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Of course, this is not the most pleasant topic for discussion. Surely you do not pay too much attention to this kind of thing when you go to the toilet; butdoctors unanimously assert: we need to know what color our urine is.It is important not only whether we experience, for example, pain when we go to the toilet: the color of urine can also tell us a lot about whether we eat right, do not suffer from any undetected diseases ...

Urine consists of water and other organic substances. If there are "malfunctions" in our body, the color of the urine may change.The reason for this can be our diet, inflammation, or side effects of drugs that we take; in any case, this must be given due attention. In this article, you will be able to learn more about what can provoke such changes.

How are health and color of urine related?

First of all, one must remember that urine is formed by filtration of the liquid by the kidneys.After that, the bladder receives a mixture of water and toxins, from which the body needs to get rid of.

Depending on what products we use, as well as from individual processes life activity, such as sweating and breathing, our body allocates more or less amount of urine. Its color can be one of the following:

Light, transparent color

If the urine is light it is a good sign.This means that your body receives a sufficient amount of water.When we drink a lot of water, we facilitate the kidney filtration process, and the urine acquires a lighter shade. This is a good indicator.

A saturated yellow color

This symptom should be noted:it means that the body does not have enough fluid, and therefore the kidneys are forced to do additional work in the process of urination.The body begins to accumulate toxins; to prevent it, it is necessary to drink more water.

However, this is not a negative symptom. Urine can acquire this color also due to active sweating, for example, after vigorous work or playing sports.

Dark yellow color

This color speaks of more serious problems in the body. This is a clear indication that it's time to see a doctor.The dark yellow color of the urine signals that the liver is not in order and, possibly, jaundice develops.Pay attention to the whites of the eyes: have they acquired a yellowish tinge? Jaundice accompanied by fatigue, general malaise, as well as some other symptoms that can not go unnoticed.

Russet color

This is one of the most common symptoms of kidney disease. If the urine acquires a reddish-brown hue, most likely, you have an infection, and the urine contains a little blood.Probably, in the urinary tract formed stones, which can cause pain when urinating. It is also possible that the stones formed in the kidneys and cause irritation in them. In this case, the reddish-brown color of urine is a very characteristic symptom. Pain is also the most common symptom in kidney disease.

Orange color

Such a color of urine is infrequent, but this can happen. Than it is caused?This color is provoked by an excess of vitamin C in the body.Since its amount is excessive, the kidneys excrete it, and for this reason urine acquires such a specific shade. If you run into this, just try to reduce the amount of vegetables and fruits you consume that contain vitamin C. And remember: reduce, not abandon them.

Blue colour

Surprised? However strange it may seem, this can also happen: if urine acquires a bluish tinge,it can talk about an overabundance of calcium or about the presence of infection. Such an effect can arise in the process of taking vitamin supplements, because of a small overabundance or a specific combination of any substances: from this organism can slightly rebel. It is necessary to introduce carefully into your diet any vitamin supplements; if you notice any changes in the body, consult a doctor.

Red color

The red color of urine can mean two things:it can be a symptom of a serious illness, because it can be caused by the presence of blood in the urine; in this case, you need to immediately consult a doctor.You may not have a bladder or kidney in order; it is necessary to pass a professional diagnosis.

The second reason why urine can acquire a reddish hue is completely harmless: if within a few days You leaned on beets, berries or products with a high content of dyes, urine can be painted in the corresponding Colour. Be sure to watch how long it lasts: if the color of urine does not change for several days, be sure to consult a doctor.

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