The most effective breathing techniques for lowering blood pressure

Elevated blood pressure is one of the most common disorders in the population.In this case, it often passes unnoticed, not betraying yourself. But did you know thatto lower blood pressureCan I use breathing techniques?


We want to remind you again that this indicator of health always deserves our attention, sincethe lack of adequate balance in the body can lead to more serious problems with the cardiovascular system.

Therefore, you need to regularly check your health at the doctor. If as a result of diagnosis the doctor diagnoses hypertension, most often he will prescribe medicationsto lower blood pressureand regulation of its indicators.

In addition, no less important is proper nutrition: you need to reduce sodium intake and, if possible, avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

But what if we were told that there is another way to lower high blood pressure?

Existbreathing techniques, which are always recommended to patients. They are aimed at reducing the heart rate due to deeper and slower breaths.

It should be added that some require practice. Do not forget that these exercises are only an addition to the basic treatment that must be prescribed by a qualified doctor.

We will show you how to perform 5 exercises to lower blood pressure. Thesebreathing techniquesvery simple in execution and will help you to find harmony between body and mind.

1. I focus on one word and breathe in ...

A simple and effective method of lowering blood pressure is to focus all your attention on one word tocut off mental noise and erratic thoughts that cause stress and anxiety.


Having reached inner peace, you can begin to perform the technique. Now we will explain how to do it.

  • Sit down, taking a comfortable position and holding your back straight.
  • Select your brow (wind, harmony, balance, peace, tranquility, flow ...)
  • Slowly repeat the selected word until the desired image appears in your imagination.
  • Now take a deep breath.
  • Hold the air for 4 seconds, then exhale loudly for a few seconds.

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2. The technique of breathing to "cool" the body

Our other breathing techniques are not so unusual, but, nevertheless, this technique is useful and effective.It will help reduce the heart rate, calm down and regulate blood pressure.

This technique is often practiced in yoga and is called Sitali Pranayama (a term taken from Sanskrit), or "Cooling Breath".


We will show you how to perform it.

  • Sit with your back straight.
  • Relax your shoulders and arms.
  • Breathe in the air calmly, without hurrying.
  • Then stick out the tongue and try to paint it with the tip of the symbol "U" in the air.
  • While performing this exercise, inhale for 5 seconds with maximum concentration.
  • Then close your mouth and you will feel unusual freshness ...

3. Reduce blood pressure in 5 minutes

This is a simple and effective way to achieve harmonious breathing and to find psychological calmness.

Study this process carefully:

  • Sit comfortably, keeping your back straight.
  • Then gently tilt your head back.
  • Close your eyes and put your hands on your knees.
  • Inhale and exhale 5 times, as slowly and deeper as possible.
  • Breathing should be noisy, so do not hesitate to compress your lips, as if you were pronouncing a vowel "O".

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4. Abdominal breathing

Abdominal or diaphragmatic breathing is the most well-known and undoubtedly the most effective respiratory technique. All of our breathing techniques are useful, but if you want to practice only one of the five methods we proposed,it would be a better choice.

Take this method for a note:

  • Place one hand on the chest, and the other on the stomach.
  • Breathe deeply through the nose, so that you feel the expansion of the diaphragm when you inhale.
  • Hold oxygen for a few seconds, then exhale.
  • Repeat for 10 minutes and you will see how your and your mind clears and the heart calms down.

5. Alternate nasal breathing

We have already mentioned this technique on our website.It helps reduce stress and improve sleep.

We recommend doing this technique in bed or 30 minutes before bedtime: so you will ensure a quiet rest and wake up with normal blood pressure.

Here are the steps to be taken:

  • Sit comfortably, but with a straight back.
  • Take a few minutes to relax.
  • Then attach the right finger to the nose to close the right nostril.
  • Take a deep breath through the left nostril.
  • When you can not breathe in more, filling in the lungs, close the left nostril with your right ring finger.
  • Now exhale through the right nostril.
  • Repeat the exercise again, but with the left nostril:as much as possible, inhale through the right nostril and exhale through the left nostril.

Have you tried any breathing techniques?Your heart and mind will be grateful to you!

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