not respond to these drugs, so the appointment of antibiotics is not only useless, but also dangerous. They only weakened children's immunity, making it less resistant to disease.
  • Follow the advice of girlfriends. Never give your child the cure for cold simply because you were advised. Remember, all children are different, and what helped one can hurt others. Only a doctor decides how to treat a child, so that the healing process goes quickly. Self-medication can threaten with serious consequences for the health of your crumbs. Therefore, it is very important to exercise reasonable care, deciding what to give the child if he has noticed the first symptoms of a cold. The quantity of medicines in modern medicine does not always mean their quality, so try not to offer your child medications without consulting a pediatrician.

Thus, there are many options for what to do with the first symptoms of a cold to help your baby to cope faster with the disease.Your peace, love and care - these are the main assistants in the hard struggle against childhood illness.

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